Miley Cyrus has revived old-school 'Myspace hair'

And TBH it'd be #1 in our hairstyle top friends

Digital Beauty Editor / May 19 2022

You’d be forgiven for thinking the ‘top friends’ feature was Myspace’s most iconic/memorable aspect, but if you ask us (self-confessed beauty buffs), it was obviously the hair.

You know the aesthetic we’re talking about: plenty of body, ‘too cool to care’ messy texture, and pretty much every last strand of hair swept to one side to create the edgy ‘00s equivalent of a combover.

But while you may have think it was laid to rest with Tom’s presence (miss you, first friend), Miley Cyrus is actually reviving the trend entirely.


Another part of her new 'do that gives big Myspace energy? The two-toned nature. Add jet black pieces to your bleach blonde (especially underneath) and you could be straight out of a 2005 profile pic.

But while we have no problem ragging on a nostalgic trend or twelve (skinny brows, we're still not sure about you), we must admit we're low-key loving the combover's comeback tour. Our 'See You Again' queen can pull off anything, it's true, but this is our favourite look on her yet.

It's the perfect mix of punk-rock and classic chic, just like Cyrus herself.


Evidently, Cyrus heard about Gen-Z's side part reluctance, and decided to bring it back with a Myspace-inspired vengeance.

Main image credit: Getty Images

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