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Advertorial: The new hair colouring trend that’s taking over

Beauty Crew Editor / October 17 2017

It wasn’t too long ago that colour correcting took over our makeup kits – from the foundation-like CC creams that can even out skin tone in one fell swoop, to the pastel colour correcting primers and concealer palettes that work to neutralise redness, dark circles, pigmentation and sallow skin, we’ve pretty much been spoilt for choice when it comes to ensuring our skin is nothing short of flawless. 

And it seems like the colour correcting trend is going one step further and moving north of our faces to our hair. Yep, you can now head into a salon, have a personalised consultation and customised colour correction service that can enhance your existing hair colour, neutralise any unwanted tones and highlight your best features. 

Using the same principles of makeup colour correcting, the new L’Oréal Professionnel Color Correction service doesn’t rest on the laurels of traditional hair colouring techniques, but rather focuses on the individual’s hair colour, condition and tone – as well as their facial features and skin tone – to neutralise, sculpt or illuminate your hair. 


Good to know: Besides the fact that L’Oréal Professionnel INOA permanent hair colour is an ammonia-free formulation powered by ODS2 technology and has no odour and offers optimal scalp comfort, it’ll also give you the mutli-dimensional, luminous colour you’ve always wanted.

Here’s how it can work for you: 

If your hair is dull and lacking shine

Try: #MyFlashLuminizer 

If your hair doesn’t quite have the glossy finish you believe it deserves, ask your hairdresser about the Color Correction #MyFlashLuminizer service – a quick professional colour service that will add an incredible shot of shine to your hair. 

This service typically involves adding a few subtle touches of glittering gold colour to frame your face through the front sections of your hair, as well as boosting overall illumination by lightening specific areas of your hair (much like you’d use highlighter on certain areas of your face to enhance your features.) 

If your hair is looking a little brassy

Try: #MyReflectsNeutralizer

Anyone with blonde tones in their hair will know how quickly a bright, vibrant blonde can turn a bit yellow or warm if not looked after properly.

The #MyReflectsNeutralizer is the perfect solution for blonde hair that needs a bit of a helping hand. This express professional service works to zap unwanted brassiness and any copper or yellow tones by neutralising it with cool shades, adding luminous shine and restoring natural-looking hair.

Good to know: This service doesn’t just work for blondes - brunettes can get the #MyReflectsNeutralizer service to remove warm reflects.

If your hair is too dark or monotone

Try: #MyColorSculptor

If you’ve ever looked at your hair colour and thought your dark or block colour could use a little bit of a makeover, your hairdresser can help get you there with some tactically placed colour.

The #MyColorSculptor service utilises techniques like contouring, babylights, root smudging and the like, to use light and shadow to create a customised colour, focussing on specific zones or strands to highlight your best features. The end result? Added depth and dimension that still looks totally natural.

Pro tip: Ask your hairdresser about coupling Color Correction with Smartbond – a salon service that helps rebuild broken bonds, and repairs and strengthens hair during colouring services.

Looking to give your hair a refresh with Color Correction? Here are a few of the top salons offering the service:

Chelsea Hair & Beauty, Shellharbour, 2539

Rakis on Collins, Melbourne 3000
Sara Jade Hairdressing, Brunswick 3056

Zink the Element of Hair, Plympton 5038
Zink the Element of Hair, Brighton 5048
Zink the Element of Hair, Unley 5061
Zink the Element of Hair, Edwardstown 5039

Valentino's Hair Studio, Cannington 6107

Rixons Hair, Brisbane 4000 

None of these salons near you? Head to the salon locator for more salons offering this service.

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