How to put on a full face of makeup without a single product

This new technology is a complete game-changer

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Imagine a full face of makeup, without applying any makeup. Sounds bizarre (and impossible) right? Not anymore! Disney Designs are researching and perfecting technology that allows actors, singers and presenters – more or less anyone on stage – the ability to completely change the look of their face instantly and without any makeup.

The way it works is via the invention of a new kind of projector, called a Makeup Lamp. While you may associate that term with a backstage mirror, complete with lots of light bulbs for ideal makeup application lighting, this kind of makeup lamp is much more advanced. The technology projects pixels directly onto the face of the person on stage, allowing for a projection of features such as wrinkles and shadowing to create a completely realistic illusion of a different face.

The trick behind the technology, according to Fast Design is that the lamps can cope with facial expressions and project responsive pixels much faster than any previous technology. Similar projections have been used in the past, such as Lady Gaga’s 2016 Grammy’s performance and tribute to David Bowie, where she projected Ziggy Stardust-esque lightning bolts onto her face. However the recent technological progressions are set to be bigger, better and more realistic than ever.

Just imagine how this technology could lift your Instagram selfie game!

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