A penis-shaped lipstick has arrived just in time for Valentine's Day

It's a ballsy brand move

Editor / February 08 2023

There are many beauty inventions we wish existed. Yet, a penis-shaped lipstick has never made the list.

But that’s exactly what Isamaya Beauty has delivered just in time for Valentine’s Day. And you’ve got to admit, it’s pretty genius.

The lipstick bullet itself is classically slim with a flat and slanted tip for easy application, only it’s housed in an unmistakably phallic case.

It’s big, it’s bold, it’s a dick.

What’s the story behind the penis lipstick?

British makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench is the brains behind the brand (and bulge), renowned for her gender-fluid approach and experimentation. Her work as an artist has appeared in many fashion magazines including Vogue, Dazed and W Magazine.

She launched her namesake brand in 2022 after working as Creative Director for Burberry and Byredo’s makeup lines. Of course, she's not the only makeup artist trying to succeed in the brand game, competing with the likes of Gucci Westman, Mario Dedivanovic and Pat McGrath to name a few. 

One would assume the need to stand out is imperative, and she's certainly captured the Internet's attention with her prominent package-ing.

More deets on the penis lipstick

The collection named ‘Lips’ currently consists of two products: a chrome encased true red called ‘Cardinal’ and a sheer black balm in a black case called ‘Vanity’.

While the red shade offers an intense colour payoff in a satin finish, the balm provides a glossy veil of shine rather than black pigment.

Both retail for $95 at isamaya.com, which certainly isn’t cheap, but we suppose you've gotta pay for top-quality peen.

No need to decide now though, as the ballsy move resulted in sold-out stock after a mere few days. Ffrench has reassured Instagram fans that there's a restock coming soon.

Main image credit: Isamaya Beauty

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