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Bondi Sands Everyday Skincare - Gold'n Hour Vitamin C Serum

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Every hour is Gold’n Hour with our brightening Vitamin C serum. Bondi Sands Gold’n Hour Vitamin C Serum works to brighten, soothe and nourish the skin to leave you with a radiant complexion. Enriched with Vitamin C, Kakadu Plum and Liquorice Root Extract, Bondi Sands Gold’n Hour brightens uneven, dull skin for a luminous complexion. How to use: STEP 1: Apply 2-3 drops of Bondi Sands Gold’n Hour Vitamin C Serum to clean, dry skin. STEP 2: Once absorbed, follow with other serums or oils and finish with moisturiser. If used in the morning, follow with SPF protection. STEP 3: For best results, apply morning and night.

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Bondi Sands Everyday Skincare - Gold'n Hour Vitamin C Serum


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Wow 10% Vitamin C - Recommended!

10% Vitamin C for this price! And it is as good, if not better than any expensive Vitamin C product I have tried previously (and I have tried a lot). I'm a convert to Bondi Sands new products and this one is no exception. It is smooth, silky and very hydrating. Absorbs into the skin right away with no grittiness than some of the cheaper Vitamin C products can have. The packaging is simple and works perfectly keeping the product stable and air tight (I much prefer to use a squeezy bottle than a glass dropper). All in all - highly recommended.
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So amazing and hydrating

This is so lightweight and feels so good, it absorbs so well and plumps. The vitamin C ingredient is the major benefit because it lightens any pigmentation and any dark spots, so great for sun damage on the face as well!! Bondi sands is a great brand. This product is so cheap for such amazing benefits. 10% vitamin C is awesome it has more benefits and works better. This is super hydrating as well!! I love it, I’m so keen on trying more of Bondi sands skincare range. I love the feel on my skin after this product.
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I received this as a trial from review crew. I really enjoyed this product as I have been trying to integrate vitamin c into my skincare regime. I use it in the morning under my sunscreen and find it sits really nicely. I also really enjoyed the fact that it didn't have the vitamin c citrus smell that most of them seem to have. I also liked the packaging, nothing too flash but easy to use and hard to break. Would recommend to a friend and would buy again as it is a great price point. After using it for the trial period, I did notice my skin looked more even and glowy, a winner from me!
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Lightweight formula - perfect for oily skin

Packaging could be better but I still enjoy the size and the look of it. My bottle had already leaked in the mail upon arrival, so it definitely needs a better screw on lid , be standing up right, or in more cushiony packaging that won’t make it move from its spot whilst travelling. The consistency of the product, I love. I have oily skin and the last thing I want is to add on more oil that doesn’t absorb well into my skin. I really liked how this was a lightweight, non-greasy formula but packed with all the benefits you’d like in a vitamin c serum. I definitely saw a difference, brighter skin in a a few weeks, and loved how I could incorporate this in my daily skincare routine without having to worry about any clashes or if creams/serums don’t mix nicely etc.
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Okay product for price - leaky packaging

I like this product as much as i like most Vitamin C products - it's comfortable and non greasy on the skin and lightweight. There is no stickiness on the face or hands after use and there is no offensive odour. I don’t always feel I notice much of a difference from any Vitamin C product, but I continue to incorporate them into my routine and would happily do so with this product. However, like other reviewers, I have had a lot of problem with leaking around the lid - the packaging is poor. I know this is an inexpensive price point, but people still need to know their product wont leak and if they were to improve packaging this would be a very competitive product.
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Not worth it

In terms of serums I didn’t find this product to make a visible difference within my skin care routine. The packaging while looks nice doesn’t hole the product securely enough. My product had residue around the opening when I first opened and gets worse with use. It’s I a nice thicker consistency for a serum, doesn’t slip in your hand though is a bit tacky and sticky to apply which goes away. While it felt nice to use I noticed no difference in my skin using the product and wouldn’t use again. I have used better brightening focused serums recently
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Great product

Left my skin feeling smooth and a glowing complexion Has a very pleasant smell and has a nice texture, no tacky after feel, is lightweight and doesn't feel greasy. Definitely a great product to try if you would like to see if vitamin c serum is for you at a very affordable price point Like others have said the packaging arrived with a little bit of leakage and as I was using it abit of built up around the lid that became quite tacky and messy, packaging could be improved. Definately continue to use until bottle is finished, unsure whether I would rush out and buy more
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Not quite a hit...

As with the other reviews, I too found that the product had leaked in transport. I feel like I lost quite a lot of product, and only managed to trial for 2.5 weeks - I would assume that a bottle this size should last at least 4 weeks. All of the bottling issues aside, I did find that the Bondi Sands Gold'n Hour Vitamin C Serum was readily absorbed into my skin. There were no unpleasant fragrance issues, which is often a problem with Vitamin C Serums. I found that my skin did have a very slight "glow" about it, but not as much as some of the other higher end serums that I have used in the past. All in all, I think this is a good entry level Vitamin C. The lower price point will make it attractive to a broad range of people looking to dabble in "active" serums.
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Tinted coverage and nice to my skin

I received this serum in the mail and it had leaked quite a lot so I would say be careful to keep it upright and extra careful if you’re travelling with it. This serum was light and absorbed into my skin easily without feeling thick or sticky. My skin felt fresh and nice after applying. I got several compliments about being more tanned and realised the serum has a bit of a ‘golden’ colour to it that tints your skin to make you look a bit more tanned. I liked this as it gave the effect of a BB cream giving a bit of colour for coverage when you’re not wearing makeup. I needed to wash my face well or I could get blocked pores, but of course proper face washing should be in my skincare regime. The serum was fine under moisturiser, sunscreen and makeup. I liked the tint effect and it was nice knowing that while it provided a slight makeup effect of coverage it was also good for my skin.
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Great product for something so affordable

I was lucky enough to get to trail this product for almost a month now. It’s easy to use, not sticky and hasn’t got any awful smell that some vitamin c serums have. I wouldn’t normally buy an affordable vitamin c serum as some I have heard and tried were bad. But this one seems to be pretty good for an affordable serum. I didn’t see a huge difference in my skin, and the bottle had leaked prior a little to me receiving it. I would recommend this for anyone who wants to test the waters with vitamin c to see if it is their kind of serum before trying any other expensive ones. As this won’t break the bank and will give you a good idea if you like vitamin C it also has little sent and won’t give u that ewww sticky feeling.
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Great product poor packaging

I have been using this product daily over the last three weeks. Its consistency is very light and does not give you an oily feeling like other products. I have quite sensitive skin and I did not find it to irritate my skin at all. I definitely felt that it gave my skin a more glowy apperance. Another pro of this product is that it is very affordable. A downfall of this product is probably the packaging - it is not good for travelling as it does leak if its not sitting upright. Otherwise a really good product!
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Good intro to Vit C serums

Like other reviewers, I received the product with some leakage in the lid area. The packaging is practical and simple but the bottle did feel larger than the contents that it held. The serum is light in texture/consistency and has a mild scent. I have been using the product for about 4 weeks (AM and PM). The serum applied easily, smoothly and absorbed well. It sat well when layered with other serums as well as under makeup. Results to date - gradual brightening of the skin/complexion but not the instant glow or much effect on pigmentation. There is still several weeks of product left so I will continue with the product. The serum has an affordable price point and is good value in terms of quantity to price. Would recommend as an introductory product for anyone looking to try a vitamin C serum.
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Good Entry Level Product

Like other reviewers, I experienced initial leakage and was worried that some of the serum had been lost in the package. However, overall I was a fan of the bottle design finding it light and easy to use. The serum works well and after use I noticed an instant increase in brightness. With consistent use I noticed a difference in the texture of the skin and that my skin had more of a glow. At the price point offered, this is a good entry-level vitamin C product. I am a fan of Bondi Sans and found this alongside lotion helped with the maintenance of my tan.
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Great price point, good product.

Overall, for the price, this is not a bad Vitamin C Serum. When I received the product, it had leaked and I thought the packaging might be an issue but on further use, I think the leaking was a one off. Packaging is not luxurious but is bright and appealing. The serum itself is a nice texture, light, smooth and easy to apply. It is absorbed quickly but it does not have moisturising properties. You will need to apply a separate moisturiser. I was surprised that the serum doe not have the citrus scent that I am used to with other vitamin c products. In fact, I would say this serum is unscented. As for results, it’s not bad. After using daily for a number of weeks, I found my skin did look brighter. Slight pigmentation on my cheek became less noticeable also. Overall, it’s not my favourite vitamin c serum BUT it is a really good option at a very inexpensive price point. I’d use it again and would recommend it to friends.
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Affordable serum for day and night wear

I tested this item close to 3 weeks daily and found that this is quite a valuable product for the price. Serums typically cost on the higher end so if you're wanting to start off with a lightweight serum without the price tag - this is a great start out. The consistency is nice on the skin and not sticky, absorbs quick so it's perfect after cleansing and before moisturising then makeup. I did find my skin to be looking fresher and bit more glowy than usual. During my trial period I also tried to use the same amount of makeup to see if my skin did anything different. I did find myself using less makeup so my skin could breathe and look fresher. Overall would suggest this to someone who would like to incorporate serums into their without investing the big dollars if they aren't familiar with serums.
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Good initial impression

As with some of the other reviewers, I experienced leakage with the bottle which is something that should be improved given that many people shop online these days. However, the bottle is lightweight, plastic (not breakable!) and opaque which is great to ensure product longevity. The serum itself is a gold colour, non scented (which I found really unusual for a vitamin c product) and absorbed really well. It wasn't tacky and didn't pill under other skin care or my make-up. I haven't noticed any amazing results in the couple of weeks that I have been using it however, that is to be expected given that improving skin tone is a slow, consistent process. I haven't suffered any breakouts or reactions to the serum and I will continue to use this until I've finished it. This is would be a good serum for people with oily skin, looking for a protective antioxidant to wear during the day.
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Really really recommend this product! I’ve loved using this product over the last couple of weeks and don’t know how I lived without it before getting my hands on the serum! I have always used Bondi Sands tanning formulas but was a bit sceptical when it came to their skincare range. I can say that I have been proven wrong and this product is amazing! A little goes a long way with this serum and you don’t need to use too much of the product to see effects. I have always suffered from dull skin, but this serum has provided that extra bit of brightening and I am starting to feel more confidence in going out of the house without wearing any makeup. If you’re looking for a good vitamin C product, I would definitely not look past this!
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Gold'n Hour Vitamin C Serum

This serum has a lovely lightweight consistency. It is absorbed into the skin quickly and has a softening effect. Having used it for only a short time I would say that it definitely makes the skin look more glowy after application. I'm not sure how brightening it is however this may require more sustained use. I will continue to use it to find out. I have enjoyed incorporating it into my daily skincare routine and would consider buying it in future (I was luck enough to be sent this product to trial and review).
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I really wanted to love this…but I didn’t. The texture of the product was nice and silky, it was easily spreadable and not tacky at all. I found it unusual there was no scent at all, but that might just be a personal preference! It was fairly hydrating and it felt lovely on my skin but I didn’t see any brightening over the few weeks I used it. The bottle was also a little difficult to get just a few drops out and I found I was almost always applying too much. I wouldn’t purchase this one again but I would be keen to try out their other serums.
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Affordance vitamin c serum that works

This serum is seriously everything you could ask for in terms of a must-have vitamin C product. I put this in the morning after I have cleansed my face so it’s still a bit damp and then I would use 3 drops of the gel-like formula which is just enough to smooth over my whole face. There was a slight stinging sensation to a few area of my face upon first use which I think is expected for a high potency product however I should add that this no longer happened since that first time. I would suggest those with sensitive skin to definitely do the patch test. The serum does get absorbed quite quickly and does not leave a sticky feeling upon application. This allows me to continue my morning routine followed with my moisturizer and SPF with no issues with the layering of these products on top. I have only used this serum for almost 2 weeks and I can see that my skin is glowy and radiant. I do have hyperpigmentation and freckles and I have found that my overall skin tone has evened out which is exactly what this product should be doing. It amazes me how I was paying so much more in the past for similar products so it simply is a no brainer to go for the Bondi Sands one at RRP $18 for 30ml and make it a staple skincare item. The plastic bottle is quite plain but I wouldn't complain at this super affordable price.