Dermalogica Antioxidant HydraMist

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Dermalogica Antioxidant HydraMist is a spray-on treatment that features peptides to help promote collagen production and improve skin elasticity for fewer wrinkles. Vitamin E, licorice and vitamin E repair the skin from free radical damage and sodium lactate helps provide moisture to the skin.

Price above is for 150mL. Also available in 30mL for $20.


Dermalogica Antioxidant HydraMist


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I love how this toner is in a mist form because the mist comes out super fine which feels very refreshing when spraying onto my face especially in the morning. The toner mist absorbs into the skin almost instantly and my skin feels hydrated and plumped. After my using a bottle I can see improvement on my skin as it looks a lot more radiant and my skin condition becomes more stable with less redness and breakouts.
I really enjoy this toner, but I see it more as a spray that helps to hydrate the skin rather than to balance/tone it. I use this in my skincare routine after applying masks or before moisturising. It is really refreshing to use throughout the day as well, just as a pick me up on a warm day or to refresh tired/lived in makeup. I find that the act of spraying before moisturising helps to hydrate the skin and the layer on top traps in the hydrating properties of this spray. It has a scent of cloves, so it is a bit spicey but still pleasant. It disperses a nice even spray over the face, and you do not need to use cotton rounds to wipe it around your face- which is great for those who love to use these products but are a little bit lazy like me.
I received the Dermalogica Hydramist as part of a promotion and have been purchasing ever since.  When I spray it on my face it feels so refreshing and invigorating and I feel like spraying it all day long.  It is packed with essential ingredients for the face so I know that it is nurturing my skin.  I keep a small bottle of the Hydramist close to me at home and spray some on when necessary.  I love this product and would thoroughly recommend.
I vacillate over the need to use a toner as most of them don't seem to do anything special and, at best, are just a good final step in cleansing. However this toner seems to just do something for my skin that only one other toner does. It's really refreshing and balancing and feels like it really peps your skin for moisturiser. Best if all, the spray nozzle on this thing disperses such a super fine mist that it doesn't drench your face and makes it very economical. Even used twice a day I seem to get quite a few weeks' use out of one bottle. It's great as a refreshing spray too - I got a trial size spray which I refill out of the full size bottle for travel. This is another staple product for me.
After I used this a  few times I had a lightbulb moment as to why toners actually exist.  Before using this a few years ago I had always been a bit confused as to why I should use a toner at all as they never seemed to do too much for me and so they never seemed to make much sense to me.  Then,  after using this spray mist toner I realised why toners are great to use - especially this one which is a cut above most others when it comes to how it makes my skin feel. After using my regular cleanser I spray this on my face as it just feels so right for my skin - hydrating and pampering it with useful ingredients.  It  re-balances, refreshes and tones up my skin in readiness for my serum or favourite moisturiser.   It really does feel like I'm doing my skin a massive favour when I use this toner as it is packed with antioxidants as the name suggests.  My skin looks clearer and more healthy with regular use of this toner.  This has fantastic anti-aging ingredients but I think a person of any age could enjoy using this toner.   I  love that it is a 'spray mist' toner and not one that I need to apply with a cottonball.    It is so easy to use within my regular skincare routine and I can also use it to refresh my skin and/or make-up during the middle of the day.  After washing my face in the shower  at night,  the first thing I love to use is this toner to mist my face with.   Instantly it soothes my skin and adds a layer of healthful moisture.  I was never much of a toner person at all until I used this high quality and effective spray mist toner.  This is THE toner that turned me into a 'toner' addict.  
I purchased this product (travel sized) with one purpose in mind; to try to keep my skin looking good on long-haul flights & I wasn't disappointed. My skin is quite dry & even though I use good quality products, steer clear of alcohol & drink lots of water on flights, I'd always arrive at my destination with flaky, lack-lustre skin that I'd be embarrassed by. Not any more! A few regularly applied spritzes of this antioxidant hydramist seems to works wonders. The fragrance is nice & it's absorbed into the skin immediately, leaving it feeling refreshed, hydrated & looking healthy. I've taken to using it quite regularly as I love the instant boost it provides & if I haven't worn make up during the day & am feeling too lazy to go through my usual evening routine of cleansing & applying numerous products, I simply spritz & I know it will keep me hydrated until morning.
Really like this mist its easy to use,takes just three sprays to cover face neck & chest.Great smell & its good to use during the day to rehydrate & freshen up your skin even over makeup(but be careful of your mascara).After using this for a couple of weeks I have noticed my skin looks smoother & more refreshed.I would recommed this to anyone that gets a bit dehydrated during the day its a bit expensive but it is worth getting.I use it in place of toner.My fce loves it!