Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Mist

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Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Mist is a daily face toner that helps treat sensitive and inflamed skin. The soothing toner is formulated with redness-reducing red hogweed, oat kernel and ginger to help hydrate skin throughout the day.


Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Mist


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Aside from making my skin feel clean and fresh, I didn't feel that it added anything particular to my skin - just a superfluous product. On the upside the formula is gentle and refreshing and did not make my skin feel oily. It also absorbed well and I didn't feel as though putting moisturise over it was an issue.
I bought the calming mist recently as my skin is very sensitive and I felt I was developing patches of Rosacea;  small patches of redness on my cheeks. The Dermalogica calming range has been fantastic in calming the redness and heat of my skin. I spritz the mist prior to applying moisturiser and will use throughout the day.  It is non fragrant and absorbs quickly into the skin. The fine mist leaves my skin feeling fresh and has a soothing sensation. Definitely worth the investment and I strongly recommend for sensitive skin.
I bought the Dermalogica Ultracalming Kit & it included a 50mls size Ultracalming Mist.  Absolutely perfect size for the handbag. I have skin that can be easily irritated & the heat worsens my sensitivity issues. So having a soothing, calming spray mist in my handbag is essential, especially as the weather heats up. This mist, with it's calming properties is so delightful to use & helps keep me cool as a cucumber. Just a few short spritzes & my face feels so soothed, hydrated, & relieved. It contains numerous ingredients that soothe, including Oats & botanicals. It has as slightly 'spicy' natural scent which I like, and the refreshed feeling I get from the spray lasts me for ages too. I can spray it on bare skin, or over my foundation/CC cream, without disturbing up my makeup. While it's not a cheap skin mist, it's definitely the best I've ever tried, and well worth the spend.  Highly recommended.
I have to try very hard not to over spray the mist because I love it so much.  It is soothing and moisturizers go on so well on top of the mist.
I love my facial mists and after trying numerous brands this has become my favourite.  I keep mine in the fridge and give my face a spritz first thing every morning.  Instant hydration, my skin is calm and the overnight redness disappears.  It's really soothing and also perfect for sunburn and bites. I particularly like the subtle, almost non-existent fragrance. It's a little on the pricey side so I have a regular bottle for my morning spritz and keep a diluted 1:4 bottle on my desk for whenever I feel my skin needs a boost. 
Didnt like it. Found it actually irritated my skin instead of calming.