Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Serum Concentrate

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Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Serum Concentrate is an intensive skin treatment for sensitive and inflamed skin. The serum has been formulated with redness reducing red hogweed, oat kernel and ginger, while portulaca oleraca extract and Japanese lilyturf prevent moisture loss and help prevent flare-ups.


Dermalogica UltraCalming™ Serum Concentrate


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I always have a bottle of the UltraCalming Serum Concentrate in my skincare collection to be used when my skin gets a bit sensitive when weather changes. This serum comes with a gentle lavender scent which doesn't irritate my skin. The serum has a very lightweight texture which feels absorbs into the skin instantly and my skin feels plumped and soothing. It only took a week to see visible improvement to my skin with reduced blemishes and skins looks more radiant and hydrated.
Very good product. You can notice a difference in your skin the very next day. Definitely less redness, which makes the whole skin appear much clearer. Also seems to help with breakouts associated with sensitivity. The only negative, that I can think of, is that it is a bit expensive.
My cheeks are always red and it can get kind of embarrassing when I want to be taken seriously in the corporate world. Hence, one of the Dermalogica girls suggested I try the ultracalming serum. The serum comes in a slim cylindrical shaped bottle with a screw-on cap. The dispenser is a sharp pointy tip which helps control the amount of product I can squeeze out. This is handy because I just need a couple of drops of serum for my cheeks. I don't need to put it on the rest of my face as per the Dermalogica staff.   The serum is a lightweight texture with a strong lavender + earthy oil scent. Its a lovely scent but I'm not sure if its suitable for sensitive skin care. I apply the serum after cleansing my skin. I let it absorb for a few minutes before layering on my moisturiser. The serum absorbs quickly, does not leave a greasy residue nor tingles or irritates my cheeks. With continued use I have seen a difference in the redness of my cheeks. Its not as red anymore and makeup conceals the rest.  The serum does not ball or pill under moisturiser or makeup. Once absorbed it doesn't even feel like I have anything on. You need to follow this up with a moisturiser as this is a serum and meant to correct and calm redness. Considering how little of the product I need for my cheeks, I think its worth the price because the bottle lasts a while. However, I do not like the heavy scent, it is not need.  Pro  Calms redness  Lightweight  A bottle lasts a while  Con  Heavily scented 
My skin is quite dry, especially around winter, and as a result I was getting some redness on my cheeks. After trying out a sample, I decided to give the full-sized version of the Dermalogica UltraCalming Serum a try. The product is concentrated serum designed to calm and protect the skin to reduce redness and other irritation. It contains raft of lovely ingredients including evening primrose, sunflower seed and avocado oil. The packaging is in a sturdy plastic bottle with a little squeezy top rather than a pump. It’s quite a watery formulation which is fine because it’s very easy to spread over the face. It makes my skin feel very smooth and the texture is lovely and silky. It feels very calming and definitely helped any redness disappear. Having said that, I didn’t see any amazing results and it wasn’t as hydrating as I would have liked. Perhaps I chose the wrong product as my skin is more dry than it is red and sensitive but for the price I would have liked more noticeable hydration. I’m sure it would be great for people struggling with inflammation and sensitivity. The other issue I have is that it’s full of silicone which I don’t really like. Although it makes the product feel nice, it doesn’t let the skin breathe. Too many companies put silicone in their products because it’s cheap and makes products feel nice but the disadvantages of silicone outweigh the benefits for me. If you have quite irritated skin and don’t mind silicone based products, then this might be a good option. For me, I won’t be repurchasing. Pros: -         Feels lovely once applied to the skin -         Very soothing -         Increases hydration -         A little goes a long way Cons -         Expensive -         Silicone based
My cheeks are permanently flushed and I usually try to cover up the area with foundation but a face analysis session with a sales associate at Dermalogica convinced me to try this product. The serum is packaged in a slim bottle with a pointy tip under the screw on cap for dispensing the serum.  The serum is lightweight and has a lavender mild scent. The texture is watery and kind of silky. I apply this after cleansing and toning my face only where my skin is flushed which for me are my cheeks. The serum is non greasy and sinks in and is absorbed instantly. It calms my skin and leaves my skin feeling silky smooth. I can see a reduction in the redness on my cheeks so I'm pleased with the results of using this serum.  It is a little pricey but a little goes a long way and the alternative is walking around with bright red cheeks. My skin doesn't feel so irritated anymore and I just use this serum in the day time to keep the redness and irritation at bay. Pro  It works!  Calms redness  Leaves skin soft and smooth  Con  Pricey