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Dr. LeWinn's Recoverëderm Gentle Skin-Protecting Toning Mist

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Dr. LeWinn's Recoverëderm Gentle Skin-Protecting Toning Mist is an alcohol-free, moisture-rich toner that instantly calms and refreshes the skin, while relieving the tightness and irritating feeling that comes with dryness and sun exposure. It is formulated with Australian Maritech® Reverse, a marine algae extract which is clinically proven to soothe, calm and comfort skin while minimising the visible signs of ageing. ProRenew CLR™ Probiotic Complex accelerates the recovery of the skin’s barrier function and helps adapt to external stress. Tazman berry provides instant calming and soothing benefits to alleviate the appearance of skin redness, visible signs of inflamed skin and instantly reduces the feeling of itching or burning skin.


Dr. LeWinn's Recoverëderm Gentle Skin-Protecting Toning Mist


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Calmed happy skin

I have been using the Recoverederm Gentle Skin-Protecting Toning Mist for a few weeks now and I'm absolutely loving it. This is my first time using a mist toner that is alcohol free and I can see the difference in my skin. The differences I've noticed are that my skin is more hydrated and less sensitive. My pores look tighter and I have noticed a reduction in blackheads on my nose. To use this mist I firstly cleanse my skin and then I'll mist my face with this mist. I'll then wait a few minutes before applying my serum and moisturiser. When misting my face it feels lovely and cooling. Skin looks instantly happier. I think that when I use to use a toner on a cotton wool pad my skin would feel stripped from the rubbing. But by misting the Dr. LeWinn's Recoverederm Gentle Skin-Protecting Toning Mist it allows my skin to remain relaxed and calm and just allows my skin to absorb the product rather than having it rubbed in. Throughout the day especially if I'm outside in the sun I like to mist my face for added hydration and refreshment which also aids in helping my skin recover from extremal stress from the sun and uv exposure. I've also noticed that the Tazman Berry has helped to alleviate my redness that I get around my nose and cheeks. This is is alcohol free, mineral oil free, paraben free, sulphate free and my favourite which is fragrance free. Absolutely amazing. Overall my skin has now become settled, calm happy, hydrated and smooth with a more even complexion. I highly recommend.