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Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water

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Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water is a mist that provides soothing, softening benefits for sensitive, hypersensitive and allergic skin. Extracted directly at the source and packaged in a sterile environment, the formula is low in mineral content and does not dry out the skin. It works to comfort a range of everyday skin irritations including sunburn, razor burn, facial redness, itching, post-depilatory irritation, eczema and nappy rash. Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water is pH-neutral, formulated to minimise the risk of allergic reaction and it is preservative-free. Tested by dermatologists.

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Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water


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Refresh and boosts my skin’s hydration

I first begun using the Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water in the warmer months as part of my daily skincare routine and then throughout the day to hydrate and refresh my skin, now I use it daily all year round as I love it so much. It is so cooling, soothing and refreshing it really helps wakes my skin up with each pass over my skin. The great thing is that it also comes in a range of sizes so I have one wherever I am, I have the largest sized bottle (300ml) in my bedroom at home and the smaller version (50ml or 150ml) in my handbag so that I have it with me all day everyday. I recommend this to anyone and everyone and have got so many people onto using it.

Sensitive Skin Soother

I love the Avene Thermal range! This Avene Thermal Spring Water is a staple in my bathroom. I have been using it for 4 years now after suffering sensitive skin from Rosacea. I use it to cool down my face in over heated environments, as a final toner after cleansing and also to prep my skin for moisturiser application. The soothing property of the spring water really does settle the redness of my skin and any inflammatory irritation that occurs from the environment. The fact that the can comes in various sizes means I can also bring one on the go with me. The travel size is small enough to bring traveling or to the gym! I would highly recommend this product and in my opinion the price range is a good value if you need a soothing application.


I've been using this Thermal Spring Water for about a year now and love how refreshing it makes my skin feel, especially during those hot, sticky summer days. The mist is so fine and only a short spritz or two is needed to cover my face. I use the spray after showering each day and before applying my skincare products, and I find it fabulous for cooling down my face after a workout. It has in the past relieved and healed the redness on my face after experiencing a reaction to some product I had used. During the warmer months I use the spray at any time to refresh my skin. I suppose it's just water in a can with added benefits but no matter what it is it is certainly soothing and comforting and makes my skin feel so refreshed.
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Soothed pregnancy skin

At first I wasn't that fussed about trying this product (thinking this was just a face freshener that people used on long-haul flights!) however I was totally blown away by the results. My current skin is midway through second pregnancy - which means a mixture of break outs and dry patches which really hurt. I found the spring water to be the perfect product to put on my skin post washing my face, it was instantly cooling and hydrating. It didn't seem to aggravate the dry patches and I didn't notice an increase in pimples. It was also really easy to put my serum, moisturiser etc ontop. Would definitely get again!

Very Soothing

I brought this to spray on my face due having acne that was always angry looking. I sprayed it on my face everyday first thing in the morning and in a few days the acne wasnt as red and they looked better. I felt it made my face feel overall alot better and fresher. I have been using it every day since and feel my face feels and looks alot better. Its good also that my face never stings when I spray it on. So it would be good for peoples faces that are sensitive. Avene Thermal Spring water has become a product that I use in my beauty regime everyday and I couldnt be more impressed
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Calming Spray

I think this is a very cooling spray. especially when you are extremely dehydrated. I always use this when I come out of the shower to make sure my skin is not drying up before I put on my skin care
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Hydrating and refreshing

I was surprised at how quickly this product helped ease my skin irritation following a flare up of eczema and contact dermatitis on both my face and my body. The extra boost of cooling moisture helped reduce the dryness and irritation. I would definitely recommend this product for anyone looking for a cooling spray for warmer months
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A cooling Hydration

This product was so refreshing for the skin - I took it on a picnic and to the beach and it cooled down my skin so much. It didn't take off my sunscreen and at the end of the day my skin felt nourished and hydrated. Highly recommend!
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Soothing and Refreshing Spritz

The Avène Thermal Spring Water is a mist that provides soothing, softening benefits for sensitive, hypersensitive and allergic skin. Like most people, I was pretty sceptical about this and thought it was simply expensive water in can. The nozzle and pressure of the can provides a good volume of mist and coverage, and is easy to use on the face or all over the body. The thermal spring water has been refreshing and soothing, especially on days when my skin is dry, red or irritated. I have noticed that after using the spray, it provides a nice soothing feeling, calms down the redness and irritation on the skin, and a nice hydration boost before moisturising to lock that moisture. It is really easy to use, simply point the nozzle and spray, giving a bit of time and pat down to dry. This product is multipurpose and great to leave in the fridge for a cool refreshing spritz especially on a hot day or to help sooth any irritation or redness. Though it is pretty expensive to simply use as a cooling mist. I do like the soothing effects, minimising irritation and redness, as well as the hydration boost before moisturising.
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Great and Calming

Before testing this product out, I was kept sceptical. However, as someone who suffers from dry skin and eczema, I was pleasantly surprised with the results this spring water provided. It's almost an all-purpose skin spray; I used it before applying makeup and also on my dry skin. It's added hydration to my skin and is very soothing I would also say I was surprised by how big the 300mL was. I would, however, repurchase the smaller bottle just to keep in my handbag to refresh my face.
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Refreshing Spray

This spray was really easy and refreshing to use. The spring water comes out as a fine mist which was very cooling especially on hot days. I normally do suffer from dry skin and I felt that it did help to put the moisture back especially in the dry areas of my face. The 300mL bottle was a bit big to carry around but I do know it does come in the smaller sizes which would be handy to pop into my handbag. Overall I would recommend this product to everyone especially coming into the summer months where this would be a nice refreshing spray
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Summer Saviour

Refreshing and hydrating all in one relaxing mist. I've been using the thermal water in the morning before and after I work out for hydration and a little freshen up. My skin feels plump and looks dewy and fresh even after I've just rolled out of bed. I always carry the mini bottle in my handbag whenever I travel as it gives your skin that little boost it needs! I didn't see any insane effects in the texture of my skin but I still absolutely love this product for refreshing and plumping up my skin during the day. I'm so excited for summer to roll around so I can get even more use out of this mist during humid days!
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Very refreshing and cooling

The Avene Thermal Sping Water Spray is perfect for summer! It's nice and cool on the skin and super refreshing. My face feels hydrated after, but isn't sticky at all. The spray has a good pressure, is easy to control and is not overpowering. Although this product is great, I haven't noticed any differences, nor has there hasn't been any visible changes to my skin. The price of the product is reasonable, and I would purchase it again for the summer!
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Hydration in a can

Such a great product and I'm so glad to have come across this. It's helped me so much especially with my dry sensitive skin, as it feels more hydrated, soothing and gives that added youthful healthy-looking glow after a couple of uses. Also, it has relived and lessened the visibility of skin irritation too. Now I've added it to my daily skin routine and have never looked back. Highly recommend this product.
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Soothing and Refreshing

I have been curious about Avène Thermal Spring Water for a while now but was skeptical of it's claims as it seemed like just water in a can. So I was pleasantly surprised by how it calmed down my dry patches and eczema. The mist is very fine and adds a luxurious boost of hydration to the skin. It it light and refreshing enough that it doesn't feel like it is weighing down my skin as the weather warms up.
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I'm a convert!

Coming into summer I am so excited to use this. I have incorporated it into my every day routine from morning to night - it's great to spray over your face to wake up in the morning before applying serums and moisturisers, can be used throughout the day to refresh dull, dry looking make up without it shifting or sliding off, and before bed for a lasting hit of hydration before applying heavier creams. I also kept this in the fridge and used it on almost sunburnt skin and found it so hydrating and non sticky (unlike moisturisers/aloe gel).
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So refreshing!

The effects of this spray has really surprised me – it’s so soothing and refreshing, and really helps hydrate my otherwise dry and sensitive face. The redness on my face seemingly disappears too, which really helps as the days get warmer and I find myself out under the sun more often. I highly recommend this product to anyone with sensitive skin like mine, that could use a hydration boost and refreshing pick me up.
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Big bottle that packs a punch of hydration

I love this refreshing spray! I guess it's hard to write a review and the number one thing that people wonder is "do I need this?" And if you're even considering buying this, I'm going to say yes and here's why... It's so versatile and refreshing!!!! There are just so many uses and I particularly loved the tip of popping it in the fridge for a cold mist. I must say, I particularly loved it after a beach visit to freshen up and prevent my face going crusty or salty from the beach! I love it as a base/first step for skincare as I find products get absorbed better when there is a little premoisture/hydration. I love it to refresh my makeup-spray a little at the end of the day and you feel fresher. Dab away any extra moisture and oil and you'll look as good as new! Whilst this product isn't an "essential" like say, an SPF or moisturiser, I think it is an essential in that once you have it you'll wonder how you did without it.
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Nice cool down

Lovely product that I use over the cooler months. I have this on my desk and use it all day long. The mist is fine and the nozzle sprays well. I'm not sure if it actually does anything for my skin though? It would be difficult to see visible results. I also like to use it before I apply oil so my face is slightly damp. I mainly use it to cool down. But I don't think I would use this purely for skin care benefits
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LOVE this in Summer

SUCH a refreshing product. I've used this for many years and can't say how much I love it enough... especially during the Summer months! Love spraying this across my whole body when it's super hot and humid for a quick refreshing hit.