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Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum

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Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum are anti-ageing capsules formulated to enhance the skin’s barrier repair function, increase moisturisation within the surface of the skin, and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The capsules also help to visibly improve skin tone and clarity; re-texturise and revitalise skin for a noticeably smoother, softer, healthy appearance; and supports skin’s natural collagen for a firmer look. To use, twist tab twice to open capsule. Smooth serum over cleansed face, neck and décolletage after applying SUPERSTART Skin Renewal Booster and before moisturising, morning and night.


Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum


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As close to a miracle as you can get

THE ONE SINGLE PRODUCT THAT I HAVE REPURCHASED CONSISTENTLY (A FEW TIMES A YEAR) FOR THE LAST 4.5 YEARS. The Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules are the new and improved versions of the old capsules. They come in "single dose" format, and the capsules are stored in a luxurious tub. There are 60 capsules which, if used once a day would last 2 months or twice a day would last 1 month. I am excited about ceramide because it works on the skin barrier and at an intercellular level (I am always a little skeptical when skincare claims to work at a deep intracellular / nucleus level because of the unknown level of penetration). The formulation also contains a beautiful cocktail of fatty acids which is known to be beneficial to the skin. The capsule twisting technique took a while to master. The serum is transparent, very smooth and for me it feels more like an "oil" rather than serum. It is easy to spread on moist or dry skin, but I prefer to use the serum on moist skin as it absorbs better. I also found that one capsule contains way too much serum for face and neck so I brought the serum down to my chest and boobs (and there is still half a capsule left!!) Because I hate wastage, I now use a pin to pierce it and squeeze out what I need, store the rest of the capsule in a tiny sample container. One capsule lasts for 2-3 uses - a lot more economical and as far as I can tell, no compromise on results. After just 2 to 3 days of use I noticed a DRAMATIC difference to the texture of my skin in my chest and surroundings. It's an area that I usually neglect. My skin is smooth, supple and really soft. It is as though my skin has been completely retexturised. This is the case even immediately after shower when all the product has been washed off. I have never quite experienced such a dramatic result with any skincare product! Initially I replaced my serum (containing hyaluronic acid) with the capsules. However, I found that after 5 to 7 days my skin (especially my face) felt slightly tight, although it still looked smooth and radiant. Since the capsule is oil based rather than water based, I suspected that my skin is craving water. After years of experiment, the optimum routine for me is: use essence/toner, then followed by the ceramide capsule, then moist face again with leave-in toner and apply hyaluronic acid serum. WORKS LIKE A TREAT! I am so happy with the results - my skin feels smooth, soft and supple all the time. My skin looks radiant. The biggest retexturisation remains to be in the chest area, but I am also very happy with the state of my skin on the face and neck. One additional bonus - I do not feel I need to exfoliate my skin as often. When I can feel my skin this smooth there is really no need to exfoliate more often than necessary. Absolutely 5 star product. Will consistently be in my skincare routine!

Holy grail product alert

If I had to pick one skincare product that I was only allowed to use for the rest of my life it would be the Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum! I know, sounds really dramatic but it's honestly the truth. My skin type is normal to dry. The product comes in a luxurious looking gold box and after staring at the beauty of the box for some time I opened it to find a nice round gold container which lovely holds 60 gold capsules of serum equalling a total of 28ml. To use the serum all you do is twist the tab around twice and squeeze the serum onto your fingertips and then smooth it over your face and neck morning and each night after cleansing before moisturising. The serum slides over my skin like silk. It's very hydrating and leaves my skin luminous, supple and happy. It absorbs into my skin with in a few minutes. It doesn't leave my skin feeling oily or sticky. I have noticed that this serum has made a noticeable difference to the texture of my skin and my pores also look smaller. My can truly see and feel a difference in my skin.

The holy grail!

Absolutely love this product! I have been using this for a good 2 years now. Leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. It’s super hydrating and absorbs really well. No wrinkles to report on currently... not sure if that’s due to this product or because I’m 28 but I guess time will tell. I will certainly be using this for many many years to come.

A great serum

I love the serum texture. My skin feels soft and smooth - really helps with texture. I don't have deep wrinkles so not sure how much it helps with reducing them. Great to use for travel because you only have to take the number of capsules you need, however I do worry about the environmental impact of the capsule- e.g. extra packaging.

My desert island serum

I have been using these for over a year now, and my only regret is that I didn't start sooner. With combination skin, I was worried that these would be too oily and heavy, but after being convinced to try, I am now a true convert. Yes, it feels oily on the skin when you first apply it, but with seconds it sinks in leaving your skin feeling plump and softened. But as good as it feels immediately, it is the long term effects that have sold me on these. Fine lines have decreased, hormonal spots have decreased, and my skin simply has more of a glow than it did before I added these into my routine. The capsule packaging is a real winner for me. Each capsule has enough for my face, neck and décolletage, with a tiny bit left over for the back of my hands. Very convenient for travelling (pack just what I need rather than a whole bottle of serum), and for those who are concerned about waste, the capsules are completely biodegradable. These little capsules of liquid gold are definitely a desert island product for me!
I received the trial set of Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules containing 7 capsules as a gift. I had heard such great things about the serum that I couldn't wait to break into those capsules! Packed with anti-aging properties including potent botanicals, retinol derivative and of course ceramides, the capsules are formulated to hydrate the skin and bring back its youthfulness. The serum is packaged in these cute capsules which are contained in a plastic tube. After reading reviews, I was already aware that there was enough serum in each capsule for more than one use. I used a pin in the "neck" of the capsule, so that I could release product and keep the remaining serum for later use. The serum feels like an oily substance, whilst not being thick. I discovered I was able to use one capsule for both my morning and evening routine, giving myself a very generous amount for each application. This gave me 7 days to use the serum. This product felt so luxurious as a I massaged it into my skin. I like to use the words smooth and soft when describing the way my skin can feel after using skincare. Those adjectives just don't accurately describe how my skin feels. My skin felt like silk. When using the capsules, I just couldn't stop touching my face. I have combination skin that is on the drier side. I decided to cleanse, tone and only use these capsules. My skin did not feel lacking in any way, it did not feel dry or tight. One week isn't much of a trial when it comes to seeing visible results in anti-aging skincare, but I must say that my skin was firmer and had a more plump look which seemed to make my fine lines less visible. And did I mention how amazing my skin felt??? I am interested in checking out the other products in the Elizabeth Arden Ceramide range, if they're anywhere near as nice as the capsules, I need them all!
I can’t recommend these highly enough. They make my skin feel so beautiful and luxurious and when I wake up the next day my skin feels softer, smoother, former... basically everything you would want!! The amount provided is perfect for face, neck, décolletage and ears. The capsules are easy to use and extremely portable.
The packaging alone is beyond amazing. The gold box and the gold pot is Luxurious to another level. I would repurpose the pot to keep my jewellery in because it has a nice pop up lid. It is a nice feeling holding that deluxe pot every day, makes me feel like a princess. Inside the golden pot are Golden "Pearls" of Beauty. These capsules hold ample of serum to do your whole face , neck, décolletage and shoulders. very generously packed. To be honest I found one capsule contained more than enough serum for at least two uses. I enjoyed the generous amount of serum in one capsule. I tend to use only half a capsule in the morning and preserve the rest for the evening but it can be a bit messy sometimes. I had to take utmost care to store the half used capsule upright in a small airtight container. I love the fact that the serum is hygienically packed in the capsules. Those capsules are so handy if you are travelling. No need to pack the whole jar just take enough capsules in an airtight bag to last throughout holiday. The capsules can be twisted off to reveal the serum. The serum is so rich and has a smooth silky oil texture. I could hardly smell a scent, therefore it is safe to say that the serum is odourless. The serum is so nourishing on my skin. When I first applied the serum on my skin, it felt so fresh and radiant. I enjoyed massaging the serum into my skin. The serum takes a while to absorb therefore I love massaging my face to allow the serum to sink in right through my skin. It is so hydrating that I felt that I did not need any moisturiser after I applied this serum. After a weeks use my skin felt so smooth and soft. My skin looked plumper and hydrated. I had some dry patchy skin around my chin area which improved tremendously. After using it for three weeks , I can notice a positive difference in my skin. The area where I had large pores looks so smooth. I also feel that it has improved my skin tone a fair bit. I also notice a huge difference on the texture of my skin. My skin is plump, fresh and revived. I found the serum also had a subtle exfoliating properties which is a good thing for ageing skin. I had some hormonal pimples which healed faster and my skin just flaked off revealing clear skin. This capsules has nourishing ingredients to moisturise your skin as well Ceramides to act as a barrier, protecting your skin from external damage. To conclude , I agree within three weeks I did notice an improvement in my skin. My skin looks fresh and healthy. It is so smooth that I almost don't need to exfoliate . My cheeks are firm and plump. I will continue using these capsules as I feel they are working for my skin.
I love this product - I didn't really want to because it's so expensive but still I do. Individually packed in little golden caps, the serum stays intact and active ingredients don't start degrading. That's why I think it is so much more effective than other regular serums with similar ingredients. The product itself is oil like fluid but much more silky. No particular fragrance and it absorbs nicely - although might need to give it a bit of time. In terms of effect, it's quite potent. I started with a 7 day sample from Myers and could see the difference in my skin texture even within that short period. The only reason I hesitate to give it 5 stars is because of the price and time it needs to get absorbed - I really don't have that much patience in the morning everyday.
After receiving a trial run of Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum, I have truly been converted. Each little pod contains one application - although I found it was very generous and I would put the excess on my neck and decolletage. The little gold pods feel very luxurious and are easy to twist and apply. The formula does feel a bit greasy and heavy for daytime wear. However, I found that using the product as both a moisturiser and a primer worked really well for me, with my makeup staying in place all day. As someone with sensitive skin I found the gentle and fragrance free formula did wonders for my skin and I did not experience any irritation or breakouts. I can certainly say that my face looked fuller and brighter after only a week of use.
These little pods of golden goodness are a night time routine essential. I must be incredibly blessed with my skin as many people don’t like the new advanced formulation as much as the original. I *touch wood* haven’t had any issues with breakouts with the new formula. It is a strange yet exciting sensation. The pod opens up and feels oily, but does not translate that way on the face. The best part I love is that when a product says “use a pea size amount”, my heavy hand tends to use a lime size amount and the fact that these are portion controlled capsules makes them very cost effective :)  PROS: absorbs beautifully into the skin and leaves you feelin nourished. Leaves you feeling silky not greasy!  CONS: the hefty price tag... but worth it in my opinion if you have the cash to splurge. 
I received a generous 2 week supply of these with an online order a while ago. I had heard a lot about them and was excited to be able to give them a fair try without having to spend a lot to buy the full size. The product comes packaged in an elegant gold jar with a clear centre . Inside are individual gold squishy pods. My skin ,which is usually combination had been quite itchy and dry when I started using these. To use, you simply twist the tab on the end of the gold capsule (gently!) twice and it will open. You then just dispense the oily,fragrance free serum onto hands and apply all over cleansed face,neck and decollitage. It feels so silky on the skin and sinks in instantly leaving skin feeling velvety smooth and soft.  I used this at night and only used half a capsule at a time as the serum is quite rich and heavy. I felt no need to apply a moisturiser after as this was hydrating enough. My dry skin loved these pods! After a few days of use my skin was so much healthier looking! Hydrated,smooth and so soft. I didn't have a big issue with wrinkles but I do have a frown line between my brows I'm quite self conscious about and these capsules definitely diminished the appearance of that! A luxurious serum that softens fine lines, increases moisture in the skin and leaves skin silky smooth and soft. Pros *Individual capsules-keeps product fresh until each use and there is no waste or trying to get last of product from the bottom of a bottle. *Enchances skin repair barrier and supports natural collagen production,leaving skin plumper,more youthful and so soft and smooth *You can easily get 2 nights use from the one capsule Cons *Caps can be tricky to open and may get some spill over while opening the tabs if you aren't careful
I am so disappointed that I can’t use these capsules. The capsules are so deeply hydrating and amazing for anti ageing, after a week of use my frown line was visibly reduced, and my skin was absolutely glowing. It helped even out my oily t zone and made my pores look smaller. My skin was super soft to the touch and so smooth. It was great on my sensitive skin but unfortunately the capsules gave me bad hay fever, sneezing, watering eyes,everything.
I love the concept of Advanced Ceramide Capsules giving me a guide of how much product I should use each time. The serum has an oily texture which glides onto my skin smoothly  and it’s fragrance free which is perfect for me. However, it is a bit too oily for me as it makes my skin feeling greasy and uncomfortable.
I love this serum by Elizabeth Arden. It all comes in tiny capsules. They look like little golden jewels. I love the look of them. It's a little hard for me to rip them open each time because I find I get some serum flying across my body or onto my chest. or I drop the capsule. The serum feels like oil and it glides onto my face really easily. My skin absorbs it really quickly. It leaves my skin feeling really moisturised and over the next week, my skin looks more radiant. I am loving my radiant skin!
With all the hype about Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum I just had to find out for myself what all the fuss was about so I managed to obtain a fourteen day supply to try.      The squishy golden capsules contain the lightweight, silky serum.  The capsules are a little fiddly and I feel a bottle with a dropper would work much better, particularly in regards to controlling how much product to use.    Although the instructions are to use one capsule per application, I find there is way too much serum to cover my face, neck and decolletage, so I put the capsule aside until I am ready to use it again.  It’s easy enough to prop up the capsule so it doesn’t leak.  By not wasting the product, my fourteen day supply went beyond three weeks.     The serum, which is quite oily, spreads so easily over the skin and feels luxurious and leaves the skin feeling silky.  It takes a little while for the serum to be absorbed so I let it do its work before I apply my moisturiser.  When I use the serum I find I don’t need to use a facial oil.      I use the capsules at night and only sometimes during the day depending on what other products I am using.  Although I like my makeup to have a dewy finish, I don’t want an oily look so I take into account my moisturiser, primer and foundation as to whether or not I use the Ceramide Capsules first.    The capsules are formulated to enhance the skin’s barrier repair function, increase moisturisation within the surface of the skin, and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  The capsules also help to visibly improve skin tone and clarity; re-texturise and revitalise skin for a noticeably smoother, softer, healthy appearance; and supports the skin’s natural collagen for a firmer look. So, did the serum live up to the claims?    I have definitely seen a huge improvement in the appearance of my skin, and surprisingly so have other people because I have received so many compliments since I started using the capsules.  My fine lines are less noticeable, my skin is visibly smoother, my skin looks and feels hydrated and my skin tone looks a lot brighter.     I have mature, dry skin and this product is perfect for me.   Pros:  smooths on easily; gives results and lives up to its claims.    Cons:  packaging - less wastage and much easier to use if the serum was packaged in a bottle with a dropper. 
This anti-ageing serum is amazing! The packaging was a little strange to get used to at first - inside the gold container are several little gold capsules that you twist at the top so the serum comes out and you can apply to your face, neck and décolletage with your fingertips. At first I thought I would prefer the serum being in a jar rather than individual capsules however they have proven to be really convenient for travelling and also letting friends and family use. The only downfall is I think there is a little too much product on each capsule so there can be wastage.  The serum itself is transparent, silky smooth and very lightweight. It absorbs into the skin so quickly so there is no sticky residue leftover. Its unscented so it’s perfect to use before going to bed!  I have very oily skin and often get congestion issues but because this serum is so light I haven’t had any build up or congested pores. Since using these capsules my skin has become much softer and smoother with a more even skin tone.  I highly recommend these if you can afford them - they are particularly useful for travel :)  Pros - silky, lightweight formula  - non greasy serum that absorbs quickly  - leaves skin feeling soft and smooth - has improved skin tone and helped with a brighter complexion  - individual capsules are perfect for travelling  - unscebted so does not irritate the skin - doesn’t cause any congestion  Cons - when twisting the top of the capsule the serum leaks out immediately so have to be quick to apply to avoid wastage - each capsule has a little too much serum for one application  
Confession: I’m one of those people that when it says to use a pea size amount of a product - I use a golf ball size amount... more is more right??!  So to be restricted to only using such a small ampoules - was a mental hurdle.  I thought there is no way such a tiny amount could do anything.... well, (my husband will be shocked to hear this!) I was wrong....see Dear Husband - I can say it!  These tiny ampoules pack a huge punch.  My skin felt smoother, more moisturised and plumper immediately.  After less than a week, my skin was supple and fresh looking.  Love it! And I’m now trying to use this as a positive to taking the “pea sie” amount on board for all products!
I know it might sound like the exaggeration of the year but these little capsules saved my skin!!! After 4 months in Europe, and 25+ hours flight back home my skin was in a terrible condition. Parched, dehydrated, blotchy and irritated, really it felt tight too. The air conditioning and the very dry air on the plane messes my skin up. And although I am a bit of a skincare hoarder, upon coming back home I couldn't find any hydrating masks ( an array of purifying ones instead). Thank God I came acress those ceramide capsules. Right when I applied the serum onto my face I felt relief. As if my skin was drinking and eating at the same time. In the morning it looked already better! It is amazing what a well balanced product can do. The capsules look like tiny golden fish, are easy to open, the formula of the serum feels oily at first but it absorbs very quickly into the skin leaving it soft and smooth. It is not greasy at all. Just after a few uses one can notice a definite positive difference in the skin hydration level and plumpness. My only suggestion would be to make the capsules even smaller as I found they contain much too much product for my face and neck - had to use it on my chest too ( which is not actually too bad). I highly recommend these ceramide capsules to anyone with parched, neglected skin as they work fast.
I have only just started using this serum and have almost finished the bottle...and I will certainly be going out to buy more! I love the way the serum feels on my skin - unlike how it looks, it is not that greasy. It sinks into your skin and your skin feels so soft and hydrated. One little capsule was enough for my face, down my neck and on my forehead.  My skin does not feel oily afterwards. In regards to reducing wrinkles, I haven't seen that yet, I am really doubtful anything can remove wrinkles, prevention is the key so I am hoping by using this I am preventing further/deeper wrinkles on my skin. Only time and further usage can confirm this.