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Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Antioxidant Infusion Essence

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Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Antioxidant Infusion Essence is an essence that hydrates skin instantly and over time, while helping to protect skin from the damaging effects of the environment. A blend of seven powerful antioxidants, including the hero ingredient idebenone, protect the skin against environmental aggressors to keep it looking youthful and radiant. Advanced Hydrachannel Technology drives moisture and key antioxidants deep within the skin’s surface to boost its natural hydration levels over time, and bio-fermented water instantly revitalises the skin.


Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Antioxidant Infusion Essence


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Run away from that drying ethanol

I started using a 10mL sample of Elizabeth Arden Prevage Anti-Aging Antioxidant Infusion Essence. The essence is basically a toner - it's not viscous so best to apply using cotton pads instead of fingers. It contains some good antioxidants, and also a lot of ethanol. The presence of ethanol was very readily detectable by just the smell of it. My skin generally has a low tolerance for ethanol. After only 3 days, my skin started to go flaky, and extremely dry. Especially in the area between the nose and the mouth. Once I stopped using this product, my skin quickly reverted back to normal. This is hardly surprising for me. There are only very few products that contain ethanol that my skin can tolerate.

Hydrating, antioxidant goodness

I absolutely love Elizabeth Arden products and received this anti ageing antioxidant infusion essence as a gift which I was so grateful for. I am obsessed with ant ageing products and this is one of the best iv tried. I use it twice a day and a few drops in the palm of my hand to spread on my face is all I need. I use it before a serum and moisturiser and it truly helps to lock in moisture and hydrate skin. It has a lovely light fragrance and sinks straight into skin with the consistency of water. It feels light and fresh and protects my skin from environmental factors. My only negative is this product is a little expensive but you only need a small amount for great results so it lasts for a really long time and my skin looks so much better when I use this. I adore this product and highly recommend it
I think that I have found the fountain of youth with the incredible Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Antioxidant Infusion Essence. This is an extra step in your skincare routine that you just can not go without. The essence is has a light, pleasant scent and is the consistency of water.  On their website, Elizabeth Arden recommend that this product can be either applied to a cotton pad and then swiped over your face, or you can dispense just a few drops into the palm of your hands and apply the product that way. I hate to state the obvious, but this product is far too valuable to waste any product on a cotton pad, so I have been using 2-3 drops in the palm of my hands and then lightly pressing the product into my face, neck and decolletage, after cleasing and toning and before applying serums, eye cream and moisturiser. The product absorbs almost instantly, and refreshens and hydrates the skin in as little time. What I love most about this product, is that I truly feel that it helps my other skincare products to absorb much more readily. My skin looks and feels so much more balanced, my skin tone and texture has improved and I feel that I am being proactive in protecting my skin from the often harsh and unforgiving environment, with the blendof the 7 antioxidants. The only negative for this product is that it probably isn't within everyone's budget. If you can afford the investment, the product does last quite a long time (I get close to 3 months of daily use), as only 2-3 drops are needed for application and the results are worth splashing some cash on.  I would highly recommend this for all skin types of all ages, it is such an easy step to include in your routine and it really does seem to help your products work harder.
Elizabeth Arden PREVAGE® Anti-Aging Antioxidant Infusion Essence is an extra step in your skincare routine, but it is definitely worth the time and investment.    I have been using it for about 4 weeks now.  You use it twice a day and do not think of  it is toner, as it completely different..  If you use a toner like I do, then use your toner after cleansing, and then use this essence.  Now this is very important - do not use a cotton pad to apply this essence,, it is wasting the product and it is too expensive to waste!    The essence is so light, you wont know it's there, but your skin will certainly love you for applying this gorgeous essence once or twice a day. This essence will hydrate your skin, and when you pat it onto your skin spend a couple of seconds, pressing it in, to ensure it is all absorbed.  Now you are ready to apply your serums and creams.    The essence is full of anti antioxidants which both hydrate the skin and also help with ageing issues like lines, wrinkles and dark spots.  Your skin will look much brighter and radiant, almost immediately too as the essence soaks in and hydrates and plumps your skin. PRO'S Hydrates your skin instantly, providing you with a much needed moisture boost So easy and quick to use Soaks in instantly Your serum and creams will soak in beautifully Skin looks visibly brighter and radiant, immediately upon application Signs of ageing likes redness, lines and wrinkles are softened CON Yes it is expensive, but you only use the smallest amount.  If you pop the bottle up and dispense 2- 3 drops at most, is definitely enough and because you are not wasting the product on a cotton pad, the bottle will last you at least 3 months.  A very good investment in your skin. I recommend this product to anyone who wants clearer and smoother skin, with immediate hydration benefits.  This essence is absolutely divine and a total pleasure to use, it is lovely and light, and you will definitely see skincare results very quickly.
Wow this product is truly amazing. I have been using this serum at night and I wake up with clear and glowing skin (particularly exciting for me since I have freckly skin with some very slight acne scarring/redness). I usually only need two-three drops on a cotton pad to cover my entire face and neck generously, so this product does last a long time.  I love the scent as it is quite beautiful and fresh which is good if you use it before bed. At first I was using this after cleansing and before my Elizabeth Arden Skin Renewal Booster moisturiser however in the last week I haven't used moisturiser after so I could see how it worked by itself and it is so effective in smoothing and plumping the skin. It's also feels quite refreshing on the face as well since it feels like wiping your face down with water.  The price is outrageous in my opinion but otherwise I would definitely recommend this to anyone who is wanting to their skin to look hydrated, smooth and most importantly, healthy!  Pros - Makes skin look hydrated and smooth - Skin feels soft and supple after use  - Lists 7 powerful antioxidants in its ingredients  - can be used as a base for oils, serums, moisturisers etc or can be used by itself after cleansing  - have a beautiful fresh scent  - water-like consistency feels refreshing on the face and absorbs really quickly  - only need 1-3 drops to cover face and neck  Cons  - Way too expensive 
I love this Essence.  After getting a sample to try I went out to buy it.  I have a diffuser that can be bought to go with it and use ten drops in the bottle that comes with the diffuser and fill up with filtered water.  A twenty second spritz with the diffuser morning and night before my serum and eye cream makes my skin feel plumper, more refined and seems to be breaking up a pigmentation spot. OK, so it's a bit of investment for the $130 initially, but if you are only using 10 drops in about 100 mls, it is great value especially as I am so, so happy with this product. Do yourself a favour and get yourself a bottle!!
First of all, the smell of this product is amazing. While using the product, I'm not too sure if I was using it properly. It seemed too easy to apply (just spread over face on a cotton pad). I noticed my skin looked plumper though I was using it with Dragon's Blood serum, maybe the two went hand in hand.... Would I buy this again? Probably not, not for the price. I might look into it when I am a bit older/have more visible fine lines
I use this as a serum at night. I only use 1 drop and warm it between my hands and apply it gently onto my face, neck and décolletage. It goes on so beautifully, and works as a great "base" for my night creams and oils. This is a lightweight and easy to apply serum that doesn't irritate or dry my skin. After using this, my face feels soft and supple and incredibly smooth. It keeps my skin dewy and gives me a soft radiance. I have noticed that my skin looks smoother and my fine lines have become softer and not so prominent. This is pricey, but considering that I only use 1 drop nightly, it lasts me a long time. I recommend this soothing serum for anyone who wants to keep their skin feeling dewy and looking nourished. You can buy this when they have GWP so that you get the most for your dollar.
This is such a lovely, luxurious product - it makes my skin feel so refreshed, firm and plump after use. I use it morning and night (before my serum), and I've definitely noticed a big difference in the texture of my skin since using it in the last few months. Fine lines seem to have diminished and my dry patches have disappeared altogether! Definitely recommend!