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Ella Baché Rose Daily Hydration Mist

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Ella Baché Rose Daily Hydration Mist is a facial mist that delivers up to 72-hours of lasting hydration for instantly refreshed, plump and glowing skin. Back by popular demand, launched in December 2019 as a limited-edition festive gift, the Rose Hydration Mist will now be a permanent Ella Baché glow-boosting staple. The mist helps build reservoirs of moisture in the skin's epidermis and assist in reversing dehydration. Formulated with rose hydrosol, best known for its toning, brightening and smoothing affects; mari moist, often referred to as ‘the aloe of the ocean’, is a Hyaluronic acid and marine complex (red algae) with a superior blend of moisture retention boosting ingredients that keep skin hydrated and plump for up to 72 hours; and witch hazel, best known for soothing inflammation and its calming properties, seals in moisture and helps to tone pores.


Ella Baché Rose Daily Hydration Mist


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Lovely rose spray

This Ella Bache spray energises and refreshes the skin with the loveliest rose scent that is subtle and not overpowering. It contains rose hydrosol, hyaluronic acid, witch hazel and a natural sugar complex to boost moisture and provide lasting hydration - these ingredients are super hydrating and I find them great at soothing my skin when it is inflamed and irritated. I love using this on hot days to refresh and hydrate my skin. I leave it in the office so that I can spritz it when ever I need! It plumps my skin and I think it looks more youthful and brighter when I use this mist. I also love using it as a toner right after cleansing and before serum and moisturiser.


This Ella Bachè Rose Mist is amazing! I like to use it during the day to top up the hydration in my skin but I mainly use it after cleansing my skin in the morning before I apply my moisturiser. It instantly soothes and refreshes my skin. I would suggest you don't spray it too close to your face though as the mist isn't the finest and does leave large droplets on my skin if I spray it too close. I have sprayed this over makeup and it doesn't affect the look of my foundation so that's also amazing.

Super hydrating and moisturising

This is the most beautiful hydration mist. I love Ella bache’ and this mist is such a treat. The price is not too bad for such a luxurious product and it really makes a difference to skin. This makes a lovely gift as it feels really special. The mist adds hydration to skin which lasts through the day. It plumps my skin and I think it looks more youthful and brighter when I use this mist. I use it of a morning under my moisturiser and it’s great for an extra refreshing spritz on hot humid days. It contains witch hazel which soothes my sensitive skin and it has a pretty fragrance. The mist helps lock in moisture to prevent dryness and my skin ageing. I really love this mist, it’s a winner for me and I highly recommend it