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Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules

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Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules contain a powerful treatment oil enriched with ChronoluxAI technology to target and soothe visible skin irritation and strengthen its ability to protect itself against aggressors.


Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules


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I purchased these recovery ampoules after suffering from dry and irritated skin throughout most of winter this year. I have sensitive skin that seems to be becoming even more temperamental as I get older, so two months ago I decided to splurge on this product after reading some really positive reviews.   The product comes in a cute twist-top jar, and includes 60 of the single use ampoules. Although I initially thought the concept was ampoules was wasteful and inconvenient, I have done a complete one-eighty. I love that you get the right amount of product each time and it makes it super easy to take a couple with you when travelling.   The serum is easy to use, you just open the ampoule and apply it to your cleansed/toned skin. It is super lightweight and soaks in quickly. I use one ampoule every night, and follow it with my night/eye creams once it has absorbed.   The serum is enriched with ‘ChronoluxAl’ technology, now while I don’t know what this means exactly, whatever it is it is working for my skin. I support its claims of soothing visible skin irritation and strengthening skin against sensitivity to aggressors, as I have noticed an improvement in both these things since using this product for the past two months. My skin looks much more hydrated, and I haven’t seemed to have as many sensitivity flare ups as I was having previously. I notice the improvements in my skin most when wearing makeup, as I no longer have noticeable dry patches and areas of flakiness that have stopped me from wearing foundation previously.   I would recommend this product for every skin type, especially anyone suffering from significant sensitivity. As I said, not only has it helped soothe and improve flare ups, but it has definitely increased the tolerance my skin has to sensitivity aggressors. I have just finished my first jar, and will be repurchasing asap. However, I am going to cut back to using the product every second night and see if I still get the same results, as it is going to break the bank a little at $168 a pop.   PROS: easy to use, effective packaging, hygienic, effective, suitable to all skin types. CONS: super pricey :(
A Life Saver!! Being a fan of Estee Lauder's Night repair buying this product was almost somewhat of a reflex action. Though I must admit that I didn't quite expect the results it gave my skin.  The 60 indulgent capsules come in a luxurious glass jar. The individual ampules are a pleasure to use and ensured that I used just the right amount of product. They are also a convenient luxury to take with you while you are travelling.  The oil though rich in plant oils, antioxidants and emollients felt really light on my skin. I have combination skin and when applied and massaged in, it leaves no tacky residue.  I also appreciate the fact that it does not contain additional fragrances which makes it suitable for my occasionally acne prone skin. I have used this product during 2 cycles of 20 days as the last step in my night routine. The first cycle was in November 2016 when I had an allergic reaction to seafood while I was overseas in winter. This product soothed and helped in the healing of my skin. within a week all of my dry patches had vanished and my skin looked the best it had ever been. My pore size had decreased, the surface was smooth, soft and my friends remarked that I had developed a bit of a glow.  My second cycle of 20 ampoules was in the first week of February 2017 during a hormonal beak out. This product noticeably reduced my acne and helped them heal without leaving a significant scare. If you want to wear this product during the day time. I have also found that it works really well when mixed with thicker heavier foundations to give your make up a more dewier natural look.  When initially buying the product I looked at it as a one time beauty splurge but after it literally saved my skin from what could have been two very unpleasant skin-nightmares which would have resulted in me having to purchase an array of skin lighteners/ brighteners to get rid of the pigmentation and  scaring I believe that this product is well worth the hype and should be on every woman's night stand for those days when your skin just need a little bit more help. 
I have been using Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampules for about a week now, and my skin is absolutely lapping up all their nourishing and strengthening benefits. First you cleanse and tone, then you open up one of these little ampules and apply the serum to your skin.  It is like a thick gel, very light and not thick at all.  I found the serum soaked in straight away and then you apply your night cream and eye cream.  You use one of these a day, at night, so your skin can rest and repair over night. Upon application, my skin felt incredibly smooth and was I surprised how quickly the product soaked in,  I thought they may be heavy and not soak in, but I was amazed how light the serum gel is and how wonderfully well it soaked in and made my skin so much more hydrated instantly.   After a week of using these, my skin looks really good.  I think you could become addicted to this extra step in your skincare, they really do help strengthen your skin, repairing damage from the environment, pollution and sun damage.   My skin was much more hydrated, meaning my makeup went on and looked much better, as my skin was less dry and the makeup did not sit on my skin and flake, infact my skin looked radiant and so much healthier.   Healthier skin is wonderful as this means I look and feel younger. PRO's A wonderfully easy product to use One simple dose her ampule so you know exactly how much to use Very hygienic  You will have skin that is fresher and healthier within a couple of days CON's The only con really is the price,  Yes they are rather expensive, but if you want visible results quickly, and much healthier and younger looking skin, then they are a very wise investment I recommend this product to anyone who wants better skin.  Do you have sun damage or stressed skin?  Then these are for you, you will see results within a few days and be very happy with the condition of your skin.
This product is amazing! Since using this amazing product in the night, I have found my skin to be incredible. I wake up every morning with such a heavenly glow and I fall in love with my skin every day
FANTASTIC! Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair Intensive Recovery Ampoules are a little pricy but my skin had really hit rock bottom and I needed a miracle. The brown jar has a gold lid and contains 60 ampoules and I use one every night in between my serum and night cream. The ampoules look like mini bowling pins and need to be twisted undone without squeezing the bottom, it wasn't hard. Once it was opened I squeeze the contents out on to my palms and rub and then apply it to my face and neck. I am amazed how nourished and radiant my skin feels and no irritation! The ampoules contain oil that has ChronoluxAI technology to help reduce visible irritation and the next morning I could see the difference. My once dry, red, wrinkly skin had come alive again. I will continue to use this amazing night repair and recommend it to everyone.