Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

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Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate is a replenishing elixir of pure botanical  essential oils to visible restore the appearance of skin by morning. Working when skin is most receptive to repairing itself, the night treatment regenerates, repairs and replenishes for smother, healthier skin. 


Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate


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This is an amazing concentrate. I definitely saw an improvement in my skin overnight like the bottle claims. My skin felt and looked much better after using it. I noticed an improvement in moisture, clarity, texture and an improvement in fine lines even on my neck, where I also used it. I loved that there was no need for me to apply a moisturiser on top, this concentrate provided all the moisture my skin needed. It didn’t feel tight or uncomfortable when I applied it. I loved the smell of this concentrate, to me it smelt slightly lavender, which is wonderfully relaxing, when your about to go to bed. I can’t say anything bad about this oil, as there is nothing that I did not like about it. I would recommend it to everyone.
Serums have become one of my most important beauty tools as I get older. A serum is the vehicle that delivers nutrients deeply into the skin where they can combat the effects of ageing, rather than sitting on top of the skin and providing just a touch of hydration. I have added a serum to my morning and night routine for some time now, and I always make sure I have one in my skincare stash. I have noticed this has gradually made a great difference to the texture and appearance of my skin. Of course this depends on having the right serum - and no prizes for guessing that this offering from Kiehls falls into that category! Kiehls is well known for its excellent skin and hair care,in particular for those with sensitive skin. This is because it uses natural,botanical ingredients with no nasties, such as parabens. My skin is not usually sensitive but there are some things it reacts to, so I was fairly confident I would be ok with this concentrate, which is for night-time use as the name implies. I expect a serum to be deeply hydrating, to sink into my skin and leave it plumper and fuller without too oily a feeling. I like the fact that a serum can be followed by night cream to increase its effectiveness.Midnight Recovery uses a mixture of essential oils – mainly lavender and evening primrose – to restore skin overnight and counteract the effects of the day, such as pollution and stress. The aim is to make your skin visibly refreshed and smoother by the next morning, all while you’re asleep. I apply 3 drops of the serum straight on to my cheeks because I want it on my face not my hands! – it is light but not too runny- and then use my fingertips to pat the serum over my face until it is blended in. It is slightly oily at first but this disappears as it is absorbed. It smells soothingly of lavender – I love the smell of lavender and love that it is a relaxing scent well-known for promoting sleep. The first time I used this night serum, I did in fact sleep very well. Next morning I wondered why my skin felt so good and then remembered my new serum. I actually did look rested and refreshed, and the big test – would it improve the dry areas around my mouth and on my cheeks? Yes,check and double check – they felt plump, hydrated and flexible. Not a bad night’s work! I love a multi-tasking product (after all, women multi-task, so should their beauty products) and Kiehls does this as well. Dry elbows and/or hands? Mix a few drops of this oil into your hand or body cream to give extra care. Stressful day? A few drops of this lavender scent in your bath should help relax you. As you can see there are plenty of pros and really no cons with this serum. Yes it’s expensive but at a few drops per night, you will have it for ages!
I have been using this oil from Khiels for the past two months now and it’s become a fast favourite! I am typically a strong believer in rose hip oil however I’ve found this oil to be even more effective.  Pros: Effect on skin: Once I apply this oil and massage it into my skin I find that it leaves it feeling very plump and hydrated. It also leaves a lovely sheen that’s not overly greasy (so if you want to I have found that it works well during the day if your room having a no makeup day to make your skin look lovely and healthy. I find that when I apply this oil on my face and neck overnight, when I make up in the morning my skin feels sooo soft!  Formula: The oil sinks into the skin very well and does not sit on the surface like some heavier oils can do. I find that once applied after around have an hour it is completely absorbed. I have quite dry skin but because of it’s light weight formula I also think this oil would be ideal for those with more combination/oily skin types. Longer lasting results: As I mentioned above I’ve been using this oil every night for the last two months and I’ve noticed quite a difference in my skin! Whenever I have a breakout which leaves a small red mark I have found that this oil helps to reduce the redness of the spot and help the mark repair much quicker than before I was using this oil. I also have found that my skin is much more hydrated as my makeup goes on much nicer and does not settle into any fine lines.  Use: another pro of this oil is that you only need two, max three drops for your face and neck! I have found that this product spreads so very well and a little bit goes a long way so good bang for your buck! Also, the packaging is very functional and I have had no issues with the dropper spilling!  Pro/potential con- Scent: I also thought I would mention that the product smells quite heavily of lavender. I personally love the scent and I find it very relaxing. However if you really don’t enjoy the scent of lavender I would consider trying out the oil in store (although, I do find the scent doesn’t linger on the skin but is quite strong upon application!), 
I got sent this by beautycrew and after not trying or knowing anything about kiehls, I'm so thankful to give their products and test. The verdict is: i love it!!! I've been using the midnight oil for roughly 2 months now and have already noticed positive results to my face. I use this every night after a shower so it really soaks into my skin and does its thing while I'm sleeping. It really makes my skin glow and feel fresh.  Another tip when using this oil is to use it as a makeup base, you will be shocked with how easy your foundation goes on and makes your skin look luminous.  I'm going to keep testing this out until I finish the bottle and note my results but so far so good. 
This serum is great it’s very light weight and almost feels like water on the skin upon application. It’s very blendable and I only need 3 drops to cover my face and neck. It’s helped my skin feel supple and smooth out rough patches I have on my face. It’s lavender scent is lovely and a great addition to a night cream to assist your skin and body to relax and rest. It would suit any skin type that needs a rejuvenation boost. Just apply by pressing into face and neck after cleansing and a moisturiser on top for added hydration if needed. It is quite pricey but the bottle will last a while as a little goes a long way and perfect for those who like a luxe feel product this one is a must try.
The Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate has been around for quite a while and I think I know why- it’s a beautiful face oil that works! As the name suggests, it’s been designed as a night time treatment to help restore the skin. While it is an oil, it doesn’t feel like one-  it’s a very lightweight, water-like formula that sinks in effortlessly without leaving any greasy residue. And a little goes a long way – you only need a few drops to cover your face and neck. It also has a lovely lavender scent which is perfectly suited for night time application. This product is suitable for a variety of skin types and concerns.I have dehydrated skin and it has worked wonders to help restore hydration, and my skin looks plumper, brighter and healthier overall. On the other hand, my husband has oily skin that is prone to breakouts, and he has seen great results when using this product. At $66, I think that it is well priced,especially when a little goes a long way. Highly recommend!
I'm undoubtedly obsessed with this product! Applying this after cleansing and toning before going to bed, I wake up with supple, smooth and visibly brighter skin every single time. Unlike other serums I've tried in the past, this soaks into the skin in a short amount of time, and doesn't leave my face feeling oily or sticky which is always undesirable when going to sleep. In recent years I've been developing expression lines on my forehead, however applying a few drops of this concentrate to my skin each evening on my wrinkles and expression lines has helped in diminishing the deepness of these lines by plumping the skin and repairing its elasticity. The fact that it's also naturally-derived means I'm confident that this product isn't doing my skin more harm than good! Definitely worth the price tag and will be buying for years to come!
A friend of mine asked me to try this as she sweared by this product, to be honest, I did not find so much of a difference, its been more than a month now but I do not see a drastic difference, other than the fact that it moisturises my skin and feels supple but like any other moisturiser.
This product is holy grail for those with dry skin and patches. I apply moisturizer before sleeping but wanted something for the deeper layers of my skin and something that wasnt too lightweight. I started using thjs product six months ago and Im never going to look back. It smells great and absorbs straight into my skin making it supple and refreshed in the morning. It doesnt sit on my skin like other oils or give me that intensely heavy feeling.  Definately would recommend!
Wow I love this product and was really surprised by how well it worked. It was given to me as a gift by a friend who raved about it. You use a few small drops and spread the essential oils evenly over your bare skin at night before going to bed. In the morning your skin just feel soft and glows. It is a great start to your morning makeup routine with foundation being absorbed by your skin easier and faster. Overall I really feel like it did what it was supposed to do and the condition of my skin improved dramatically.At $64 it’s a great price for a product I have found other anti-aging products are x4 the cost and are not nearly as effective. As it is an oil it lasts along time and a small bottle will last up to a year. I recommend this product for people who have normal to dry skin it might be a little bit too oily for those with oily skin.
This product is marketed as an Anti-aging product but don’t be deterred if you are in your 20s as I am 25 and would highly recommend this product. Packaging – it comes in a glass bottle which gives it a very premium, pharmaceutical feel. Texture – The oil isn’t overly thick it is quite a fine,thin oil. It just blends straight in to your skin and doesn’t sit on top. Don’t be deterred if you have oily skin. I have combo (oily t-zone) and I actually find that this product helps to balance out my oil. Scent – The scent is quite strong but I really like it. It predominately smells of Lavender which is so calming and relaxing before bed. It is a really nice aspect of the product. Usage – You only need a few drops of this. I put a few drops on my hand and then press/pat in to the skin. Its’ quick and convenient and it absorbs straight in. Sometimes if I have a bit of time I do an extra drop and do a little facial massage – heaven! Benefits – I have been using this for about 6 months now.When I first started using it I noticed straight away I would wake up looking more radiant. I notice that I look more refreshed and revitalised. My skin doesn’t look dull like it used to. It has balanced out my oil but also hydrated my dry spots so my foundation no longer clings to them. SAVIOUR! I have had this for around 6 months and I still have quite alot of product left! I would definitely recommend and it is great value for money as it lasts so long!  
I use this product on a daily basis and absolutely LOVE it! Since starting to use this product, my skin has never been better and I have associated this change with this product. I combine this product with my moisturiser for easy application in the evening. Having used the product for over a year, I would highly recommend it to anyone.
I have acne prone skin but this doesn't break me out at all considering its an oily concentration.  I just love how the skin just absorb the products once applied onto the face and leaving the face not oily at all. It feels moisturising. In the morning my face looked fresh and not dull looking considering I only have a couple of hours of sleep due to baby waking up so I'm very please with the results . Only started using it for a week now, so I can't wait to see what my skin will look like after a month.