Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate

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Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is an anti-wrinkle treatment containing 10.5 per cent vitamin C. The formula is clinically demonstrated to improve skin texture, tone, radiance and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It also provides antioxidant protection and exfoliates the skin for a healthier-looking appearance.


Kiehl’s Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate


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As my skin is acne-prone, often that some type of acne leave behind some dark spots. My friends recommended Kiehl's powerful strength line reducing concentrate to me as it contains high level of vitamin C (10.5%) which other brands don't have. I know that vitamin C helps with skin clarity and helps to fade in dark spot. At first use, i found it was a bit strong as i could feel the tinkle effect on my skin. so the next time i use a small amount and try to blend it in. After a week, my skin seems to got use to to it so i use it as normal concentrate (i.e. after toner and before facial lotion). I only use it at night time though as it is a powerful concentrate and i don't want it to cause any reaction with sunlight. After using it for awhile, i notice that my acne spot has faded. But i couldn't really tell the different on the fine lines that i have.
I can say this is the best serum I have tried. The texture is like moisturer but melts and absorbs onto my skin instantly. When I apply the serum on my face, I do feel a little stinging sensation which goes away instantly. The next morning I can see my pores gotten smaller and my skin was plumped. Definitely will repurchase.
The original version of this product contained 10.5% L-ascorbic acid which is a great ingredient for targeting texture and dull skin. Now over 10 years old, Kiehls wanted to take this formula one step further, adding in an extra 2% ascorbyl glucoside (great for fine lines) and incorporating hylauronic acid (HA) into the mix to create formula that I consider to have the biggest powerhouse duo in basic skincare. Kiehl's know their stuff when it comes to effective skincare! Although classed as a serum, for me it feels like the consistency and texture of a silicone primer, but I'm not complaining since having oily skin means I can't be using products that are too rich in hydrators. It has a slight warming sensation upon application, and isn't sticky, heavy or greasy on the skin. While we're at it, it doesn't feel like a hydrating serum (HA won't have an immediate hydrating feel on the top layer of the skin, but you will start seeing effects the more you use it). While any Vitamin C based product works wonders for my skin, I particularly love this formula for it's simplicity - you don't have to combine two different skincare products to get the dual benefits of Vit C and HA. It doesn't have any residue on my skin which makes layering products a dream, especially in Summer. Literally every morning after use I do notice my skin becoming brighter and brighter, more clear and improved clarity. Basically, it just makes my skin look fresher and healthier which is exactly what we all aim for when we use skincare products!  The only thing I'll remove a star for is the price, being $98, it isn't going to be affordable for all, but for me the price is absolutely worth it.
I cannot speak highly enough about this product in regards to both its effectiveness at minimising/ preventing lines and wrinkles, as well as to how it makes my skin feel: soft and smooth, like nothing else I've ever tried. The concentrate is white and neither a cream or lotion consistency, it feels more like a light serum and is non greasy, non oily and easily absorbed. Due to the vitamin c level in this product, it is recommended to be used at night, as vitamin c will react when exposed to sunlight. I use it in the day sometimes too as I've found that this concentrate creates a beautiful smooth base when worn under makeup. It actually makes the skin look and feel better than any primer I've ever used. I use this concentrate religiously as part of my skincare routine and I swear by it. People are always surprised when they learn my age and I am often mistaken for being in my mid 20's (I am 33 and also was a heavy smoker and drinker for 10 years)! I was sold on this product upon my first application. My skin felt smoother than it ever had before and also soft like a baby's skin! Over time, I've found it to be highly effective in retexturising the skin and a great aid in preventing lines and wrinkles. About a year ago, I began to get my first glimpse of fine lines on my face and noticed that my skin was changing. I realised that it was now time to change my skin care routine  and am really happy to have found this product. I've now been using this product for 18 months and I don't feel that my skin has aged any further, if anything, I feel that my skins appearance has improved dramatically and actually appears younger. Kiehl's also have a line reducing concentrate for the eye area which is just as good and I will definitely continue to use the two in conjunction for many years to come.  I use the concentrate mainly at night after cleansing. I cleanse and tone my face and neck area, apply my serum and wait around 10 minutes for it to sink in. I then apply a pea size amount of this product, avoiding the eye area and gently pat it into my skin, paying extra attention to my forehead, around my lips and smile lines. For the eye area, I use the eye product from the same line and wait another 10 minutes before applying my night cream as a final step. Although the products may seem a little pricey, only the tiniest amount is needed and I've found this product to be more effective than even pricier products from luxury brands. This is definitely money well spent as you will feel the results both immediately and over time. Anyone who is aged around 30+ and who has concerns regarding lines, wrinkles, texture and aging skin, I highly recommend that you try this product before wasting your money on anything else! 
Wow,wow,wow, this product is amazing. I am always on the lookout for a really good anti aging product that delivers and this is it. I love this brand anyway but this concentrate is amazing. It is a little pricey but well worth it for the results and I only need to use a small amount so it lasts really well. I recommend this for anyone who is looking to diminish fine lines and wrinkles as it works. My skin is also visibly brighter and more toned since using this concentrate, I just wish I had discovered it earlier before fine lines started. This product slows the aging process, the high vitamin c concentrate leaves skin radiant, I use it st night before bed for a fresh bright complexion each morning. I love the antioxidant protection from free radicals this delivers, the appearance of my skin in terms of tone and texture and I can't live without it now. My tip is to use it on your neck not just face to slow the aging process there as this area can be one of the first places to show signs of age. My only negative is that it's a little expensive, though it is on par with other high end brands and this one delivers. I highly recommend it
I wish I had started using this product at an earlier age as a line and wrinkle preventative.  Yes is seems expensive, but compared to other similar quality products it's on par price wise.  I started using this about three years ago when I noticed a definite change in my skin which was starting to show lines and wrinkles, especially around the neck area.  I use after cleansing at night time only, and noticed a firmed smoothness to my skin after about two weeks of use.  I feel like the ageing process on my skin and neck have slowed down and my skin feels sort of refreshed.  Personally I would not use this product for daytime as it has a very high vitamin C content, which I feel reacted to sun the one time I did use in my morning routine.  Very highly recommended and money well spent.  Five stars!