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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Serum is scientifically proven to help visibly reduce the appearance of imperfections, fine lines and wrinkles. There are 3 complementary acids in the formula: LHA micro-exfoliates and helps stimulate skin renewal, salicylic acid deeply unclogs pores and reduces excess sebum, and glycolic renews skin surface and refines visible pores. Niacinamide also helps combat moisture loss and dehydration. Use on the face and neck once per day in the evening.

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La Roche-Posay Effaclar Serum


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Overall - highly recommend this serum!

So, I had been eyeing out the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Serum for a while now, and I have only recently jumped on the trend and purchased it! An expensive purchase initially, however, I have used it twice daily (morning and night) for a few weeks now, and the amount of serum left still looks like it is brand new! The packaging and bottle itself is cute, aesthetic, but most of all - practical! It comes in a cardboard packaging, which contains the bottle of serum, along with a dropper lid and a regular screw top flat lid (I'm assuming to use when traveling or not in use). The size is easy to store away in the draw, or hide in a makeup bag if traveling. The dropper is easy to use, and dispenses a good amount of serum. The serum itself if thick, but not too thick (if you get what I mean?). It absorbs into the skin quite quickly, so I found that you do need to rub it in quickly, but not too aggressively, otherwise it leaves a white residue. I found the best way to do this was gently pat it into the skin. The serum has a scent, but it isn't a bad scent at all! I find that it leaves the skin feeling hydrated and replenished, and I highly recommend this product to anyone with sensitive or dehydrated skin.
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Night time routine

I have only tried La Roche-Posay sunscreens prior to this but I am glad I found this serum. My skin has list of concerns like pimple, acne, pigmentation, uneven skin tone, white heads, black heads and more …. I use this serum almost every night and top it up with a moisturiser and it has helped in addressing those concerns. My skin feels lot better and glowy now .. I just make sure to use a sunscreen the next morning to limit exposure to sunlight . I am going to continue using this product. I don’t mind the dropper it comes with but will prefer if there was a pump instead to reduce the risk of spill.
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One of the best serums I’ve tried to date

La Roche-Posay has done it again with yet another fantastic serum. I’ve used a few of their serums before, so I had a high expectation for this serum, and it definitely didn’t disappoint. This serum is easily absorbed by my skin and doesn’t leave a greasy feeling to it. I love that I can put this on before bed knowing that I won’t just rub it off on my pillow. When I wake up, my skin feels and looks vibrant, and over the last two weeks that I’ve used this serum, I’ve noticed that my skin tone is a lot more even, with acne blemishes seemingly lighter than before, which I think may be the niacinamide. I’m excited to see what positive effects this serum will have in the long run, so I’m definitely adding this to my next shop.
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Effective product, good idea, but not the best.

I've had pilling issues with La Roche-Posey products before due to my oily skin type, and my skin barrier not absorbing it fully due to added, unnecessary ingredients, however I found this serum very light and watery so it was fine. I liked that it combined 4 active ingredients in one product so it's a good time saver for people who don't like layering separate products. However the added fragrance was unnecessary and I wasn't a fan of it. It came in a hygienic bottle with dropper and I only needed a small amount to cover my whole face, so I think it would last a while. Also it states on the bottle that in case of discomfort to space out applications. However there was no information on the box, warning about combining actives with other products like Retinols, and someone could easily have a reaction if they weren't aware about the ingredients. I was using Retinol at night, and this combined with the cold, windy, winter weather, and sitting in hot air conditioning blowing in my face most of the day and night, really dried out my skin. I had to have a break from my usual Retinol and use extra moisturising products to heal my dried up skin before I could properly test this. I had a slight reaction when I didn't, and it left me with extremely dry, scaly, irritated skin and a slight burn mark where I had previously extracted a pimple. I would probably more likely use this product during the warmer months, when my skin gets extra oily and I don't have any issues with dryness. I personally wouldn't purchase this, as I already have and use a better brand with the same ingredients (but no added fragrances or unnecessary ingredients). However a lot of people seem to like it so I'd recommend it to others. My skin is pretty clear already due to a good skincare regime, so this didn't really make a lot of difference. Maybe if I was only using La Roche-Posey exclusively, and for longer, I also test and use a lot of other different brands. It's a bit hard to say otherwise. Good and effective product, absorbed fast and easily, was able to layer it with other products, great time saver, but just not for me and could use some improvements. I would definitely try it again during summer. Thank you for letting me trial this :)
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Great but pricey

I was using the ordinary Niacinamide before trying this and while I don't notice a huge difference in my skin - I do think it's quicker drying and keeps my fave feeling fresh. No stinging and quick to absorb. I'm not sure I'd repurchase based on price however their sunscreen is worth the price. It's a silky texture and you only need a little bit as it spreads quite far so a bottle will last you a long time. They've got a lovely bottle and syringe, it is glass so don't be too rough. A good product but quite expensive.
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I have always wanted to add a serum to my beauty routine and I think i have finally found the one! I have definitely seen a difference in my skin tone and my scarring and acne has evened out. I would like to think my skin is glowing more however I think that is due to having less blemish markings and my skin being less oily. My only concern would be the fact that the first few nights I used the serum that i used a bit too much as the dropper squeezes out liquid a bit too fast. All in all, I have sensitive skin and usually I avoid changing things in my day to day routine, however i do not regret starting to use this serum, works wonders and could not recommend more!
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Another great La Roche-Posay Product

I love everything that La Roche-Posay do, their products are extremely effective and live up to claims and hype. Same applies to the Effaclar Serum, which works in perfectly if you already use in conjunction with the Effaclar range. This product is a gentle chemical exfoliant in comparison to others on the market that I have tried, my skin feels and looks less textured and feel smoother minus the concerns of tingly and burning that can often occur with chemical peels. The applicator is excellent and ensures you don't waste product unnecessarily. As with other La Roche products, there is no overpowering smell, and it seeps into the skin quickly to layer with your moisturiser. I think this is an excellent choice for those who are new to serums and acids and looking to safely add them to their regular skincare routine. My only qualm is that it's a little on the pricey side for a chemist/pharmacy product, but other than that happy with this!
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A Serum Secret Weapon

I greatly enjoyed trialling the La Roche Posay Effaclar Serum, it helped to make my look much better after using it constantly for the last month. I loved the teal colour of the bottle it was fun and nice to see some colour in my bathroom. The dropper was most helpful when applying the serum as it made the application much easier and more precise, so there wasn’t much wastage which is great. I applied this to my skin and it felt nice, with a bit of stickiness but this helped it to apply to my skin more throughly as it flowed around my face quite easily and my skin just drank up the goodness in this serum. The pimples that were on my face healed nicely after using the serum, which was wonderful as I hate when I have puffy red pimples on my face. I would recommend this product as it greatly improved the condition of my skin, smoothness and gave it a nice glow as it stopped my usual occasional breakouts from getting out of control with the regular use.
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Skincare Staple Status!

This serum is a skin clearing miracle! The dropper dispensing mechanism made it really easy to control the amount of product, and I used four drops for my face and neck every evening for a couple of weeks. This serum had a light weight texture, which absorbed well into my skin, and after the first evening of use my skin had better oil control the next morning. After a week of use, I noticed a visible reduction in blemish scarring, and a more even skin tone. This has definitely become a part of my regular skincare routine as it keeps my pores unclogged and refined, and leaves the surface of my skin feeling renewed and hydrated with continual use.
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A go to serum

I honestly couldn't fault this serum! Having to deal with adult acne for a long time now I have certainly been around the block when it comes to all products designed to treat my skin condition. However this is by far the best product that has worked for my skin. The 3 acids work so well together to unclog my pores and calm my skin whilst preventing further breakouts. I do have some scarring from previous pimples and over a few weeks I have noticed the marks slowly disappear. I doesn't have a strong scent and absorbs into my skin quite easily. I highly recommend this product, especially for people who are yet to find anything that works for their acne.
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Packs a punch without the harshness

Thanks BEAUTY/Crew and La Roche-Posay for allowing me to trial this product. The product looks lovely and comes in a small blue glass bottle with a pipette dropper on top to make it easy to use. I would consider this to be more of a clinical product than your average skincare and whilst it packs a punch with ingredients, and targets my hormonal acne breakouts; La Roche Posay have stayed true to themselves and the product is still quite gentle on my skin. The serum is rich and glides on easily; and it absorbs quickly, without leaving my skin tacky or sticky. The texture of my skin was visibly smoother and it also seemed to even out my complexion so I would definitely recommend it to others to try.
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Better than expected!

I was lucky enough to be on the Review Crew for this Effaclar Facial Serum. This particular serum within the Effaclar range is said to help visibly reduce the appearance of breakouts, blemishes and imperfections. This is perfect for me as I have suffered acne prone skin since the age of 12 and most products tend not to work for my difficult skin. After using this product for a few weeks I have noticed a considerable ease in congestion and a reduction in the size of my breakouts. I love that this product has the triple action benefits of LHA, salicylic acid and anti-bacterial glycolic acid. I will continue to use this product and will recommend this to friends with similar congested/acne prone skin.
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Soft and Smooth

The serum left my skin feeling soft and smooth the day after first application. I did find that it is quite drying even with my oily skin so a moisturiser is definitely needed after application. When I first applied the serum it was a bit tingly and itchy but I do have fairly sensitive skin. After a few uses this feeling went away, so it is recommended to use it gradually. Overall I was quite happy with the product in the two weeks i've been using it and am keen to see what further use will produce more results.
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Glowy Goodness from one Serum!

La Roche-Posay has become a staple brand in my skincare so I was very excited to try this serum out. It is a serum power-house with LHA, Salicylic Acid and Glycolic Acid. I have used Glycolic acid previously and I loved knowing I could simply use this one product and gain the benefits of using all three with noticeable effects to the smoothness of my skin and calming of my acne. I applied this serum to my skin every second night as I found it to be a little sensitive at first and decreased my usage due to this. I found it help to really refine my texture, existing acne and acne scars. My skin not only appeared more smooth and glowy, but I noticed it was a lot less oily also! I did make sure not to over exfoliate when using this serum and found it to do the job all alone. Be sure to take care using this serum and listen to your skin!
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Beautiful product

I have been using this la Roche-posay effaclar serum for about 3 weeks now and I have been applying to my bare skin before sleep ! I must say I am sold , this product does what it claims for ! My skin has never felt this smooth and clean. It have even all my skin texture and my hyperpigmentation has gone few shades light ! I can clearly see the difference! It has a gel like texture and is very easy to apply ! This product’s pancaking is so pretty and that dropper is just another plus from me ! It makes the application so easy ! I have only been using couple of drops of this serum for my entire face. Little goes a long way ! This product is now available in all pharmacies and departmental stores and easy to buy ! It’s very budget and travel friendly! I will definitely recommend this product to anyone suffering from skin discolouration .
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Great Product

La Roche's Effaclar serum has been a game changer for my skin. Applying daily as seen my skin go from rough and patchy to feeling refreshed and nice to touch. The easy applicator makes it easy to apply to the face and then simply rubbing in to my skin with the tips of my fingers. The product doesn't feel oily or greasy like others used in the past, you feel so refreshed once it is on but there is no oily after tone that often comes with some of these products. It does have a distinct smell but that quickly fades once applied to the skin. This has become a nighty ritual for me and one that i am glad i have made the switch to. I will not be turning back. I will recommend this product for sure.
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New addition to my nightly regime

I have been a big fan of the La Roche-Posay product line for some time so I was excited to try this new product. Previous serums that I have used have felt sticky on my face and generally unpleasant. This serum was lovely to apply and dried quickly with no residual stickiness. I only used the product ever second day due to my sensitive skin and my face handled it well. I had no breakouts while using the product and the surface texture noticeably improved. I also have redness on my cheeks and some pigmentation which has had a slight improvement. I will continue to use this product to see if there is any further noticeable difference. The packaging was well thought out with a high end appearance. The dropper made application easier than other serums with a lot less product wastage. The smell of the product was appealing too. Overall, a product that will be included in my ongoing skin routine, along with a number of other La Roche-Posay products.
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I really enjoyed La Roche-Posay Effaclar Serum, it has helped to clear my acne on my cheeks dramatically. I also like the smell, it doesn't have a really chemically scent, more like a perfume scent. I also really like the texture and how my face feels once the product has dried. It makes my skin feel fresh and healthy. There is also a lot of product in the bottle. I will defiantly be buying it again once I run out. I would give La Roche-Posay Effaclar Serum a try if you struggle with acne. It has been an amazing product to add to my skincare routine.
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This is my new daily serum, I suffer from adult acne at 33. I have been using this for a few weeks now and my skin is the clearest it’s been in years! It’s not over drying and I haven’t had any flakeyness which is great. I use this in the morning and a retinol at night and my skin has completely back flipped. It looks clear and fresh and I’m now working on the darker pigmentation and scarring. I highly recommend. It did tingle quite a bit the first time I used it but I got used to it quite quickly.. don’t forget your sunscreen with this one!!
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A product that does what it claims!

I'm certainly a bit bias towards this brand already, as some of my favourite and most trusted products already come from them. But for me and my skin they tend to always deliver. This one certainly does! I have pores the size of craters and I'm prone to hormonal outbreaks, even at 30. But with using this, I've found that my breakouts are less severe and the redness reduces a lot faster. You do have to use it fairly consistently for an extended period of time to see the difference in the pores and long-term redness reduction on the cheeks. I did find though that I couldn't use this every day. But every second day was more than enough for me and my skin appreciated it even more. Would definitely repurchase this in the future.