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La Roche-Posay Pure Niacinamide 10 Serum

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La Roche-Posay Pure Niacinamide 10 Serum is La Roche Posay’s first pure 10% niacinamide serum. This multi-tasking dermatological serum is developed to suit all skin types including sensitive skin. Formulated with niacinamide and hyaluronic acid, it helps to even out skin tone, hydrate and brighten, whilst improving the appearance of dark spots. It is specifically formulated for sensitive skin types. The powerful dermatologically tested formula contains 10% niacinamide (hydrate & smooth), and 5% HEPES (gently exfoliates). It delivers a more even skin tone and also helps with skin texture, making skin look brighter and smoother while the hyaluronic acid helps to lock-in moisture leaving skin looking plump and healthy.


La Roche-Posay Pure Niacinamide 10 Serum


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Caused irritation and redness

This product caused redness and irritation followed by dry flaky skin. I tired again a week later with the same result. Very disappointing as I'm a big fan of this company's other serums. What was more disappointing is that my review was not allowed to be published on the La Roche website as it didn't meet their "guidelines", however they couldn't tell me why. Could this be why all of their products have such a high percentage of excellent reviews I wonder. I won't be buying from this brand again as I think it's appalling that they moderate negative reviews/feedback.
26 Oct 2022
BEAUTYcrew Admin
Replying to Emma S.Hi Emma S, we’re so sorry to hear that you aren’t happy with your product. In order to assist you further, please call the L’Oréal Group consumer affairs team on 1300 659 359 and one of their product experts would be happy to help you out with your query.
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Amazing product!

This product is amazing! I have sensitive skin and was a bit nervous that it might get irritated, but in fact the opposite happened. The product hydrated my skin well and left it feeling smooth and supple. It felt smooth and silky going onto my skin and did not smell offensive, it had a slight sent but of what I could not detect. It was pleasant and not overpowering. The bottle itself is purple and very aesthetically pleasing to look out. It works with a drop that administers the perfect amount of product for one us, allowing for a thin layer over my face and neck. I am very happy with this product and excited to use it as part of my routine moving forward.
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Brighter, Softer, Amazing results!!

This has been a miracle worker for my tired dull skin! It has improved my skin tone and has made my dark spots fade noticeably after only 3 weeks of use, as well as making my skin feel softer. I love that a little bit of this serum spreads far, so with the packaging size it will last quite a long time. Its so easy to apply and has a very mild fragrance which is lovely. I love how this has made my skin feel more hydrated and plumper and has brightened up my overall skin tone. I normally suffer from dry, uneven and tired looking skin, this serum has made such a huge improvement to not only my skin, but my confidence as well! I would highly recommend La Roche-Posay Pure Niacinamide 10 Serum to anyone looking for a more hydrated, brighter, more-even and softer skin tone. I will be continuing to use this as part of my beauty routine and am looking forward to seeing the continual improvement it has been having on my skin. Thank you for allowing me to trial this product!
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Great lightweight serum

The Pure Niacinamide 10 serum is a fantastic light serum that absorbs into the skin well. It does not have an overpowering scent and the consistency is great ( a little goes a long way with this product). Th Niacinamide combined with Hyaluronic acid really helps to repair the skin, and I think it did help with some of the pigmentation I have on my face, which is primarily due to age spots. I have pretty sensitive skin and this product did not cause any reaction so definitely something that will become a staple in my daily skin care routing moving forward.
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Fantastic, made my skin so smooth.....

Fantastic, made my skin so smooth. A few drops went a long way and soaked nicely into my skin and didn't leave my skin feel greasy. The odour is pleasant and not over powering. I was surprised how lovely it made my skin feel as previously products like this were quite greasy and the perfume was strong but this product was the complete opposite. This is a quality product from a good quality company that you can trust. I have sensitive skin and this product hasn't caused any skin problems which I am over the moon about. I have been searching for a long time for the perfect product for my skin and I have found it!
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Softening serum

I have trialled this for two weeks now. I do love the texture and that it is non oily and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. I cannot say i see any discernible difference to dark spots however I am still using it daily as it leaves my skin very soft and smooth and a little more radiant! I have been complimented on ‘looking well’. As someone with multiple chronic illnesses this is a massive boost as I normally look grey and sickly without makeup so will definitely keep using it. However sadly there is not much difference to my laughter lines or little frown line i have. Thanks
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Nice serum, very fancy

This has a soft fragrance which is fine and not too overpowering. The purple bottle houses the white serum, and the dropper is packed separately within the box . The packaging itself is small and has braille on the box, which I found interesting. This serum has a thick feel and its hard to see how much product is in the dropper itself because of how thickly it coats the outside. I had to dip twice in some cases because I didn't grab enough. It spreads really well and feels tacky to touch, and dries smoothly. I didn't feel game enough to wear it under makeup and only used it at night after cleansing and before moisturising. It did not visibly improve my skin, I do have some dark blemishes and some patchy bits on the side of my nose but did not notice a change. Weirdly enough I got some pimples on the hairline and on my chin, but not entirely sure if the serum did anything towards that as I wear a mask all day at work too. Its a nice serum but I don't think its for me. It seems a little pricey and I usually try to stick to <$50 for skincare.
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Definitely worth trying

The LaRoche-Posay is a beautiful product. From the first time I used it I felt it really was special. Over the years a lot of serums have upset my skin with burning redness and flaking skin. Not LaRoche -Posay it hydrated my skin beautifully. I have had no redness or skin irritation at all. I have been using the Serum for 2 weeks now every night and most mornings. My skin feels plump and feels very soft. It definitely looks brighter. I haven’t noticed any change in a couple of facial discolouration as yet. However it is early days, I wouldn’t expect that to happen so quickly. I am not sure about the Perfume of the serum, it’s not offensive but I don’t feel it’s very nice either. I would prefer it to have no smell at all as sometimes the perfume can irritate my skin, but this serum has NOT done that. The dropper is a bit hit and miss it is large and not easy to use. I seem to get too much product every time. However it is absorbed readily. The serum is silky and smooth to apply it is a good consistency for smooth and even application. All in all I really like this product and I will keep using it as I feel it has improved my skins appearance and feel. I haven’t ever used LaRoche product before but I will be looking out for more of their products as I am very impressed with this one. Thankyou for allowing me to be part of the trial of this product.
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Beautiful new product, truly refreshing I use it in the mornings mainly but immediately saw the results. It gives a very healthy glow to the skin, and after a few days it truly provides a consistent brightening effect that to me shows the serum is working. My skin feels healthy and also previous sensitivity that i had has now almost disappeared. Met some colleagues also who the first thing they said to me was that they have never seen me looking so good so I think that’s all the evidence I need that I will be sticking with this one for a long time! Oh and it smells lovely!
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Worth It!

I am very impressed with the improvement of my skin since using this serum. Firstly, the bottle is stunning and just so happens fits well with my bedroom decor. It’s super easy to use with the dropper, I used whatever was in the dropper and what was left on the dropper, I used the palm of my hand to take off before putting the dropper back to avoid any waste. I love the glowy colour of the serum , it doesn’t have a smell as such so really easy to apply. It’s a great consistency that allows for application with ease. I used the serum day and night as the dark spots and pigmented skin were plenty. I saw an improvement instantly with regards to brighter complexion and it maintained hydration well. After two weeks I saw improvements with regard to the dark spots and pigmented skin. However, it does require consistency to see any improvements. I’m looking forward to seeing further improvement with continued use. The best part is that I am confident to go make up free too now which means this serum is actually life changing for me. If you are looking to try something that will give your skin a glow, glides on like silk then this is the product. Also if you have sensitive skin, then I feel like this product would be perfect. Usually these types of serum can make my skin red and sometimes irritated but I felt like I didn’t get any redness or burning at all.
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Juicy, Healthy Skin!

If your skin is feeling dry and irritated from exposure to winter air and heating systems, grab a bottle of this! The texture is quite thick compared to some of the other niacinamide serums I've tried in the past, but that's the magic. Once it's glossed over your skin, it will sink in leaving a very slight dewy sheen, without any residual stickiness. It layers fantastically with a lightweight sunscreen and a ceramide moisturiser before makeup. I was most impressed by how fresh my face continued to feel throughout my work day especially. It's been around four hours since my last application and my face still feels wonderfully soft, supple and protected. This serum has helped calm down irritation while bolstering my moisture barrier back to where it needs to be. Application is via a dropper, which is hygienic. There was a slight fragrance which was pleasant. I'm a big fan of niacinamide and this has knocked my previous staple off the shelf!
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Plumping and Hydrating

I wanted to try this product for its claims to even out skin tone, help with texture, improve the appearance of dark spots and plumping effects. Here are some of the pros and cons I discovered: Pros I really enjoy the silky texture of this product, it's light weight, absorbs quickly and I found that the claims it plumps the skin to be accurate. I also found it to be surprisingly hydrating. It works well with other products I use and doesn't cause any pilling. Cons For the other claims, I haven't seen any improvement in darks spots, tone or texture. It's got a STRONG perfume scent. If you suffer from migraines or are sensitive to scents, you'll want to give this one a miss. Lastly, the consistency of the serum doesn't suit the dropper style; it's too thick. Overall, if you're looking for a hydrating/plumping product and you've got the cash to burn, it's a nice option.
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Amazing benefits to the skin

As soon as I put this product on my skin my face was thanking me. It doesn't sting, is non greasy/oily, has made my skin brighter and smoother. I used some of this on my hands and it felt great. My skin was singing and dancing it was so happy. The benefits of this serum is much better than others I have tried in the past. I will be recommending the serum to anyone that will listen. My skin had improvements on face, neck and hands. I love the feel of the skin after using the serum. Thanks for the opportunity to test such a quality product.
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Subtle Changes

I have been only trying the serum for a short time, but so far I have enjoyed the silky feel of the serum, the light scent is great and my skin feels soft and moistened after application, so far my skin looks brighter, have not seen a great change to my sun spots until now but will keep on the application regime and review. I find the dropper pushed the serum outside the bottle when you put the dropper back in and I try to scoop the serum back in so as not to waste it. For the price point I would have expected more changes but will keep using as it feels great on my skin. Have also been applying it to the back of my hands and I see some changes in skin softness and brightness.
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Skin Saviour

As someone with pigmented skin I was excited to try this product, but had realistic expectations. However I was pleasantly suprised. The serum smells nice, has a good texture and was hydrating to my skin - which for someone with super dry skin- this is a rarity. I found that the product didnt sit on the surface level of the skin and actually sunk in really well. Over the course of a few weeks my skin looked remarkedly better- it was hydrated, appeared less dull and there was some improvement to the dark spots on my cheeks. Noting that it takes persistance and time to achieve long term fading results with removal of pigmentation. I would happily buy this product again, as it has helped my skin and is reasonably priced.
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Good but worth the change?

Serum does what it says it will and feels great on the skin. I was using The Ordinary serum with niacinamide so I may change but this is pricier. Unfortunately living in Australia the sun is a factor most the year when needing to choose skincare. I hope that by using this and using sunscreen brown spots with disappear or at least be less visible. The applicator is annoying to use and needs to be modified. You wouldn't want to waste any of the product but it is hard to get out. I think if I used the serum for longer them I could decide for sure which serum was really the best for me. I really like La Roche Posay products especially since you can buy them at most pharmacies and are often on special. The serum is easily absorbed, silky feeling and can easily be covered with moisturiser or sunscreen and make-up. The product is okay for sensitive skin and I used it on my combination skin.
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So fresh and hydrating

I was very excited to trial this product. When it arrived my first thought was that i Love the packaging on this product. Super fancy and premium looking. I had very high hopes for this serum and it did not disappoint. The only downside was the dropper. I didn't like this at all. Other than that the product was so easy to apply. It left my skin feeling fresh and hydrated. I would recommend this to family and friends and would buy this in future. The price point is on the higher side but the product delivers on expectations so it is worth the price.
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smells like summer

This is the first time I have used a serum from La Roche-Posay and was looking forward to trying the Niacinamide 10 serum as it is something I have never used before. Love the packaging and the smell of the product reminded me of summer. I used the product every day for 2 weeks, dark spots stayed the same. I did get a few compliments that my skin was looking really good. The dropper is probably the most annoying, it was hard to get more than a drop out which was frustrating. All in all it was a nice product to use, I don't know if I will be going out of my way to use it regularly as I didn't see many benefits from the product.
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Serum Satisfaction

I greatly enjoyed trialling out the La Roche-Posay Pure Niacinamide 10 Serum, because it helped to hydrate my winter dry skin and my sunspots, battle scars and blemishes to disappear with a regular application schedule. The packaging was very cute and adorable and the presentation was nice as it had a vibrant glass purple bottle with a dropper for more precise use. It was easy to use and no waste because the dropper gave me total control on how much of the product I wanted to use. After using this product twice per day my ageing skin is looking much better because my sunspots have lost their darkness and my blemishes don’t seem to come up as often or last as long which is great advantage. My skin also has a pleasant glow as it has hydrated my skin and it feels soft and not at all dry. I greatly enjoyed using this product as it helped take away the winter blues from my skin and made me feel more confident in my own skin because it took care of my skins battle scars. I will purchase this product again because I want to continue improving my skin and making it look the best possible.
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Beautiful product and great results!

I love this product. I do have some dark spots, particularly on my forehead, and this product has helped. I have used another serum in the La Roche range but this one is far superior and totally different. It’s not at all oily or greasy and as soon as I put it on , my skin absorbs it beautifully, so it can be worn under makeup and used day or night. It feels very luxurious and I would definitely purchase this product in future. The packaging comes with a dropper which is nice as it keep the cream hygienically sealed and easy to travel with. It’s a lovely product.