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La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum is an anti-wrinkle solution with pure vitamin C, salicylic acid and Neurosensine™ to reveal sensitive skin's full radiance. Use this product to tackle these skin issues: wrinkles, loss of radiance and irregular texture. A unique anti-ageing renovating serum with a high concentration of 10% Pure Vitamin C, Salicylic Acid and soothing Neurosensine. At a physiological pH it reveals sensitive skin's full radiance. Instantly, skin feels softer, more hydrated, and glowing. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, skin looks smoother. As if transformed, skin texture and tone appear more uniform, even and refined.

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La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum


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Not really work for my skin

Hi there. Im not trying to say this product is bad. But its bad for my skin. I tried to find a suitable and affordable skin care because my skin uneven, small acne, oily but i never have blackhead. So i decide to try this product(obviously this is good review). Buying and trying, 3 days later : my pores open up and i got blackhead. So, i believe my skin didnt have the guts to take this remarkable serum(which i wish it work on my skin because i really do like it). Now i have to find another vitamin C serum again. Its a stress for me because ive been research about this product for months. But, it just probably not suit my skin
La Roche-Posay
La Roche-Posay 24 Nov 2021
BEAUTYcrew Admin
Replying to Amaya A.Thanks for your comment. We’re sorry to hear about your experience. Our Pure Vitamin C10 serum is suitable for oily/combination skin, however it’s not recommended for acne-prone skin. We welcome you to check the La Roche-Posay website. You can tap on Shop by Concern to investigate suitable product ranges, or try My Skin Routine, a quiz that will offer you regimen guidance. La Roche-Posay products are designed for sensitive skin but for specific concerns, it can be beneficial to consult with a health care professional or dermatologist before starting use of our skincare. We hope this helps.


I'm new to adding a facial serum to my every day skin care routine. While I have tried a few from various different brands and at various price points, this one from La Roche-Posay is a winner for sure! It made my skin glow and reduced the amount of blemishes from sun exposure or active breakouts. It also made my skin plumper and the wrinkles less visible. It worked well with an oil free moisturiser and didn't affect my makeup application during the day. I’m very happy with this product - I would purchase again and would recommend to others who have similar skin issues to me (i.e. oily and blemish prone) or want to try a Vitamin C product.

Smooth, glowing skin

I have combination to dry skin with some pigmentation and fine lines so I purchased a bottle of La Roche-Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum hoping to even out my skin tone and reduce pigmentation. The serum is packaged in a small glass bottle, which contains 30ml of product, with a screw-on dropper top. I found the dropper became quite clogged right from the beginning which made it hard to dispense the serum. The serum is yellow and has quite a strong scent. I use the serum each morning after cleansing and toning. The serum spreads easily over my skin and feels very comfortable. It absorbs well and dries down quickly and works quite well under most of my moisturisers and sunscreens however there are a few that I have to avoid because it creates a lot of pilling and flaking. This serum makes my skin look brighter with a lovely natural glow and after three months I can see that my pigmentation has faded enough to notice, which was my main goal. I will continue to use this Vitamin C serum to hopefully see further improvement in my skin.

Gorgeous anti ageing product

This is a great anti ageing product that delivers great results. It lasts really well as I only need a couple of drops so I feel it’s good value. The addition of vitamin c refreshes skin so I didn’t look as tired, my skin looked fresher, brighter and a lot more youthful. I have concerns with fine line’s especially around my eye area and this serum did noticeably reduce those lines. The serum is easy to use and feels nice and light to wear. It leaves no sticky residue and doesn’t look or feel at all oily. I use this at night and during the day under my moisturiser. I really loved this serum and I will purchase it again. Great product
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Overall good!

I’m not 100% sure about this product. At the beginning I was really keen to try it and feel like I had good results.. skin was brighter, clearer and overall looked a lot better. However after a couple of weeks I’m not sure it was keeping the work up. My skin was starting to look back to its normal kind of dull, tired self. Maybe it was just a bad week or maybe it’s a product you need to use on and off every few weeks rather than consistently, I’m not sure. I’ll continue to use and see how I go. Overall I liked it. There is one thing that annoys me though and that’s the actual bottle and dropper, I feel like I always end up with too much coming out as the droppers quite wide. Then it’s all sticky all over the mouth of the bottle. Not great.
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I can C 10 reasons to buy this serum!

I've tried a couple of other vitamin c's that I didn't really like, but the La Roche-Posay one is lovely. The texture is beautiful going on to my skin, and then it soaks in with no lasting film or oil. I do wait a few minutes before layering with other products to let it absorb. I found if I didn't do this it would pill. Over the trial period I did notice a glow to my skin and the dull skin days were definitely behind me. This bottle will however last me a long time so great value for money. I've found the dropper to be a little messy compared to others - so a little seems to spill out the sides each time which is a shame. I feel like a small pump bottle that is not opaque (to prevent oxidisation) would be far more efficient.... Other than that, loving it. Thank you BC and LRP!!
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Amazing product, packaging needs improvement

The best addition to my daily morning routine! I apply this under other serums and moisturiser. My face is noticably smoother and brighter and I do look more rested when I put it on before my early korning shifts. I’m giving it 4 stars only because the dropper does not work very well due to very thick consistency and it leaves excess product around the bottle rim leaving it sticky. I have tried a different brand of vitamin C but I believe I will stay with this one! It's expensive but something I would splurge on!
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Your skin will thank you!

Finally a vitamin C serum that is gentle enough for sensitive skin. During the colder months my skin gets a little dry and due to seasonal allergies my skin becomes really sensitive. I'm happy to say that this serum has been gentle on my skin and helped maintain a smooth skin texture. The dropper is great for dispensing the correct amount of product and the tinted glass bottle helps preserve the product. Although the serum is quite thick it absorbs quickly into the skin and provides a nice base under makeup.
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Great Product

La Roche - Posay Pure Vitamin C10 Serum is utterly amazing!! I used it at night before bed under my night moisturiser and used it under my makeup as a primer and both times it worked wonders. It made my skin smooth, supple and clear. The scent was lovely not over powering very subtle scent and it was a nice rich serum that sunk into my skin without any residue or thickness on my face aferwards I would highly recommend purchasing this product to add to your daily or nightly regime. It won't disappoint and a little goes a long way,so the bottle will last you a while, which is good for the price point.
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Kick of hydration for winter

This product arrived at the right time, with my skin starting to become very dry from the winter season. This serum has been a lovely addition to my skincare regime. I have seen a big difference in my skins hydration levels. I have been applying both morning and evening after cleansing. What I love about this serum is how it absorbs into my skin without leaving a residue. This is particularly important for my morning routine, as it impacts how my makeup then sits and stays for the rest of the day. After this trial I have noticed my skin looks glowy. My skin has overall improved and feels hydrated, which means my skin doesn't look or feel like it's dried out.
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Great Vitamin C Serum

Who doesn't love a good Vitamin C serum that works. This is a great product, it has a nice dropped that allows you to use the amount needed, the serum goes on very smooth and absorbs well into the skin. It can be used under other products and layered without it getting cakey or starting to pill. After using it every day for a couple of weeks I definitely noticed the difference, my skin was smoother and had a lot less visible lines. Definitely a product I would use again, and it’s a very good price point. Make sure you use SPF with this product though.
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Sticky and messy

The initial packaging for this serum presents a lux product worth the $$. After a few weeks of use i found the applicator to be quite messy, initially pushing product out of the bottle as the applicator is quite large, then fairly messy throughout use with excess product dripping off the outside of the applicator. The biggest issue I had with this product is it not being layarable with my other skin care products. I found on multiple days my skin to be "balling" finding it somehow reacting to the other products. The product is strongly scented with a perfume vibe. Some days this was overwhelming. Overall I feel like the product would be good to introduce to my routine but unfortunately I think I need a different product to suit my other skin care products.
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Drops of shine!!!

The first thing good about this serum is the handy dropper that just gives you the needful. The serum is amazing and you can see visible results in a couple of weeks. I recently developed some dark spots on my skin and they seem to be a tone lighter now. Not to miss, that my skin in evidently glowing and shiny. I did hear a lot about this brand on social media and could see it in pharmacies but was skeptics to buy it. Having received it as a trial, I can now confirm that it works great and is really effective.
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Mixed Feelings!

After using the product for nearly a month, every day and night, I am yet to see any visible signs i.e. less wrinkles on my face. I have noticed though, that my face spots are becoming more obvious than usual! I’m not sure if this was due to the serum or I am just getting old. What I do love about the product is that it absorbs well and quickly, unlike other serums I have tried and it has a nice matte finish to it! I have also noticed that my make up looks nicer after applying the product in the morning - it almost works like a primer underneath my makeup! The downside is, I am not a fan of the smell! For some reason, it smells too clinical for my nose! I have also noticed that I started breaking out on my face since using the product! Would I use it again after this bottle? Probably not due to the breakout and lack of visible signs, but this may be due to my skin. However, it seems others on here have had a positive review. So, try it and see how your skin reacts!
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Dull skin no more

This little beauty came in a box which had the instructions and contents contained a little glass vile jar with a squeezy top. It’s very easy to use you simply end with the top squeeze the amount you want to apply and then put it on your face. It has a no particular smell and it has a clear fluid that’s orange in colour highly recommend that you don’t spill this on a white counter top because it stains. I found it very hydrating for my skin especially seeing that my skin was quite dry from all of the air conditioning and heating over the winter time. I felt an immediate difference and after awhile I also noticed a change in my skin from going from a dull sort of grey to a nice soft pink might of just been because I was exhausted but I think it really was the product that helped. I was quite happy with this product and I definitely use it again and I would recommend it to anyone that has dull looking skin or dry skin needs a little bit of pumping up.
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Works Wonders!

I was so excited to try this product! I always use Vitamin C as part of my skin routine and have always been a fan of La Roche-Posay. And I got to say that it did not disappoint! The packaging looks really nice and it comes in a dropper so it's easy to control the amount of the serum everytime I use it. I use the serum every morning on a clean face and I would also use moisturiser/ sunscreen. Throughout the whole day, I can feel my face feels fresh and hydrated. I would keep using it and even buy a new one when this one runs out!
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Hydrating & great value

What I like about this product: - Great texture, it's not too runny or thick - Sinks into the skin - Very hydrating and makes my skin feel very smooth - Little to no typical Vit C smell - Great price What I don't like about it: - The dropper makes it hard to control how much liquid comes out - Can pill a bit when I layer my sunscreen, primer and tinted moisturiser or foundation on top - Unsure if the bottle 'protects' against oxidization, so I keep it in a drawer What I don't like about it: - The dropper makes it hard to control how much liquid comes out - Can pill a bit when I layer my sunscreen, primer and tinted moisturiser or foundation on top - Unsure if the bottle 'protects' against oxidization, so I keep it in a drawer Overall, I'd definitely recommend it, mainly due to the texture, lack of smell and the price factor. Seems like a great balance between many things.
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Awesome serum

I was really intrigued by this product as I have never used a serum which had Vitamin C10 before however this serum certainly packs a punch! I used this product morning and night with a few drops, I love that it has a dropper so I can control how much product comes out without contaminating it. From the first two days, I started to notice a difference in my skin, it became less dull, visibly brighter and a lot more hydrated. Over a few weeks my skin tone improved as well. I like that it doesnt have any smell and that the products absorbs well into my skin.
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Keeping my skin glowy this winter!

The serum has been lovely to use. I apply it once a day and since using it, i have seen a huge difference in my skin. It's a tad thicker in consistency but sinks quickly into the skin. It also doesn't feel uncomfortable under the rest of my skin care and makeup routine. In previous years, as the weather gets colder my skin becomes drier and more flakey and uncomfortable. This product has helped my skin stay clear and glowy during the transition into winter. The dropper packaging makes it easy to apply, however it does collect and harden a little bit at the opening which can be a bit messy.
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Worth every dollar

I previously received this serum as a sample, but I’ve since purchased another two bottles because I absolutely love it! It’s not on the cheap side of the spectrum, but definitely worth every dollar and my face is thanking me for it. This serum is the best I’ve used, and leaves my skin feeling and looking wonders. Within two weeks of using it, I noticed my skin tone became a lot more even, especially as I have faint blemishes due to adult acne a few years ago. I’ve found that this has helped lighten those blemishes by evening my skin tone, and just overall making my skin glow. Highly recommend!