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La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water is a soothing facial spray that helps tone and refresh skin while also preparing it for additional products and treatments. The thermal water spray can be used to combat inflammation following in-salon beauty treatments and procedures, such as chemical peels, laser resurfacing and microdermabrasion.

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La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water


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Refreshing and non-irritating on sensitive skin

I'm not a regular user of mist toners or thermal water sprays but for this product as being useful for calming dry, irritated skin. It's not just plain water, it contains minerals and trace elements that are beneficial to the skin. I use it after cleansing and let it sit for a bit before putting on products containing strong active ingredients and have found that it reduces the tingling. My husband who has very reactive skin can also use this. It's also very refreshing to spray this in the middle of a hot day.
Look, do you need to pay for can of pure water? No. Is it convenient when needed? Yes. Because it comes in this can, it is always cool when sprayed. I use it mainly before serums or oils to wet the skin. Feel that my skincare spreads and absorbs better on damp skin. After washing my face I have to pat dry tap city water (in my area it is very  bad, smells also). So instead of using face mists with who knows what in them I use can of waters like this one. Mist is very fine, love that.
I generally love all thermal spring water sprays and the La Roche Posay is no exception.  As someone who has eczema and skin sensitive to the hardwater that flows through my house thermal sprays like this are good for soothing my skin on my face and body. I also like to use this very fine mists in the same you'd use a makeup fixing spray in order to seal and remove the powdery look of makeup and that method hasn't failed me yet in the decade I've been using it.
this is a really nice product to use on your skin during summer, if I've had a day outside it's nice to apply to may face as it;s nice and refreshing and cool, the small container makes it a handy size to keep in your bag to have on hand and apply during the day
I have gotten this in a subscription box before and was so confused of it at first. When I first used it I wasn’t sure I liked it but living in queensland  central coast it worked so well on me I even sprayed it on my partner. Worked a treat on the hot days
I love this product! I have the small size one, its great to calm down my skin when it flares up and gets quite irritated, it just automatically settles my skin down. Just a nice light spritz, absorbs easily and does not leave any excess residue. A 10/10 x
I have sensitive skin prone to redness so through trial and error, I've figured out that overly complicated skincare products can actually make my skin volatile. Which is why, I've switched to the one ingredient LRP Thermal Spring Water to tone and refresh my skin.  This comes in an aluminum can with a nozzle to spray the thermal water onto your skin. I've tried facial mists from other brands where the pump aggressively sprays your face and it gets into your eyes and mouth but I love the pump on the LRP because it evenly veils my face in a gentle fine mist with just the right amount of product.   The Thermal Spring water feels cooling and refreshing on the skin. I use it to tone my skin before applying my skincare products and to dampen my skin in between layering skincare. I also use it to set my makeup and to refresh my skin throughout the day, especially in the summer..  This is definitely a staple in my skincare routine and I pop a small can in my handbag for when I'm on the go. 
It feels very refreshing when you spray this spring water. I love to bring the smaller size in my bag during Summer. It hydrates your skin under the sun and keeps your face stays nice and cool. Therefore, you don't need to keep going to a bathroom and wash your face with cool tap water. I also spray that first thing in the morning after cleansing my face and it definitely wakes you up. I would highly recommend it to keep in your handbag.
I've been using the Thermal Water for the past 2 years and really like the cooling feeling on my skin from the mist, it also combats inflammation from any red spots from acne. It reduces any redness on my face and soothes the skin. I highly recommend this for all year round treatment - I tend to spray after i have cleansed my skin to leave overnight and wake-up to smooth skin.
Love this spray. It is a savior to help me survive an overheated office while pregnant. The superfine mist is cooling and refreshing without ruining my makeup. It is fragrance free (another plus while pregnant) and is suitable for all skin types particularly those with sensitive skin. I even used this on my toddler last summer to help cool him down While can seems pricey for 'water' a little goes a long way and can seems to last forever.
This Thermal spring water spray from French brand La Roche-Posay is truly a wonder in a can! This product has so many uses. I use it primarily as a refreshing spritz on my face during Summer or after exercise. It has a lovely cooling effect and emits a fine spray which is more mist like rather than a harsh blast of water to the face. As such, this works well over makeup without ruining it (I have heard some people use it solely as a makeup setting spray). Another way I use this is in the place of a spray toner before applying serum/moisturiser. While I love my spray toners sometimes you just want something more simple and refreshing without any overwhelming scent (and this product is fragrance free). This makes it a great option for those with sensitive skin or noses! This product comes in two sizes. The smaller 50g can is a great travel size and the one I tend to buy the most. It’s fantastic for throwing in your handbag and is also easy for kids’ little hands to grip when spraying. Yes, it's safe and natural enough for the kiddies to use too! I also like to keep a can in the fridge for those extra hot days fora quick, refreshing pick me up. Overall a great product and one that I highly recommend.
I love using this when my skin feels blah and before makeup application. It’s refreshing, hydrating and gives that extra up lift to my face. Even better when it’s stored in the fridge during summer time. My daughter has eczema and we use this to help settle her skin. The nozzle spray makes it super easy to use and it evenly applies. I keep the small can in my bag for quick touch ups through out the day.
I love this refreshing facial mist. It is really light and refreshing and sits beautifully on top of my makeup. I use this in the mornings and as a refresher in the afternoons on hot days. So refreshing, so light, and I feel it would suit all skin types. Recommend.
Although it is a little pricy, this product is amazing for dry and tired skin, burnt skin or for me skin that is sensitive and have skin issues. It is an amazing refresher for summer months and I highly recommend the product if you have sensitive, dry or skin conditions!
Hi. I have red skin at times. La Rosche-Posay  Thermal Spring Water helps my complexion. I’m fair and have sensitive skin. I find using this product which sprays on the face aided in calming and cooling. We live in a hazardous environment, really. Therefore it’s beneficial to give the face a refreshing treatment to counteract the ordeal it goes through. Kind of like a big “sigh” of relief for the face.  I like that the thermal spring water sprays on so I’m not touching my face with my fingers.  The aerosol can I keep in my bathroom cupboard as it’s aerosol so I prefer to keep it cool. I use this before applying makeup and then before going to bed.  Lying in bed with a fresh complexion recovering from the day feels good.
The La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water was an essential with calming my sensitive skin. I used to be very stressed and my skin would break out with dermatitis and I purchased this from a Priceline sale and felt like it instantly soothed any irritation.  It’s so refreshing and I loved using it in my skincare regimen! I highly recommend this product! 
This is a very fine mist that claims to soothe the face, among other things. I've tried a few different brands that have similar products to this, but Avene is still my favourite. The small size is great for travelling, especially when in hot climates. There's just something about this that I don't like as much as the Avene one.
This Thermal Spring Water is so refreshing for my skin. I work all day in an office and the heating and Aircon always dry out my skin. I love how this refreshes my skin even over makeup because it's so gentle. So i keep it in the desk drawer at all times.  I also spend some times outdoors. Sometimes with the heat of the sun or with the blast of the wind (as we are in the middle of nowhere in a new area, that it's quite harsh on the skin when i conduct depot tours. This is great product to refresh my skin when I come back into the office. It's great to keep my skin hydrated.
Love this spring water - I used it to refresh my skin and make up. It especially awesome on a hot summers day as it cools the skin and makes it feel refreshed.  The bottle is in a perfect size and easy to carry with me all the time. The spray comes out in a fine mist and is really delicate. I have a sensitive skin and this spray has never caused any irritation or breakouts. It also has no scent and therefore will not conflict with any perfumes or body moisturizers. Would recommend to anyone with gentle and/or sensitive skin.
I know a lot of people will just say it's "water in a can", but I honestly think it's more than that. I adored this little can so much I went out and bought the largest size after I finished the mini sent to me for review. I love spraying it on after washing my face as a toner to soothe my dry and tight skin. I love spraying it on before makeup to prep my skin, and my favourite is using it as a setting spray to set makeup afterwards. It melts my makeup into the skin beautiful and leaves a beautiful, natural, skin-like finish. No cakiness or dry flakes! I prefer this over traditional setting sprays and toners as the ingredients are clean and I know what is going on my skin. It's super light and the mist is very fine. No scent, great for sensitive skin, no reaction, no breakouts etc. My makeup never looks or feels as nice when I don't use this to set it. Can't live without it - holy grail product!