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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum

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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum is a daily soothing serum for allergy-prone and ultra-sensitive skin. It helps reduce skin discomfort and strengthen the skin barrier in an optimal tolerance formula to help reduce the penetration of allergens.

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La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum


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Soothes and protects sensitive skin

This is a really beautiful product for anyone with sensitive skin. My skin is quite sensitive and can become irritated quite easily and is prone to redness around the nose. Using this serum daily protects from allergens and makes a great protective barrier under moisturiser. Simple to use, it sinks straight in and feels light to wear. Redness is much less noticeable and my skin is not irritated. This is a really high quality product and is packaged really nicely, it feels expensive yet the price is quite good and I do t need a lot so the serum lasts a long time. I adore this and will continue to buy it
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Great stuff

I reaaaally like this product. As someone who has skin that is prone to irritation due to weather, fabrics etc - think itching and redness - this was a really nice addition to my routine. It is a lovely, thick texture and when applied adds an extra hydrating, protective layer before moisturising without feeling overly occlusive or causing breakouts. The packaging is lovely and feels high quality, and the product itself feels rich on the skin without having any sort of irritating scent. I have found my skin less prone to itch and redness - a particular issue for me in winter - since I started using it, and would definitely recommend to people who have irritation as a skin concern.
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Impressive product

I was impressed with this product overall. I have sensitive skin with a bit of redness, however the La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum cooled and hydrated my skin and the redness did not appear so prominently. I liked how the product dries quickly once applied so I could continue with my face routine with other products
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Feels great but haven’t seen and changes to skin

I don’t normally stray to fair from my normal serums but for this lightweight serum fit easily into my normal sickcare routine. I can’t say I’ve seen and physical results over the past 3-4 weeks but it’s goes on nicely and leaves skin feeling fresh and hydrated.
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It works!

I have had sensitive skin my whole life and any product with the slightest bit of fragrance causes rashes on my face. I was pretty excited to try this product to see if it would help reduce the sensitivity. The serum glides on really smooth and feels really fresh. I didn’t feel any tingling or burning and saw no evidence of a rash. I’ve been using the product for a few weeks now and decided to try a face moisturizer that has given me a reaction in the past and the reaction had definitely lessened. I was quite surprised. I look forward to trying the face cream again in a couple weeks and I feel positive there will be next-to-no reaction. I’ll definitely continue to use this product.
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Winter staple

La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum has been soothing and hydrating for my skin. I have been using this product morning and night. I love products that are packaged in a dropper bottle as it is easy to apply without contamination of the rest of the product. I required two droppers of product per application and it left my skin feeling smooth, calm and I did notice a reduction in redness caused by the harsher winter weather and I believe this may become a regular winter staple for my regime.
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Light, revitalising serum!

Beautiful serum! Really thin, liquid consistency which means it absorbs quickly onto the skin and doesn’t leave any residue. It’s easy to apply makeup over the top during the day. Smells great. No issues with sensitivities. The dropper is a great feature, keeps the serum fresh and clean. Really recommend it!
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Life saver serum during iso

I was lucky enough to be picked to trial to product out and I found it help my skin out so much!!! Since I've been in iso and working from home, my skin has flared up much more as I am not outside as much and getting natural Vitamin D. My face, especially areas of my cheek & neck have been very irritated, and causes to flare up drastically with red patches & being itchy. For the first day I did a spot test to ensure my skin would take to this new product, let it sit on my wrist for a few hours; no flare ups. Then did a patch test on my cheek, no flare ups. Sure enough I had flare ups as soon as I woke up the next day just from being at home, so I thought to myself, try the serum you've got nothing to lose; skins already irritated. So with an irritated face, lets try this new serum and see if it does anything. I'm going to say within the next couple of minutes maybe 10 -15 minutes; I noticed the irritated redness on my cheeks very slowly calmed down but most important it bloody did the job and soothed my skin!!! The smell of the serum was non-existent which was awesome, because I am sensitive to smells/fragrances. This was another bonus to the serum. All in all this serum did exactly as advertised. Only down side is the price tag for the serum. I'd probably try and see if there are similar serum at a cheaper cost.
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Soothing and nourishing

This is a lovely fragrance free serum that feels soothing and hydrating on my very sensitive rosacea prone skin. It didn’t irritate my rosacea or cause a flare however there was no change in my blotchy red rosacea cheeks.
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Another fav by this brand

Having used their other products over many years, I was excited to get my hands on this new serum and it did not disappoint. I normally have sensitive skin that is prone to redness and itchiness, and this did not irritate my skin at all. Applied as the last step in my nightly skin routine, I find this serum doesn't leave my skin feeling tacky as other cult products do. It leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and healthy. I wake up and my skin doesn't feel dehydrated in the morning, and a lot goes a long way. Would recommend to other sensitive skinned gals out there.
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The dropper style made it easy for dispensing. I applied the serum after cleansing and it made my skin calmer and more hydrated. I didn't really see a visible reduction in redness but felt my skin was less sensitive/reactive. The serum has a weird chemical scent but otherwise a descent product by the brand.
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Hydrating, but didn't help with redness

A lovely, light serum that absorbs quickly and doesn't make me worry about being oily or breaking out. However I had hoped it would soothe and diminish the redness of some reddish psoriasis patches I occasionally get on my face and neck. Unfortunately it didn't make a difference to these patches but overall I did enjoy the hydration factor and the texture of the serum.
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So soothing and hydrating.

The La Roche-Posay Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo Serum is a really beautiful serum focused on calming down irritable skin. On the initial application it had a very slight tackiness however spread beautifully and balanced out my oily / dry combo skin once it dried. It felt really hydrating and soothing and I loved that there was no fragrance or alcohol and I could even use around the eye area. A lot of products irritate my eyes so it was nice to find something that meant I could apply makeup shortly after without it running off.
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Wow! This product worked wonders for my skin. I have always suffered with itchy red skin on my face. But after using this product for a few weeks I have noticed a massive difference. I will definitely be buying again.
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Fantastic and worthwhile

I absolutely loved this serum. It feels so nice on the skin, isn’t sticky and doesn’t leave any residue. I had tried a less expensive brand serum, and this doesn’t compare at all. I use it every morning and night, and my skin feels so smooth and flawless
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Not for me

I really wanted to love this product as it is promoted as targeting all the skin concerns which I am forever trying to combat. However, I just found that it made absolutely no difference to my redness or skin sensitivity, if anything, it irritated my skin further. It's quite an expensive product and I found that I was going through it quite quickly as you need quite a lot of product to cover the face and neck. Also I found that the dropper didn't pick up much product at all. I'm so glad that there are people which have found that this product works for their skin as its premise is amazing - it's just not a product for me.
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Hydrating and cool on the skin

This product was just what i needed and not something i already had as part of my usual facial routine. This product I applied straight after washing my face morning and evening, it was beautifully smooth and cooling on the skin, and dries quickly so you can apply moisturiser after. It only needed a few drops to spread across the face but i felt i could applied so much more as it felt so good on the skin. I have sensitive skin that can be quite reddish before make up and i really feel over the past 2-3 weeks of testing this product my skin cooled down in colour and felt super fresh and hydrated.
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Hydrating and calming

My skin is combination, prone to winter dryness and occasionally flares up to products - seems to be more sensitive with age! So this serum seemed perfect for me. I didn't mind the texture and my skin felt hydrated after I applied. It absorbed really quickly. I haven't noticed a big difference to redness but this may take some more time - and I didn't have any flare ups while I was testing it. Consistent use seems to be the key though! I loved how it was fragrance free but it did have an alcoholic-like strong smell which was a bit off putting. Other La Roche products have worked well for me so I'll keep using this one for a while longer before I decide whether to purchase again.
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Pleasantly surprised

As someone with sensitive skin and prone to skin redness, I was really keen to try the Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo serum out as it read that it was great for assisting the two. When I first started using this product, I immediately noticed it was soothing on the skin. Unlike some serums which leave you feeling like you've just lathered on a thin layer of oil (or is that just me?), Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo serum seemed to dry faster and absorb through the skin. The consistency was more 'sticky' than oily on the skin to begin with, but it wasn't problematic. I've now been using this serum for just under a month and I've noticed my skin is much more smoother and hydrated. Others had actually noticed a change in my skin before I did which has been a great confidence boost! I highly recommend this product - especially to those with dry sensitive skin and prone to redness.
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Hydrates and reduces redness

After trialing this serum for the past 3 weeks I have noticed that my skin feels more softer and the redness and hyperpigmentation has reduced significantly on my face. The serum itself is gel like with no strong scent. It takes a few minutes for the serum to be absorbed in my skin before I can apply my makeup in the morning. My skin texture has improved after trialing this product. My skin feels softer and looks more hydrated. I would recommend this product to anyone with sensitive looking to reduce redness, hyperpigmentation and improve skins hydration and texture