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Lancôme Advanced Genifique Sensitive is a facial serum formulated to treat sensitised skin. This soothing serum is enriched with probiotic functions that work to restore skin health and reduce the occurrence of ‘bad skin days,’ leaving the complexion refreshed and radiant. For best results, use the Advanced Genifique serum daily in the morning to revive and restore skin youthfulness, and the Advanced Genifique Sensitive at night when experiencing bad skin moments.

Having a bad skin moment? Soothe skin and treat temporary sensitivities like redness, dryness and irritation with this daily serum.
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Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive


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A Beautiful Serum

I always expect Lancome products to be excellent and I this lovely serum lives up to my expectations. I have incredibly sensitive skin that can react to many things, including fragrances and alcohol ingredients. My ageing skin is in good condition, thankfully through a Mother who was years ahead of her time who was mindful of sun protection years before it became fashionable and sensible. My skin is fairly normal with a very slightly oily T zone but if it reacts to a product it can be a nightmare. Serums are, in my opinion, one of the best beauty products to hit the shelves in recent years. I hate anything greasy or thick and this Lancome Sensitive ticks all the boxes for me. It feels beautiful, it is soothing and brightens my complexion. Above all I have had no irritation whatever in the several weeks I've used this. It is excellent alone or with makeup or before night cream. I am delighted with this beautiful Lancome product.
My skin type is dry combination, I tried this product in winter, and i loved it. Compare with Lancôme Advanced Génifique, I definitely would recommand this procut, because it's more hyrating(not sticky), it helps minimize pores, and the product absorb very quicky, also i love the smell.  
This special serum has pro-biotics in it which explains why Lancome have created it as a dual serum which gets mixed together by the buyer just before they use it for the first time.  By keeping the serums separate before use, the probiotics are kept as fresh as possible for the user.   It was easy to mix the two serums together and though I only had a deluxe sample of this, even the sample was well-designed and super simple to mix up together.   I want to purchase the full size of this now that I've been using this deluxe sample! This serum has a fresh and floral fragrance to it which I was surprised about at first because it's targetted at sensitive skin but then I discovered that this fragrance gives the skin a refreshing feel so it's not a heavy fragrance that keeps lingering on - it does tend to dissipate after a couple of minutes after application.  I don't have sensitive skin but I did find this formula to be both refreshing and soothing.  I woke up with skin that was deeply hydrated and balanced in the way it felt and looked.  My skin has an extra healthy appearance with this serum.  Though I can't evaluate the very long term effects of this as I have only been using a deluxe sample size and not the full size product, I can definitely say that the short term effects of this product are well worth the effort of putting it on!  I have been waking up to a firmer, stronger-feeling skin with more youthful bounce than what I really have.  I love the tightened and revived appearance of my skin in the morning from using it at night that I've started to use it both morning and night after cleansing.  My skin looked healthier and more youthful by the morning - even after the first night of use. Straight after using this serum I can notice it going to work to hydrate my skin and then I can feel it sink in properly within a couple of minutes.  It feels slightly tacky but then I put my moisturiser on over the top of it to seal it right in.  I have oily combination aging skin and this serum is not at all oily and I can easily use it on my skin and it makes my skin feel hydrated and not at all greasy or oily like some serums can.   I can put it all over my face, neck and eyes area too so I'm loving this sensitive formula.  Being able to put it on all over makes it really fast to apply.  My best tip would be to use a spritz of hydrating toner after applying this serum, which is what I like to do and then I apply my normal moisturiser to lock in all the goodness that this fantastic serum offers. 
this is the most divine serum that delivers outstanding results. well worth the money. Enriched with probiotics its perfect for sensitive skin like mine. This leaves my skin fresh, glowing, radiant and feeling hydrated, it gives a gorgeous youthful glow and skin feels super smooth after use with no greasy residue. I use this religiously every morning and night under moisturiser. it soothes, hydrates and minimises pores and fine lines. I cant live without it now because of its amazing results. I loved the handy dropper which delivers just the right amount of serum which sinks in immediately and glides on effortlessly. It is a little pricey but you dont need to use a lot for stunning results. i love the french lancome brand and this is another stellar performer. A product i will continue to buy and highly recommend
Skin care is an integral part of my beauty routine, as it is the first step in ensuring you have the best, smoothest, clearest blank canvas for makeup to be applied onto. Good makeup equals good skin, and having a twice daily regime of double cleansing, serum, moisturiser and a mask has given me the best skin of my life, especially since I still suffer from adult acne. My routine may seem fanatical and almost obsessive to some, but it was totally worth it, giving me the best base for my makeup and the freedom to go makeup free sometimes and the power and confidence it gives me. Serum, after cleanser and moisturiser, is the most vital product you could add to your regime, as it hydrates, treats different concerns like ageing, sun damage, redness and unevenness, and seems to make your moisturiser sink in and work better. The best serum I've used so far is from that iconic french brand, Lancome, and this new genefique for sensitive skin is my new MVP( most versatile product) in my streamlined routine. It's a little expensive at $109, but nothing like the price of other serums such as La Mer, $500 anyone? The original genefique is brilliant, but since I suffer from sensitive skin as well as adult acne, I need products that will treat the symptoms of that sensitivity, such as redness, tightness and unevenness, while being gentle, and this Lancome one sure ticks all those boxes for me and delivered me the best skin I've had lately, for a long time actually. I double cleansed, then while my skin was still slightly damp, which makes the product sink in better and hydrate better than on dry skin, I massaged in three drops and gave myself a thorough facial massage, then moisturised and I was done. Thee texture of this serum was beautiful, rich and creamy for a serum, it sank in beautifully and left me with a gorgeous, healthy glow and radiance that lasted all day long and made my makeup look even better than usual. A tiny bit goes a very long way, even when used twice a day every day, the packaging is so pretty, as most Lancome products are, and the benefits it has given my skin are huge and many. My skin is more smooth, even, radiant and protected, and so hydrated and clear. My moisturiser sinks in better, my makeup goes on and looks better, and best of all, I break out less and it didn't irritate my skin at all, so unlike other products that say they are suitable for sensitive skin type, this one actually delivers on that promise, plus does much, much more than you ever hoped for in  a skin care product. Looking after your skin with the right products is an important part of beauty, and with this serum, you will be looking and feeling beautiful, powerful and confident in a French chic way, before you know it and that is the beauty of being the beauty, makeup loving, skin care loving, girl that I am, thanks to products like this.
I loved the packaging and the little dropper and the way you have to break it apart when you first get it,. I have sensitive skin and this left my skin hydrated throughout the day. I also noticed my skin looking better each day I used this product, I intend to keep using this product and recommend tit to everyone.
I was so excited to use this product! However, after using it for about a month, I have to say I haven't noticed my skin being more radiant or fresher. The packaging is beautiful, with a luxurious feel to it. The way you mix the product after opening is interesting and very different to other skin care products. The product has a pleasant smell but fragrance can be an irritant so be careful if you have really sensitive skin. It also contains alcohol which is an irritant.  The texture of the serum is light and feels slightly tacky but it is absorbed quickly and doesn't leave an oily film in the skin. Despite the claims, I didn't find it particularly soothing and it did not change the appearances of fine line or elasticity of the skin. This is a pretty expensive product (especially considering you have to use it within 3 months as it contains some Vitamin C) and doesn't live up to its claims. There are better, more effective and cheaper options out there!
At first glance Lancome Advanced Genifique is quite dramatic and moody looking. The mixing of the product feels like the beginning of something new and exciting. I was pleased to see my skin more hydrated and plumper during the first few days of use. It also helped with sensitivity and I seemed to have had less irritations, especially during the cold winter days. I wasn't too fussed with the smell but was not expecting it to have one at all. I would recommend this product to anyone who has sensitive skin and feel that at this price point I was very happy with the results I saw.
When I got this I was already using original Lancôme Advanced Génifique for sometime and very happy with the product so when I got the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive since it's getting drier & colder day by day i was excited to try it! First I had to twist the cap and mix the blueish serum in the bottle it was pretty cool&interesting, the perfume of it did feel slightly strong but scent didnt stay that long so it was ok with me. I used 3 drops on the first day and it was little sticky after it's been absorbed so the next day used 2drops and it was very moisturizing and very soft after it's been absorbed. When I started trying this product I didn't have any skin problems just dryness and bit of rough skin because of the wind&colder weather after using it for more than 3weeks my skin is less dry and no irritation occured and the roughness is pretty much gone but I did notice 2 breakouts on my face on the 2nd day but on the 3rd day of use they were gone so i guess my skin needed some adjustment to do with new Génifique Sensitive. But i have no breakouts or irritations with the original Génifique. So finally if I compare the 2 products I would go back to the original Génifique for every day use and use Génifique Sensitive for winter season or when I need extra moisturizing effect when my skin feels tired or dry since it does make my skin extra moisturizing with Génifique Sensitive. And with the scent I don't recommend if you are sensitive with perfume. 
I loved using the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive! It made my skin feel super smooth. Since I work outside all year, I find it hard to find a product that makes my skin feel hydrated but the Lancôme Advanced Génifique Sensitive did! The only thing didn't like about it was the smell.
Great packaging, nice smelling, felt lovely to touch, felt nice once applied. Sadly, unlike some of the other reviewers, I can't say that I have noticed any visible improvement in my skin tone and clarity. I will keep using this past the review period to see if I notice any improvements but at the moment I haven't. However, I have been more stressed than usual during the trial period so, I am not sure if that may be the reason.
Wow, what a product! My skin is not as young and resilient as it once was It is quite dry and sensitive so I was very excited to try the Lancôme Advanced Genifique Sensitive serum.  The dark packaging is deluxe and the applicator to click and mix the two products into one self-loading dropper is easy to use. After cleansing, I used one dropper two thirds full nightly for 30 days which is a bit less than a full bottle, followed by moisturiser. The serum goes on beautifully and feels lovely on my skin.  I had no adverse reaction and it has a pleasant scent. Overall my skin was more radiant, slightly softer and definitely more hydrated after 30 days using this product.  I can't say all the results were dramatic, however I had previously noticed a small red patch of dry skin along my nose and after using Lancôme Advanced Genifique Sensitive serum for a week this completely disappeared.  So for that alone I would repurchase and would definitely try other Lancome skin care products to complement it.  I didn't see any change to fine lines unfortunately. It is a bit expensive for a monthly beauty regime buy but worth sacrificing a few coffees for!
During winter I usually struggle to keep my skin hydrated with all the heaters, hot showers etc. But since using this product, my skin has been feeling so soft and hydrated. It is very easy to apply. I love the packaging and the "drama" of mixing the two elements together before first use.
While I would love to shout its praises from the rooftop, I struggled to fall in love with Lancome Advanced Genefique Sensitive ... and it was a shock to the system. Suited to sensitive skin types, this product is designed to hydrate skin, even skin's appearance and reduce sensitivity. I have sensitive and dehydrated skin which literally sucks up moisturiser, however in the 3 weeks I used Lancome Advanced Genefique Sensitive, my skin felt drier and the even appearance promised did not eventuate. The liquid gel formula really did absorb into my skin quickly... but left a slightly sticky finish on my skin and I experienced that tight skin feeling that many of us get after a shower. The pink / redness on my sensitive cheeks remained for the whole 3 weeks that i trialled this product and I was left disappointed as Lancome skincare is usually effective, gentle on skin and beautiful to use. I was really surprised by the strong scent which I found to be really off-putting. This product was created for sensitive skin ... so why do we need a chemical bouquet of flowers lingering on our skin? There are a few key issues which need to be addressed before I would decide to purchase Lancome Advanced Genefique Sensitive in future. I would be interested in seeing other consumer reviews for this product over time.
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Replying to From Lancôme: Thank you for taking the time to share your experience using Advanced Genifique Sensitive. We are sorry to hear that you haven’t loved the product as much as we do. The new Genifique Sensitive is designed to address the symptoms of temporary states of sensitivity or ‘bad skin days’. In instances where you feel that maybe it’s a bit more of an ongoing state for your skin we do recommend following the advice of a healthcare professional.
This has been my saviour as a new mum. Sleepless nights, stress, dehydration.. it was all happening! After using this morning and night I could immediately see a difference in the texture of my skin. The dry patches and skin irritations I was experiencing calmed down and with continued use, I've noticed my skin glowing again. I love the light feel of this on the skin and how quickly it absorbs. The smell is light and exactly what I want in a serum. Lancome has always been a winner with skincare and this is a great addition to their range. It's taken a prime spot in my skincare routine. Love!
I have to say that I have mixed feelings about the Lancôme advanced Genifique Sensitive serum. The product feels really nice on the skin, which instantly feels soothed. But after about more than a month of application, I can't really see any major improvement of my highly sensitive skin... it might be just not working for me I'd still recommend to give a try.
This silky smooth serum melts into your skin leaving it feeling hydrated, refreshed and fortified against environmental stressors. Day by day the skin is less irritable, itchy and less dehydrated. Perfect for those with big events coming up or as a treatment every 2-3 months to improve the skin's integrity.
Firstly the packaging for the Advanced Genifique sensitive is stunning, loved the dropper bottle with the blue colour of the serum showing.  I've been using the serum for a month now. Before  including this in my skincare routine my skin was red, irritated and dull. I've been struggling recently with allergies and it was showing on my skin. Over the last 30 days my skin has become more even in tone, the redness is nearly all gone, and the irritation has stopped. My skin is so much brighter and more hydrated. Can't believe how quickly my skin has settled down. I'd recommend the Genifique sensitive to anyone with skin issues. I plan on purchasing a new bottle as soon as this one is finished.
Miracle worker I love love love this serum. Best I've ever used and I've tried almost everything. Your skin plumps up after a few days of use morning and night, I highly recommend this serum. Smells nice too. Packaging nice, I really liked that ithe serum was not activated until you mixed  the serum. I've tried lots of other skin care serums and this product delivers the best results, I've found for sensitive skin. I will definitely buy this product and I will try other Lancôme skin care. I will also recommend to my friends with sensitive skin.  A bit pricey but well worth every dollar. 
This serum is aimed for women with sensitive skin. I occasionally go through periods of having sore, rashy patches of skin and not particularly sure what causes this. I thought this serum would be great for addressing these. Upon first application, there's a showy little blue serum you add to the mix making it all very theatrical. I loved it! The serum comes in dropper glass packaging making it easy to dispense the exact amount.  The serum itself is thin in consistency and absorbs easily into the skin. It needs to be shaken in the bottle before dispensing to ensure the blue serum added initially is evenly distributed in the mix. It so happens that I have used this product for a few weeks now and in that short period, have had 2 quite significant periods of bad skin where my entire face had broken out with spots/pimples making it feel sore and uncomfortable. Having never experienced this before, I had no idea what caused it. I used this serum morning and night and found that the first round, the serum helped to soothe my angry skin and keep it well moisturised. The second time round, my skin seems to be a bit more harder to calm but this serum continues to soothe and moisturise. I have enjoyed using this serum as it's helped during times when it has been sensitive but has also helped to keep it well moisturised and evened out my skin tone.