Lancôme Tonique Confort

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Lancôme Tonique Confort is a silky-soft moisturising lotion with a formula specially adapted to the needs of dry skin. It gently tones and immediately rehydrates the skin while eliminating any impurities, leaving skin clean, soft and comforted. 


Lancôme Tonique Confort


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Lancôme Tonique Confort is unlike any toner that I have ever tried before; it hydrates my skin and doesn’t strip the natural oils like some other toners will. It is velvety smooth and it has a light serum feel to it, which makes it perfect for winter.  It soothes and rehydrates after cleansing and a little bit goes a long way. Beautiful moisturising toner that leaves my face-feeling baby soft and smelling like soft pretty roses, love it! Pros: Doesn’t sting Smells heavenly! Hydrating  Cons: It’s expensive but worth it. I would recommend this toner to anyone that has dry sensitive skin ☺ 
This has been my first love toner. I lIke the consistency and it's comforting hydrating quality. I apply with a cotton pad after cleansing as a second step in my skin care. It has a subtle pleasant aroma. The formula is non irritant, non drying and is very hydrating. Suitable for all skin types but dry to normal would appreciate more.
I love this toner so much that I have used up 2 bottles and stopped using because I wanted to try other toners in the market. This toner has a serum like texture that feels gentle on skin and absorbs onto the skin instantly leaving the skin looking fresh and hydrated. The lotion has a gentle rose scent which I enjoy. Love this product and highly recommend to anyone.
This is a truly decadent toner that is unlike any I have tried before in that it is milky and soft rather than clear and slightly acidic. I love Lancôme products, such high quality, this French brand delivers gorgeous results in every product I have tried. This tony is so luxurious and soft, it does not strip my face of oils so is non drying and gentle. So easy to use, I just pour some on a cotton pad and it removes all traces of makeup dirt and grime my cleanser leaves behind and leaves my skin fresh clean and smooth with an appearance that is visibly brighter. I adore the beautiful rose scent of this product and the attractive pink bottle, so feminine and pretty, it feels luxurious, like a nice treat, I absolutely love this and would highly recommend it for gorgeous looking and feeling skin
This toner is not like others, it is not watery. The texture reminds me of an emulsion/serum. It does say it's formulated for dry skin but it works wonders on my combination (oily/normal) skin. It is rose scented and baby pink in colour. I usually apply some onto a cotton pad and wipe in an outward motion on my face and neck. It spreads easily so not much product is needed. Instantly, it gives my face a refreshing feeling and skin feels plump and hydrated. It does not make my skin oily whatsoever. Great step before applying my serum. I personally think that it's great for dehydrated skin, not just dry. There's a difference ladies and gents. This is a great toner for all year round but I prefer to use a watery toner in summer. I will be repurchasing. Pros  -nice rose scent -easy to apply and dispense -nice packaging -available online, chemists and in department stores -instantly refreshed -smooth result No cons for me. I would recommend this for all age groups requiring hydrated skin boost.
A beautiful toner, really different to what I am used to.  It has a really nice scent, is slightly thicker than normal but left my skin soft and clear and ready for moisturiser.  I use those round cotton pads and pour some toner on them.  I found because the toner was quite thick it would sit on top of the cotton pad rather than soak in so I was able to apply it to my face using less than I would of a thinner toner.  It does apply really well, and soaks into the skin quickly.  My only issue is the price! While I did take longer than I normally would have to finish the product it is a bit pricey.
Lancome Tonique Confort is a luxurious milky, creamy liquid that looks less like a toner and more of a thick cleansing milk. It has a subtle rose scent which I love (as I tend to prefer scented products). My skin is oily/combination but during the winter months it can become dry so I like to have this handy.  I pour a bit of the toner on a cotton ball and focus on areas that tend to get very dry including my cheeks and forehead. It also removes any traces of makeup my cleanser might have missed.  It really soothes and comforts, giving it much needed moisture that my skin just seems to soak up.  My skin definitely feels softer after using.  I notice that my dry, flaky skin looks a lot more smooth.  It's definitely suited for those with dry skin and looking for a toner that will provide an adequate amount of moisture!