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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Radiance Re-Activating Serum

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L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Radiance Re-Activating Serum is a strengthening serum, which works to repair sagging and fragile skin. The formula is designed for very mature skin and is enriched with calcium and Rosy Micro-Pearls to leave the complexion hydrated and radiant.


L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Radiance Re-Activating Serum


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I’ve been using this serum for about 2 months now. I like to use it as part of my evening beauty regimen, rather than using it in the morning, as I have T-Zone issues. I have seen a big reduction of fine lines and the texture of my skin is clear, bright, smooth and even. To apply I put it on the back my hand (I rub the residue over both my hands) now my hands appear smooth and less wrinkled too! Works better than any hand cream I’ve ever used! Highly recommend this product!
The L’Oréal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Serum has become an essential part of my beauty regime.  I apply the serum to my face and neck after my shower each morning while my skin is still warm, allowing the serum to soak into my skin before I apply my moisturiser.  This serum is a very light fluid and it simply glides over my skin leaving a healthy glow.  The serum is not at all sticky like some serums can be and it absorbs quickly.  The tiny hole in the top of the bottle allows for great control in dispensing the serum so there is no wastage, and this serum goes such a long way because only a few drops are required.  I’ve been using the serum in conjunction with the L’Oreal Paris Age Perfect Golden Age Day Cream and I can definitely say my skin is looking radiant and glowing. 
The essential serum for ageing skin. As Ive aged I consider a serum to be part of my skincare regime. I love L'Oreal and their range of products aimed at mature skins is a blessing. They are not expensive, beautifully packaged and give a great result while making you feel valued. The spokesperson/model is Jane Fonda who is the perfect person to advocate being beautiful at any age. The bottle is tactile and its easy to dispense the correct amount of serum for each application. I like to press serum onto my face and feel it soak in to where its needed. The serum itself actually feels firming not moisturising so theres no greasy shiny look that you get with some products, I felt a tightening effect which I also did with the other products in the range. The other thing I noticed was a lovely sheen, natural and fresh and peachey. I had no irritation although I have sensitive skin and the scent disappeared quickly. I recommend this product to anyone over 40 who wants more than just moisture.
I was very impressed with this serum, very easy to apply and a little goes a long way. I found a definite tightening effect after a few minutes and once it had dried it left a nice healthy glow to my skin. I would definitely recommend.
I love this product. I applied it to the ba k of my hand then applied it onto my face, which spread so easily and left my skin feeling supple. In use with the Rosy day cream have a wonderful foundation before applying make-up.
Have only been using for a week and the jury's still out Have used other serums and they can be a little oily especially in my " T" zone.It's not the case with this serum.Took a couple of goes to get the application right. Soft fingertip patting worked best for me.Need to let it dry for a minute or two then apply Age Perfect Golden Age Day moisturiser to get best results
On application the serum  felt a little sticky and my skin felt a bit tight but this disappeared after a couple of minutes and left my face with a lovely luminous glow. After 2+ weeks of use my skin seems to  appear a little firmer and smoother in texture. It has a pleasant fragrance and  is easy to apply. It  is just  as effective(or more so than some) as some much more expensive serums. I will definitely keep using this product.
Loved this product and how it felt. Not oily or greasy. My skin felt wonderful after applying the day cream. The only fault would be that I would prefer a pump type dispenser for this serum.
I love this serum for every day use. It's light on the skin and worked well under makeup in the tropics. It's my must have product for daily use. Would be easier to use if the bottle had a pump pack .. ensures the right amount dispensed and no waste.
Love this product.  Leaves your skin soft and smells lovely. You are simply glowing after use.would definitely buy this product.
Product feels fresh to apply with no stickiness.  Skin feels nice after application.
Great product , love the way my skin feels.
Loved the look of the serum.  Once again I can't find fault with it.  I applied it both with fingers and cotton swab.  Worked well both ways and made my skin look and feel good.  Easy to apply and comfortable fell on the skin.  Will use this product again as well.
This is a glorious serum. I've used more serums than I can remember, only one before this lived up to expectations and I had doubts I'd ever change from the one I found. This is as good as the one I love. The packaging is perfect. The concept brilliant. The ease of use fantastic and the way my skin feels after application is lovely - soft, smooth, moisturised and ready for the next steps. I love the way there is so much information on the box including a complete ingredient listing. The information explains exactly who the product is targeted for, how to use it and what to expect. The texture is explained perfectly on the box - "Fresh Essence in a serum." I agree completely with the claim that "day after day the skin texture looks improved and refined." The fragrance is subtle without any hint of being overpowering. The beautifully designed dropper means that minute amounts of product can be "poured" from the bottle so you will never need to waste any product. The bottle itself is easy to hold and use. I found the new concept of calcium with rosy micro-pearls to be as interesting as it was fascinating. It is rare that a company has targeted this wonderful "Golden Age" for women to bring complimentary products to the masses at an affordable price. I am thrilled to have been part of this trial and thank Beauty Crew and L'Oréal Paris sincerely. This is a product that will have a treasured place in my skincare regime.
This serum eventually left my skin feeling soft and very refreshed.  I dislike how it initially it fells really sticky and takes two or three minutes to soak in.  Think the soft packaging is a smart idea and far safer.  I quite liked the soft scent. Overall I feel the results outweigh the initial stickiness, so will continue to use it.
This serum is beautifully packaged and easy to handle. It is very easy to apply, the consistency allows droplets to dispense onto fingertips. It is not sticky and has a very pretty fragrance. It smooths over the skin like a lovely wake up drink. I love this product and will continue to use it daily. The price range is very reasonable and I will recommend it to friends.
I liked this product as I always use a serum or oil. I di like the smell and didn't find it overpowering. However I had to use more than the few drops recommended about twice as much, it soaks in quickly.
Loved, loved, loved it. My skin feels so soft and has a fantastic healthy glow. Thoroughly recommend it. Don't recall ever giving a 5 star rating to a product before.
I really like this product, and my skin looks frsh after using it,feels nice on The skin,works well wth the other two products,
This product is exactly what I have been looking for. It is non greasy leaves my skin soft and is easy to apply. Love the non glass bottle and it does actually leave a pink glow to skin. in the short time I have used it I have definitely seen a difference in my skin tone . Love it !