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MAC Lipstick is a creamy, long-lasting and richly pigmented lipstick that works to keep lips hydrated throughout the day. The lipstick has a one-swipe intense colour payoff that won’t feather. The lipstick is available in seven finishes: Lustre, Matte, Retro Matte, Amplified Crème, Cremesheen, Frost and Satin.

Available in 100+ shades.

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MAC Lipstick


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Creamy and dreamy

I have quite a few shades of MAC Lipsticks but my absolute favourite shade is 804 Cherish which is a darker nude colour. I love them because they are so creamy and apply so smoothly. I find that they also last quite a while on the lips with minimal touch ups. Once applied these Lipsticks are not sticky or tacky. The just have the most comfortable creamy feeling ever. Sometimes I like to add a gloss on top of these Lipsticks. If you haven't tried a MAC Lipstick before you really need to. They are the best!

MAC me up

I love MAC lipsticks, the colour is super pigmented and quite long lasting. My very first colour was the Velvet Teddy which is a nude colour. I love how it goes with every outfit and makeup style I use. It comes in a black cardboard box and inside is a black swivel lipstick. The lid pops up very nicely and you turn the bottom to push it up. It glides on very nicely especially around my cupids bow. I rarely use it with lipliner, it lasts long enough for me. The only downside with its simple black packaging is that once you have built a collection of MAC lipsticks , the only way to tell which colour is which is the number and name of it on the base of the product.

The best lipsticks are MAC lipsticks!

My go to shade of MAC Lipsticks is Spirit. It the most beautiful colour of nude/pink. These lipsticks are super hydrating and not sticky. They last on the skin for a long time and don't need to be reapplied that often. They don't have a scent or taste which is always good and quite often they are on sale too. These MAC lipsticks also have vitamin E in them so that your lips don't dry out and stay hydrated. Tips: Apply a lip liner before the lipstick as the lipstick will last a lot longer on the lips this way.

MAC lipsticks

I just adore my MAC lipsticks I have purchased many shades over the last 10-15 years and it is always a brand I will go to first for a lipstick as it felts so nice and quite nourishing on the lips very long lasting and don’t need to re apply often and once on you don’t notice it is there. I first started purchasing them when I would get my makeup done in store and would always redeem the lipstick they used from then on I never went back. My absolute favourite shade ever is velvet teddy I always have this one on hand.

Iconic Lipstick

You can never go wrong with a MAC lipstick! I love that they come in different finishes, and that they have a HUGE range of shades - definitely spoilt for choice! My longtime favourite is the shade Brave - a beautiful pink that is a perfect 'my lips but better' shade. It is so creamy to put on and so pigmented, a little goes a long way. Once it is on, it is a very comfortable feel and is very long lasting. I can eat and drink through many meals before I feel I need to touch up. MAC is beautiful for both a beginner makeup lover and an experienced artist. You can't go wrong with any of their lipsticks.

Holy grail

I think this lipstick is a holy grail product for a reason. So many shades to choose from, with colours and undertones to suit EVERYONE! My go to shade is Twig! It has a long wear, smudge resistant, matt finish. I find I only need to reapply after eating or after multiple drinks (unless using a straw). I wouldn’t say it is hydrating but it isn’t dehydrating either. Other Matt finish lipsticks can be super dehydrating so this is a huge win for MAC. Also the packaging is fantastic. I found one (shade Impassioned) rolling around in the bottom of my handbag for months and the kid was still perfectly in tact!

Something for everyone

I think it's safe to say that MAC lipstick is iconic. The packaging is simple and chic, and it really is the perfect size. My favourite finishes for everyday are cremesheen, lustre and amplified. They have a mild vanilla scent, which is pleasant on the lips, but something to keep in mind if you're sensitive to fragrance. If you want a bold lip you can't go past the matte and retromatte shades, particularly Rubywoo. On a day to day basis I wear either Cosmo (amplified) or Patisserie (Lustre), which are My Lips But Better shades. There's a shade and finish for everyone's taste and every occasion. The price is reasonable given that MAC is considered high end. And they have a great program where you can take in six empties and receive a new full-size lipstick.


I've been a long-time user a MAC lipsticks but have never gotten around to writing a review on them. I recently rediscovered the cult colour Velvet Teddy which reminded me just how much I love MAC lipsticks. They are one of the few that don't dry out my lips, sink into my lip lines or cause them to flake. Velvet Teddy is my nude but better lip colour, I have warm toned skin and this shade show up as a warm nude brown with a romantic hint of pink that livens things up a bit. It works better for me when I am paler, as its summer and I'm getting darker, it's a little too light for me, but it's a great shade for my winter skin. This is one of the few moisturising matte lipsticks that feels light on the lips. It also has good staying power, but a lipliner is definately needed to keep it looking on point.
What not to like. Finally price went down as in Australia MAC products were overpriced comparing to overseas. Now lippies are 30aud, not 36. Depending on the colour and the finish, but most lippies I found have similar wear, colour pay off and they are not drying on the lips (except one in red matte....and I avoid not matte lip products in general). Colour range is insane. And there is shade for every skin tone and preference. Love that they are creamy and comfortable to wear (except matte version for my lips). My faves are satin ones. When I eat I always take the lipstick off (any lip product...always. Do not like the fact of eating lipsticks with my food. Kinda not healthy). But when just wearing them, they last me as any lipstick would, few hours until I eat again and take it off. The ones I have pigmentation is full on, so bolder colours I tend to blot off.
I love MAC lipsticks, they are my go to for lipsticks. They are so nice and creamy.. they apply really well and are long lasting. I find they don't dry out my lips too much like some other lipsticks do. MAC have such a wide range of colours of lipsticks to choose from too. LOVE LOVE LOVE !
I've been using MAC lipsticks for years and have always found them to be very reliable lipsticks to wear for parties etc. My personal favourites include MAC Russian Red and MAC Diva, a colour I love so much that I actually had a fountain pen ink commissioned to match the shade perfectly. The recent price drop that MAC implemented for the Australian market also puts the price at almost equal what people in the USA will pay after tax so it's a pretty good time to go and buy some new lipsticks.
Mac lipsticks are just classic- I don't use anything else but mac. They are at a high price point but if you save 6 containers you can return them and get one for free. Pigment In these nothing compares and the colour selection  is so amazing for people of all skin types.
Some lipstick formulas make my lips feel so dehydrated that I remove the lipstick. I’m not referring to the texture of a matte lipstick, but how some lipsticks have an astringent quality. MAC’s lipsticks in their lustre, frost and satin finishes sometimes make my lips feel dehydrated, but their lipsticks in other finishes feel comfortable for me to wear. All of the lipsticks that I’ve tried from the brand have had good longevity, but some shades last longer than others. Sometimes pale lipstick shades from other brands do not show up well on my lips, but MAC’s pale lipstick shades have excellent colour payoff.  
I am always concerned that matte lipsticks are going to be drying but MAC Velvet teddy is the most hydrating matte formulas that I have tried. The texture is smooth, creamy and long lasting (even when there is eating and drinking involved!). I have fair skin and it is a pinky brown beige on me which warms up as I wear it.  I would recommend this MAC lipstick to anyone that doesn’t have really dry lips.  
MAC lipsticks are an iconic product. I own a few shades, two of which I wore on my wedding day. I prefer the creamy formulas however I must say I was impressed with the comfort and wear of Ruby Woo which is a matte finish. They're fairly priced and I really like the simple packaging. This is a product that I will continue to add to my makeup collection.
I recently got myself an Iconic MAC shade that is Ruby woo. It's the most flattering red on my medium fair skin tone and I love the formula. It applies smoothly and I cant be more happy with my first ever MAC purchase. I am looking forward to add more to my collection.
Absolute classic. You can't go wrong with MAC lipsticks. Great colour range, excellent formula. With a number of different formulas to choose from, there's a formula for everyone. I personally enjoy matte and satin.  Honestly, if you have not yet discovered MAC lipsticks, are you even into beauty? 
If you haven't got a MAC lippy in your life,hand in your Beauty Crew badge NOW. With every beauty addict in the world having at least one (i am looking at 10 and counting),it is guaranteed that even if you don't own one,the girl standing next to you now will have...and for good reason. MAC is the "Go To" for lipsticks,and has been for years due to a few reasons,but mostly due to the fact that they have so many "Pros" outweighing any "Cons" that it only natural they have a huge,almost "cult like" following.Now,if you ARE a MAC newby,here's why they are great: The formulas:With a formula for any lip finish you can dream of (Lustre, Matte, Retro Matte, Amplified Crème, Cremesheen, Frost and Satin),and a wearability that is second to none,how can you possibly look any further. The shade selection:I don't know how many shades MAC does in lips,but i hazard a guess of at least 100 (with more always coming).If you don't find at least one you love,then you aren't looking.Several of them have reached cult status,and more than a few famous beauties have helped make these shades get there,and lastly, The "Giving back" aspect:MAC Viva lipsticks have been raising funds for charity for years,and continues to do buying a lippy can be not just guilt free,but downright wonderful. The lipsticks themselves have to be good to wear though,and all the formulas are:they feel comfortable,they wear for hours (don't get me started on those retro mattes),they stay colour true AND they actually suit any age group (again,those mattes).At a certain age,our lips get little lines that have lippy bleed into them something shocking,but MAC seem to have found a way to alleviate that,and mattes seem to make those same lips look older and "cracked"....with a little care,and a good base,even the most full on of the mattes from MAC will look amazing (Oh,and they actually delight other senses as well,by taking care of the taste....very pleasant,the smell....slightly vaniilla-esque,and the sight....those hues and that instantly recognisable,rounded off top with a silver inner tube and black lettering,and,at times,variations that come in colour matching tubes.And the real kicker ? ONE pass over the lips with the bullet and you have full colour payoff.....that lasts ) I love the shades "Velvet Teddy" (a perfect warm,caramel nude),the iconic "Ruby Woo" (a true warm,ruby hued red) and the under the radar,90's flashback shade "Paramount" (a terracotta brick shade that warms up a winter face and goes with the burnt rust hues of autumn),but you will find your "must have" shades soon enough with all the selections out there.But what of the cost ? OK,they aren't the cheapest lipsticks out there,BUT they by far aren't the most exxy (i mean,if you can pay $17 for some supermarket stuff,surely a few $ more for this is worth it ?),and as i said,the colour payoff and the shades alone are worth one a month as a "treat to self".Simply put...these are a must try. TIP:Mix colours AND formulas to get a bespoke hue that you will love.
Since it was national lipstick day this week, I thought it would be perfect to do a little review on my favourite lipsticks of all from one of my favourite makeup brands, MAC, the makeup artist brand that has created some of the best and most beautiful products I’ve ever used, including their iconic lipsticks. I love makeup, not just because it gives me a boost of confidence no matter how I’m feeling but because it really makes me feel like myself in a way that nothing else ever has. Talking, breathing, dreaming, writing, living, it all comes down to beauty and makeup for me every day of my life. I’ve only recently become a lipstick wearer, and the best I’ve ever used so far, besides Charlotte Tilbury, is Mac. So far I’ve got the shades Mehr, Velvet Teddy and Ruby Woo, two perfect pinky nudes and the best red I’ve ever seen and worn. Mac are so very good at coming up with fun and quirky names and their colour range is truly outstanding, something for everyone out there I can guarantee. I prep my lips with paw paw ointment for smooth, a flake free surface, then apply either straight from the tube or with a brush or my finger, it applies beautifully and effortlessly no matter what technique you use. In a couple of minutes I have beautifully colourful lips, and I have that extra touch of confidence that helps me face whatever the day throws at me. It lasts all day, with hardly any need for touching up even after eating or drinking and it removes like a breeze with my trusty face halo. I’ve only got three shades so far but I still have the perfect every day nude or red, to go with any makeup look, day or night, casual or dressy, rain or shine. And they smell heavenly like vanilla, making them even more perfect in my eyes. Some people collect paintings, stamps or cars, me, I collect Mac lipsticks, hopefully in every shade of the rainbow.
I have been a long time MAC fan and this lipstick is always a winner.  It's creamy, easy to apply and has a great scent.  I have nudes and and more vampy shades but they all wear really well.  The colour range is huge and there is something for everyone.  I have even converted my Mum who likes to layer 3 different colours.