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Mavala Switzerland Chronobiological Day Serum

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Mavala Switzerland Chronobiological Day Serum is an evanescent-textured serum that visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. It contains chronopeptides to stimulate the skin’s protective potential, and alpine rose stem cells, which have anti-ageing properties. Organic silicium and antioxidants provide the skin with protection from environmental stressors, while hydrating skin and diminishing wrinkles. This product is free from parabens and fragrances, and is dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested.


Mavala Switzerland Chronobiological Day Serum


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This Lotion (Serum) is so light yet effective and does really seem to work, the fact that You do not have to use so much to get an almost immediate reduction of Lines and Wrinkles and You can feel the penetration of the Serum, and yes it does cool down Your Skin leaving it soft and nourished ! Really I cannot live without Mavala Products particularly this Anti-Age Pro Serum !
I have been using Mavala Anti-Age Pro Day Serum (Chronobiological Day Serum) for just over a week now, I just had to share how amazing this product is. The serum glides on beautifully - a small amount goes a long way. I initially tested the serum on one side of my face only, to determine the difference and the serum leaves a beautiful cooling feel on my skin, it actually feels cool to touch as well as cooling my face, and my skin remains soft to the touch significantly noticeable to the other side of my face. Having used Mavala nail products for 40 years, I will definitely try other Mavala Skin Solutions products. 55 y.o. female - skin concerns ... dry, aging skin, redness & flushing