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Natural Instinct Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil

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Natural Instinct Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil is a certified organic facial oil that works to continuously hydrate the skin and promote skin elasticity whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, revealing firm and healthy looking skin.


Clean & natural credentials: Contains significant amount of active naturals, free from synthetic irritants, cruelty-free, recyclable packaging, vegan-friendly face and body care range, grey water safe.


Natural Instinct Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil


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This is one of my favourite rosehip souls. The reason is I leaves my skin so silky without any nasty oily feeling. At under $20.00 its great value for money and lasts well as I only need a few drops for great results. It’s easy to use, glides beautifully over skin and sinks in immediately. I would recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin as it contains no chemicals and is all natural. I particularly love that it’s not tested on animals and being Australian made is a great thing. Natural instinct is organic so it makes me fell great knowing I’m putting goodness back into my skin and it really visibly reduces my fine lines and leaves my skin looking smoother, more radiant and youthful and feeling smooth and supple. This is an awesome facial oil that I highly recommend.
I feel a litte bit crazy reading all the previous reviews thinking am I really the only one that thought this smelt like off fruit??!!  I didn't like the texture of this serum on my face - felt like it didn't absorb but more felt like my skin was a bit dirty and sticky after. I haven't had this problem with serums before, my skin is dry so products are usually absorbed straight away! PROS cruelty free brand australian brand  CONS smelt like off fruit to me didn't like the texture on my face would i repurchase? no...i regifted to a sibling with slight guilt haha
I recently tried several of the natural instincts products and although I wanted to love the products as the company is Australian, cruelty free, and use natural ingredients, unfortunately that was not the case. After only a few days using this product my skin began breaking out in MASSIVE hormonal pimples. I generally get one or two around my period, but this was another level. I felt like every day I would wake up to a new pimple. I was told by the company to persevere as my skin was 'purging', so I pushed on for several months. I started using it every other day, then every third day, then once a week. The less I used it the fewer pimples I was getting, but they were definitely still there. I have now stopped using the rosehip oil, and my skin is slowly starting to return to normal. However I am now left with really bad discolouration all over my face from the aftermath of the huge hormonal pimples. I'm pretty devastated and find myself not wanting to leave the house from the embarrassment of it, but you live and you learn I guess. I have continued to use the natural instinct moisturiser with no issues, as I really like how my makeup sits over the top of it. I also rotate the oil cleanser in/out my skincare routine without any issues with breakouts, irritation etc. But in regards to the rosehip oil, I regret ever putting it anywhere near my skin. I have researched it and there seems to be a lot of issues with rosehip oil increasing hormonal acne. So if you are prone to acne, or have super oily skin, I would AVOID THIS PRODUCT or at least introduce it to your skincare routine slowly, and watch for signs of incompatibility.
I am so glad l read about and now have tried Natural Instinct Rosehip Oil.  It leaves my face feeling soft and hydrated.  I'm a mature aged lady and my skin doesn't always appear youthful, but since using this fabulous oil l have had numerous comments on my appearance.  A couple of drops massaged on my face every evening certainly has assisted with my glow.  I would certainly recommend this product to my daughter and friends.
I love Natural Instinct Rejuvenating Rosehip oil!! I love how it feels on my skin, the glow it gives me. I always get comments of how I look like I have a tan, or that I am radiating! You only need a few drops, and covers my whole face. I don't feel like I need to apply it everyday, as it feels like it nourishes my skin and makes me feel rejuvenated! At first I couldn't believe that such a small bottle could be so full of nourishment for my skin, but it really does pack a nourishing punch! Pro's - nourishes the skin, makes you look radiant, and you only need a small amount Con's - can be easy to apply a little too much, and may need to blot some off, if your skin is looking a little oily. I would recommend this to anyone who's skin needs a nourishing "pick me up". Also great for busy women who sometimes don't have time to to stick to a strict beauty regime. Two to three times per week is all that is really required.    
Natural Instinct Rejuvenating Rosehip oil comes in your standard rosehip oil packaging- glass bottle with dropper making the oil easy and hygienic to dispense. The actual oil is yellow in colour and promises "continuously hydrate the skin and promote skin elasticity whilst smoothing fine lines and wrinkles, revealing firm and healthy looking skin". My skin fluctuates between normal, dry and a combination of these. I have some fine lines around my mouth and tend to layer serums, oils and moisturisers. For this trial, I limited my skincare regime to this rosehip oil and a moisturiser used both mornings and nights to see if I could notice a difference. I found 3 drops nicely covered my face and neck but used 4 drops to cover my decolletage and hands as well. It has no smell and feels like a light oil. It sits obviously on the skin once applied but absorbs surprisingly quickly and leaves the skin nicely moisturised and light but felt it needed to be followed up with a cream moisturiser as my skin felt dry a period of about 10 minutes. The combination of rosehip oil and moisturiser was effective and kept my skin well moisturised and I helped with the texture and tone of my skin. It helped moisturise the dry patches of skin on my face and was particularly effective on doing so after exfoliation.
I have been using the oil on my face of a night. I have found that I have needed to use about 4 drops. The dropper makes it really easy to use the product. It has definitely made my skin feel more hydrated and smooth but I have found it has been leaving me with slightly clogged looking pores. I figure that maybe this is just because of my skin type. Because of this I don't think I would purchase this product again for myself but would recommend people give it a go and see whether it works for their skin type.  Also, personally I was not a big fan of the smell of the oil. 
I found this product absorbed well into the skin and left my face feeling more hydrated.  I have used quite a few rosehip oils before and I wouldn't say this one was amazing in comparison to alternate brands, but it certainly wasn't worse either - it's a quality rosehip oil.  I feel like some minor scaring and pigmentation has faded, which is a lovely side effect.
I am so glad I got to trial this as I love rosehip oils but have only been able to use previous ones at night time as they are too oily for day time use. This one was different. It is perfect for day and under makeup! It is super lightweight and absorbs easily with no residue left behind. The scent is very natural and quite subtle and it is quite pale in color. My skin can be quite oily and this worked well with it. This also has seabuckthorn and rosemary added which are amazing anti aging and free radical fighting ingredients.  Great for sensitive and acne prone skin. It is so lightweight,  yet hydrating.  I will definitely purchase again in future. 
This product was very pleasant smelling and easy to use. I used a few drops on a clean face and it absorbed well. I will definitely look out for this product again when I am ready to repurchase!
I've heard in the past from friends about the benefits of Rosehip oil so I was curious to see how Natural Instinct's product stacked up. I was pleasantly surprised with the hydration it provided to my skin. After using it for a couple of weeks there was a noticeable difference in my skin- and I had a few comments on how radiant my skin was. I would definitely recommend this product.
I am so happy to try this product I love it and will keep on using it. I have dry skin with also stress breakouts with scarring, in the sort time i have used it as directed on the box twice a day I find my skin doesn't feel oily like i was worried it feels health and i have noticed a change with my scars from acne hasn't gone away but feels like it has lightened and over time would only get better. I also have a recent scare from sports injury and the oil has significantly helped heal my scar i am already recommending this product to others. Comes very well packaged and it has a little dropper that is easy to use.
I have been using 100% rosehip oil for years so was interestedto see how this measured up being a blend. The texture was light and the smell wasnot overpowering. The bottle with dropper made it so easy to dispense the requiredamount. I have combination skin and found this worked brilliantly fordry areas without causing breakouts on my T zone. I used 1 – 2 drops morningand night it absorbed easily without leaving my skin feeling greasy. If my skinwas feeling really dry ( especially with Melbourne’s windy weather)  I used 8-10 drops and let it soak for 5 mins asquick moisture boost prior to cleansing.  I even blended a drop into my foundation fordewy glow.  I would definitelyrecommend this to anyone especially if they have not tried facial oil before
I have normal to dry skin but normally when it's windy or autum/winter comes I feel mostly dry. When I got this rosehip oil I was surprised with its smell, it was light and relaxing I immediately loved how it was comforting because I don't use products that smells strong or overpowering. Since the season is between spring/early summer I used 2drops/3drops of rosehip oil with qv cream or lotion at night, I mix it on my palm and put it on my skin with bit of massaging and it felt very smooth and moisturizing until the next morning I didn't feel any dryness or oily so it was very nice. In the morning i use 1drop/2drops depends on the daily weather i mix it with lotion and follow with suncreen or mix with moisturizing serum and follow with qv face cream which includes spf30 and do makeup. Been using it for 7days morning and night and my skin feels softer and feels less dry and the moisturizing feeling lasts all day which is amazing. I am very satisfied with this product but since the weather changing into summer I'm thinking of using oil for massaging routine rather than daily use. But I will definitely use rosehip oil day and night when it gets colder later on.
Natural Instinct Rejuvenating Rosehip Oil comes in a dark glass bottle with easy to use dropper.  I only need few drops for my entire face and neck so this bottle will last for 3-4 month. This rosehip oil has light smell which disappears after application. It has runny consistency, it is light weight not too greasy and oily. I have very dry skin and this oil absorbs into my skin within few minutes leaving it soft and hydrated. It does not make my skin oily or greasy and even I can use my make up over it. After few day of application, I felt that my skin was well hydrated, soft and all dry patches were gone.      After using it for few weeks, I can see the major improvement. My skin is not only well hydrated, but it looks nourished and healthy.  My fine lines look soft and they are less visible. Dry patches and dullness converted into soft fresh skin. I do not have pigmentation and wrinkles, so I can not comment on it.  But this rosehip oil does not break me out or cause any other allergic reaction.    It works great on my dry sensitive skin. I recommend it for normal, dry, sensitive and mature skin beauties. I am not sure how it works on oily skin, because oily skin beauties are always afraid of using oils on their face.
Really loved this product. I used it of an evening and it left my skin feeling really refreshed and I think (hope!) made a difference to the fine lines around my eyes. Would definitely buy again!
I'm a normal/dehydrated skin girl and have used a few facial oils before. This one in comparison sinks quite fast into the skin, leaving it plump instead of oily and most importantly, the smell is bearable and disappears once product sinks in. I do enjoy using oils mainly at night but find that I can use this one in the morning too. The colour is also a lot richer in colour compared to some rose hip oils which to my belief symbolises the product has not been processed and more antioxident properties are retained (although I don't believe it to be cold pressed). In terms of scarring, as I have not used this product long enough I have not noticed a significant difference. All in all, this is a good oil for a good price and I would recommend and repurchase this product
This is a lightweight oil that sinks in right away and doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy or too heavy. My skin can be quite dry in winter and during the changing seasons but I didn't notice my usual dry patches this spring. It's well worth a try and easily one of the better oils on the market.
I have quite dry skin so am a regular user of serums and face oils. I particularly fell in love with this item due to its lightweight texture when applied. It felt like my skin was been given the moisture it needed without being too heavy or oily, which made this the perfect oil to use day and night as you can easily apply makeup over the top during your normal morning routine. Skin felt nourished and was never dry when using this product, no sensitivity issues or breakouts. Will definately consider this oil an option for future use as it is both effective and inexpensive.
I was always amazed by the claims that applying oil on face can make