Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Purifying Toner

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Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Purifying Toner is a toner that’s suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin. It contains micelle particles to cleanse and remove impurities without drying the skin. The toner is formulated with Neutrogena®’s ClearDefend technology™, which helps leave skin’s essential nutrients intact while building up its natural shield to resist new breakouts.


Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Purifying Toner


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I use this toner after cleansing to remove the last traces of makeup. I find it really effective and it’s really gentle so great for those with sensitive skin. Easy to use, I just use a cotton ball and wipe over face, you can see traces of makeup or grime left behind. It smells lovely, really fresh and citrusy and it’s great value for money, it lasts forever. It feels lovely on skin, fresh and cooling and does not dry my skin out. I then apply my moisturiser for super smooth clean clear skin. Neutrogena is a great brand and I would recommend this toner.
This has not convinced me to make toners a regular part of my skincare routine. Problem skin may benefit, but I wouldn't reccomend daily use. It's too harsh on your capillaries and I think it even worsened my skin by dehydrating it further. It does however do a good job of resurfacing skin texture.
This toner didn't do much for me is all I have to say. Although it feels hydrating when I applied it to my skin. After a few minutes I noticed my skin went a bit red, it could be that my skin was reacting to the product or either the content of the alcohol in the product was too high. Because my skin type is sensitive & combination skin, it didn't work well for me. The smell of the toner had a bit of a citrus smell but isn't too pleasant. This product can be used on a cotton pad or cotton balls and applied to the face. 1-2 squirts is enough for the entire face. This can also be used for under the neck. This product is suitable for oily skin, combination skin and normal skin. Patch test is recommended before using it. This product helps the serum and moisturisers penetrate deeper into the skin so it basically preps the skin for the following steps.
This toner was quite average. I feel like it didnt make much of a difference to my skin. It smelt quite nice but i prefer moisturising toners especially after using anti acne cleaners or scrubs. I probably wouldnt use it in conjunction with the other products in the range but you feel like cleansing is not enough then you could use this toner after as well.
I have never used a toner as part of my skincare routine so I was very excited to try this product. The product feels light and refreshing on the skin and smells amazing also. It helped to remove the leftover makeup after I had washed my face. The product felt a tiny bit drying on my skin, but I just used a night cream afterwards to hydrate my skin. I will continue to use this product, but would like to try a different toner in the future.
Neutrogena® Visibly Clear® Spot Proofing™ Purifying Toner is both great as a toner and as a gentle but very effective pimple treatment.   I find I don't need to use this toner all the time, but for about 10 days each month, my skin flares up, get red, itchy and pimply, so this toner is my skin's calming saviour.    As soon as my chin area feels itchy, I know spots are on the horizon, so out comes this toner and I use it twice a day.     It is very gentle and calming, and I can feel the itching subsiding straight away. This toner calms my skin and although it doesn't get rid of all the pimples (nearly impossible to do I say!), it certainly makes them less intense, and definitely helps with the redness and itchiness of new breakouts.    Using this toner twice a day means my breakouts are not as bad, the pimples are not as painful, big or red.     This product is also great to use during the day, when you feel a pimple about to pop up on your skin, or your current ones are red, itchy or painful.  Simply apply the product to a cotton pad and then pat the pad onto onto your skin, gently pat and reapply as necessary,  I find it calms the skin down and helps the breakouts heal faster.    Pimples can be very nasty but with products like this to help, they make it a less stressful time so you can concentrate on other things that are more fun. PRO's Gentle but very effective product Great value Calms the redness down too Easy to apply and great as a spot treatment too during the day Great for all skin types and ages This toner is great for anyone who gets pimples, can be used daily or just at certain times if you only get breakouts occasionally.    I love to use during the day as a spot treatment, it calms the skin down and can be applied anywhere, as it doesn't need rubbing in.   Skin is left feeling calmer and clearer, and breakouts are minimised and not as intense as they could be.    If you get just a couple of spots, you can just pat a little on your spots and use this toner as a pimple treatment rather than a toner, it is gentle and very effective, and will not dry out your skin.
I'm generally not a fan of toners and this product did not change my mind. It applied smoothly but it felt like there was an oily residue left on my skin. It had a refreshing scent, was not irritating on my skin and was handy for picking up leftover makeup but I still found it was an unnecessary step in my skin care routine. The other products in this range had a much better effect on my skin.
I was quite impressed with this product which caught me by surprise. This is really one of the most refreshing toners that I have tried. It was a little drying on the skin at first, but then decided to only use in problem areas like the t zone and lower cheeks and it worked perfectly! Removed the extra impurities and felt extremely fresh on the skin before applying the moisturiser which is a massive plus!
This product has not really done anything for my combination skin. Yes it does feel nice on and gives your face a nice tingly fresh feeling. But I have come across many other toners where I have seen a difference with only a few days of using. This toner doesn’t do much in terms of toning my face.
I received the Neutrogena Visibly Clear range to review as part of the BeautyCrew ReviewCrew program. I used these products together for one month. I have combination/oily skin that is acne prone, and tend to get spots closer to my period.  Like the other products in the range, this toner has a fresh citrus scent that is not overbearing. It doesn’t sting when applied, but does leave a slightly tacky feeling on the face. I used it every night with a cotton pad, and after 4 weeks of use, about 1/4 of the bottle is left. Overall, I think this product isn’t terrible, but it’s not what I’m looking for in a toner (I prefer moisturising ones such as the Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner).
I have oily/combination skin and generally found this was a good low/mid price toner. I used the product morning and night, and it had an unoffensive smell and didn't leave my skin overly dry or oily.The Neutrogena toner did at times feel slightly sticky on my skin...? Not sure if this is normal, or user error...  I do however, prefer my normal toner (either Biore or one by La Roche Posay) depending on how oily my skin is. 
I found the product to be gentle on my skin however it did dry me out a little. I found this overall pretty good. My skin is sensetive and combination. It didnt tingle or feel like much when you used it. It kinda felt like rubbing your face kinda with water  Bonus points - its smells really good! Im unsure if i liked this product. 
This toner was okay - it didn't break me out, but I don't think it did anything exciting for my skin. I still think that toners are a bit old-fashioned, and that cleansing and moisturising is enough. This toner definitely didn't change my mind about toners, it just added another step to my routine.
Never really used toner before but when applied this was gentle and smooth. It did not smell strong and did not dry out my skin. When used as part of the Neutrogena Visibly Clear range it was a very good product and helped keep my skin clear and blemish free.
This toner was gentle on my skin and was quite effective. The toner did not dry out my skin and it left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. I did find that it felt a little sticky to touch on the skin if you don’t let it dry fully. Other than that I love that it’s such an affordable product that works really well.
This toner was gentle on my skin when used and is also quite effective. This product is really good at removing makeup and any other products used. The toner did not dry out my skin and it left my skin feeling hydrated and smooth. Overall, I would recommend using this product. 
I found this to be a really basic toner. It doesn't do anything special but also doesn't do anything nasty. It has a clean refreshing scent, leaves no residue, does not dry out skin and I found it went on well whether I applied with a cotton pad or my hands.  It did not help with any breakouts but it also didn't irritate my skin which is a bonus. I have sensitive oily skin and found that it didn't make my skin more flaky when I was irritated, and it also did not sting to apply on raw patches.  Overall a really basic but decent toner. Bottle is huge too and the price is great so it makes a great intro to toning. Only complaint: DO NOT get this in your eyes. That part hurt.
Used this toner for 2 weeks and didn't really notice much difference, in terms of clearing spots or anything. Did clean up some left over makeup residue and the smell was quite light and fresh but overall, did not see much difference and would probably not reuse it again.
I really like the smell of this toner. I love how it makes my skin feel, and it work super well with the wash and the moisturiser. I will definetly continue to use god as I feel it’s really been helping to clear my skin, along with the entire range.
If you're after a toner for the sake of using a toner then this is the product for you as I honesty I don't think this product did anything. It smelt refreshing, felt very light, didn't aggravate the skin and even potentially removed a little bit of dirt missed during the cleansing process. However, if I ran out of this product I would not loose sleep over it.