NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls

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NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls is an anti-ageing serum enriched with collagen booster, creatine and hyaluronic acid, which work to refine skin contours and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in skin looking and feeling youthful and radiant.


NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls


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This serum contains hyaluronic acid and contained in the pearls is a collagen booster.  Hyaluronic acid helps with the hydration of your skin so it helps to plump the skin which helps with fine lines.  Collagen is similar in helping with hydration and smoothing those lines.   The serum comes in  a clear plastic bottle so you can see those collagen pearls, and of course you can see when you are getting low on the serum.  When you push the pump the pearls are broken as the serums comes out of the pump.  It is then all ready for you to apply to your skin.  It soaks into the skin almost instantly.  I use this every morning before I apply my moisturiser and sunscreen.  It causes no issues under makeup.  There is very little scent. I like this serum and although I'm not yet half way through my bottle I have purchased another one.
I am (as many others are),a regular user of Nivea products...who hasn't had a tub of Nivea's iconic cream ? when i tried this out,i had very high hopes for it...alas,i was a bit disappointed. The product came in a very practical, that ensured the contents were as hygienic as possible (an airtight pump bottle of clear plastic that housed 30ml ),that delivered a metered dose of product.The "pearls" (tiny pearl like spheres that burst when the pump is deployed) were a lovely idea,but i found that many times,not all the pearls were crushed when pumped out...leaving small lumps in the resulting lotion that needed to be well massaged in to become absorbed (however,the lotion did feel lovely,had a delicate scent that didn't take over...the typical Nivea,powdery scent, OR cause irritation and it absorbed quickly with some careful application and a quick check post applying). Now for the results.I have to be honest and say,that whilst my skin DID feel soft,smooth and cared for (thanks to the formula's high dosage of Hyaluronic Acid....a substance that can hold 1000 times it own weight in water..and hold it,that is contained within all of the Nivea Cellular range) it didn't live up to it's claims of defined contours (so no killer jawline),plumper features (those came from the Christmas feasts we have all been enjoying of late) or reduction in wrinkles (smoothed them,yes...real reduction ? no),so i really can't say i was impressed with the overall effects (after a month of twice daily application,as recommended by Nivea),so i won't be running out to purchase this again anytime soon.On the plus side,i did see that my usual moisturiser felt better and seemed to be "boosted" by the filling pearls (and as the pearls are not greasy in texture,my makeup sat better and looked more luminous). TIP:Try this under your regular moisturiser for a little supercharging that will be helpful when the temp drops soon.
This product looks amazing and really works! The single pump releases the perfect amount of serum. I rub it between my fingertips to mix the pearls which results in a light, creamy texture. It absorbs quickly into your skin and smells beautiful due to the Magnolia Flower essence. I find my skin looks smoother and has a soft lustre - just like a pearl.
This product had a natural scent which I really liked, however the whole concept of the pearls was questionable to me. Sometimes after applying, I had little white lumps of the serum still observable on my skin. I found that rubbing the cream first between my fingertips to break up the pearls really helped in diminishing this but there was always some residue left on my skin. As for the finish of the product, it left my skin feeling soft and supple however in the long term I think this performed just as well as any other moisturiser without diminishing the looks of any fine lines.
It's taken me a long time to try the Nivea Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls and now I'm sorry I waited so long.   I like how the pearls of serum can be seen through the packaging and I also like the pump dispenser which makes it easy to dispense small amounts of the serum so there is no waste.   I have dry, mature skin with some fine lines so I'm always looking for a serum which will hydrate and plump my skin and also minimise the appearance of my fine lines.   The serum is very silky and glides over my skin making it look smooth and plumped.  The serum feels something like a balm once it is applied and I love how I can feel it penetrating deep into my skin.  The serum is not at all greasy or sticky.   After using the serum for the past month my skin looks a lot brighter and more radiant.  The Nivea Cellular Anti-Aging Volume Filling Pearls has become a staple in my skincare routine and is one product I would highly recommend.  
I came upon this product by accident while a 50% promotion was on.  I bought it on impulse and haven't regretted it, its a lovely product which I use every morning before I moisturise.  I hope it will be stocked everywhere as its really difficult to find at the moment. First up, the cream really has a nice light perfumed smell, typical for NIVEA products. Second, the pearls and moisturizer truly has a silky feel to it. When applied to the face, it can be a bit oily. But it quickly sets onto the skin leaving no marks of a sticky face. Which in fact, is quite nice. Besides that, you only need to pump once for a dosage that can cover your whole face.  I love dispensers and this serum just feels great on the skin. Also my fine lines have actually reduced a little. Probably need to use longer to see the full results though but am looking forward to what these Serum can actually accomplish.  If you are looking for an affordable and enriching, hydrating product for your skin then you must try NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age cream. Though someone with a tendency for oily skin should leave this cream for those with very dry skin, as this cream is probably better suited to them
NIVEA Cellular Anti-Age Volume Filling Pearls were my most favourite beauty discovery of last year.   Nivea make so many amazing products, and this one really tops the list.  The product is an anti ageing serum that you use twice a day underneath your day cream or night cream.   One pump of this luxurious and silky pearl serum is all you need.   If you have wrinkles, sun spots, lines, lack radiance, suffer some skin dehydration or dryness, then this is the perfect serum for you.    Immediately your skin will feel soft and the serum instantly hydrates your skin,  Your skin will be smoother and more radiant straight away.  After about 2 weeks, I noticed more dramatic results.  My lines (some fine lines and some deeper ones) were definitely looking much better.  My skin was a lot smoother.  I noticed more toned and radiant skin which was firmer.  My skin was more hydrated and plumper, and looked healthy.  My dry patches improved and I felt my skin looked younger and was in much better condition.  My makeup also went on nicer and looked more natural with no rough patches. PRO's Great value Can be bought at your local supermarket Easy to use, one pump is all you need twice a day Immediate hydrates your skin Within a week you will notice a great improvement in the condition of your skin This is a wonderful serum that is easy to apply, non greasy and your skin will be immediately hydrated.  Lines and wrinkles will be reduced , so if you have any signs of ageing, this is the perfect serum for you.
I love to use a serum under my moisturiser and I trialed this with great results, as long as you rub it in properly it does make a difference in the appearance of fine lines, my skin looked plumper after one week. I would buy this products for its great results and price
my skin feels soft and smooth after use, also has a nice smell.
I enjoyed trialling this product. The pearls, while maybe a novelty to begin with, quickly absorbed into my skin to leave it feeling nice and smooth. I used it every morning under my moisturiser and am happy with the results. Would recommend to anyone with sensitive skin.
I have always liked the Nivea brand as growing up my grandmother used the blue cold cream as does my father to this date - great skin.  So I was delighted to trial the volume filling pearls.  First thing I noticed you really have to ensure the product is rubbed into the skin or you are left with white flakes not the most attractive.  A small thing so I like the product my skin is left soft and hydrated no real improvement to the wrinkles but maybe a little more time is required.  I will purchase another :-)
Thank you so much for the opportunity to try Nivea Cellular Volume Filling Pearls! My skin did feel softer at first but the more I use it I found my skin was plumper!
Works really well - after several weeks use I did see a different in fine lines.  The product does sometimes leaves little white bobbles/pearls on the face so really needs to be patted in.  The scent is a little stronger than I like but I’m fragrance sensitive and it does fade after a while.  The feel on the skin is good and as long as you really work it in, wait a minute or so, and remove any spare white pearls, you can apply makeup right on top of it.  The pump dispenser does keep the product fresh too which is nice.  Overall I’m impressed with the way this works on my face.
This is a fantastic multi-use product! I have been using it for 4 weeks and it operates as a lovely even priming base layer as well as a day to night cream. It has a lightweight feel and the beads ensure an even coverage of product when distributed.  I will continue to use this and purchase this product after my trial has finished!
Nivea is a house hold gem! Loved this product, doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy and congested, it left my skill feeling fresh and rejuvinated! Will certainly buy this product! Thanks for the trial
After using this product for 2 weeks, I have noticed a more brightening look to my skin. The pearls dissolved in quite quickly and gave an instant glow without a greasy feeling giving me the ability to put makeup on straight away. Love the look of the bottle and packaging. Would definitely recommend and buy in the future.
The consistency of the pearls took a little time to get used to but they did smooth on and get absorbed ok but I didn't see any improvement in the look of my skin as claimed.  My skin felt as good as when I use my usual product and the Nivea Pearls are much cheaper.  The fragrance is pleasant and not over powering - a good product for the price.
I liked this product - it left my skin feeling smooth and plumped and my makeup appeared to work better. The beads looked interesting but they did dissolve once smoothed in. The price is okay too - considering what it does, it appeared to be good value for money in my books!
Loved trialling this product.  Found the scent to be lovely clean and fresh but not overly fragrances. The product felt soft and silky to be applied and absorbed quickly leaving my skin beautifully soft.  Was fantastic under make up and because of the fast absorption there was no down time in waiting for it to be applied.
I was very happy to trial this product as I am already using the Nivea Anti-Aging Cellular Day Cream. The packaging is simple and classic, not glass which I like. The product dispenses easily although I needed two pumps, not one as suggested in the directions. The product consists of little white beads in a serum that burst when applied to skin.  After application my skin felt soft, silky and hydrated and along with the day cream provided a nice base for my makeup. At my age I am concerned with fine lines and wrinkles and had not used a product with the highest dosage of hyaluronic acid as in this.  I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to boost their skin care regimen. It would suit all skin types and I would purchase this product again. The price point is very affordable. Well done Nivea!