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NIVEA Pure & Natural Toner is a cleanser and toner in one for all skin types. The formula contains 95 per cent natural ingredients including organic aloe vera and argan oil to gently cleanse and revitalise skin while supporting the skin's natural balance, giving it a healthy glow. Free from parabens, silicones, colourants and mineral oils. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


NIVEA Pure & Natural Toner


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I have always found toners unneccessary, and to be honest toners have never really impressed me! Then there is the Nivea Pure & Natural Facial Cleansing Toner! The Nivea Pure & Natural toner comes with a flip top lid, with a small hole- allowing for easy of product application to a cotton ball or pad. It comes in a clear 200ml bottle- which I love as I can see how much Ive used -and the price is remarkable- this will last you months even with twice a day use. The smell of this toner is sweet but not overpowering, and the best thing is that it is completely free of alcholol, parabens, silicones, artificial colours and mineral oils. So perfect for sensitive skin as well! The toner is what I would call a creamy based toner but still smooth and gentle. I love the way this feels on my skin- it feels soft and smooth yet still feels as though im getting a gentle and through cleanse. The thing I noticed the most was on application the toner felt so cool, refreshing yet left my skin soft and smooth- and not tight like so many other toners have in the past. The toner contains the benefits of argan oil and aloe vera, and you can feel this on your skin- the toner really balances out your skin and improves your complexion with continued use. While it is still gentle and soft, I felt as though this toner really removed any excess dirt, grime and makeup after cleansing my skin. It helped to balance the skin before application of other products. You can also use it before cleansing to remove makeup- so really a 2-in 1 product. After use of the toner- Im left with fresh skin, and it really helps my moisturiser and serums really soak deeply into my skin. With continued use of this product I have to say my complexion is looking very radiant and soft. I have not broken out and it doesnt leave any oily or greasy residue onto the skin. This toner is perfect for all skin types- especially sensitive and combination skin. Its an extra benefit to my skin care, leaves my skin clean, soft and smooth and is free of all the nasties. I will now continue to use this product- and if you have (like me), before be fearful of toners, this is a much try. I will continue to Tone!
This is one of my favourite drugstore toner simply because it works really well and so affordable. Just like its name ' cleansing toner' it can get rid all the makeup or dirt that left on my face after cleansing.Sometimes, if I'm not wearing makeup, I even use it during the day to wipe off the dirt on my face. It leaves my skin feeling clean and very refreshing. The scent is very pleasant, nothing too overpowering. Even though it get rid of all the dirt on my face but thanks to the aloe vera , this toner doesn't make my face feel dry or anything. It may not be hydrated enough for people with dry skin, so if you have dry skin i recommend to follow with a good moisturiser. And also it contains many natural ingredients so I feel very like I'm treating my skin when using this. I've gone through 2 bottles of this and will continue to purchase more in the future. Great product for everyone!
The NIVEA Pure and Natural toner is different  to others, due to its various hydrating ingredients made into lightly moisturising formula.   A extremely natural toner which contains "Aloe" which is perfect for all skin types, and even for my daughter whom is prone to breakouts. Soft enough to use on my extra-sensitive skin or rosacea. It restores my skin's pH balance after using providing a dewy and more youthful look. This toner works to remove the last traces of makeup and has a easy to apply texture that deposits moisture for smoother, healthier looking skin.  Applying is easy, I simply put it directly on my cotton pads and tone my whole face and neck in upward in conjunction with circular strokes. I appreciate the secure packaging thus protecting the gentle and natural delicate cleanser from exposure. The NIVEA Pure and Natural toner works best to remove last traces of makeup, dirt and bacteria while leaving the skin moisturised.
This product is one of my all time favourite toners. Once applyin the NIVEA Pure & Natural Toner, my skin feels tight, but leaves the skin feeling soft, refreshed and rejuvinated. At only $9.95, this toner is great value for money. The product has a refreshing scents of cucumber and green tea and doesn't irritate my combination, acne prone skin. The con to this product is that it does get absorbed a lot onto my cotton pads, but at the price and results from it, I think it is still a great toner.