Olay Luminous Niacinamide Super Serum

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Olay Luminous Niacinamide Super Serum is a serum formulated with 99 per cent pure niacinamide. It absorbs quickly while penetrating 10 skin surface layers deep to reduce dark spots for an even glow. It is suitable for those with dark spots. Niacinamide (vitamin B3) brightens the skin tone and reduces the look of dark spots, while xylitol increases skin hydration and boosts skin translucency.

On counter: February 2021

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Olay Luminous Niacinamide Super Serum


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Reveal even tone brighter skin

I adore okay products as they always deliver results and this serum is no different. It penetrates layers of skin to leave my skin brighter and fresher looking. The niacinamide penetrates and afternoon using this for a couple of weeks I saw a visible difference in my skin, my hyperpigmentation was much less noticeable and my skin has a more even tone and looked more youthful. It’s well worth the money because it works. The handy dropper delivers just the right amount of serum and is hygienic and it’s packaged very classily. I absolutely will buy this serum again
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Shocked that it worked

I was very excited to try this product. The design of the packaging is very appealing and looks high end. I'm not a fan of the dropper application though, I don't feel like I have enough on my face after one application. The product absorbed well in to my skin and was easy to rub in. It felt smooth and lovely on my skin and did not leave any unwanted texture or feeling. After using this product for a month I am surprised that I actually have noticed a difference. My skin really does appear more youthful and bright. The product is more expensive then I thought it would have been for a mainstream brand, but I think I would still purchase again as I don't usually see results from products.
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Brilliant staple serum

If you haven't used niacinamide before, absolutely start with this one. First, the serum is really pleasant to use. Smells lovely, beautiful texture, doesn't pill under make up and sits nice with other products in my skincare routine. The pump dropper is very cool and i haven't seen it before, delvers the right amount and no mess or spilling. I saw some initial results quite quickly, within a week my skin seemed a little more even. After several more weeks I could see a different in skin texture and some of my older post inflammatory hyperpigmentation had subsided. The sebaceous filaments on my nose were smaller. My mild rosacea wasn't flaring up, and the decreased redness in my skin was probably one of the best and most notable changes. I will purchase this again as it does a lot and is so nice to use.
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A super multitasking serum!

I love this serum and will be incorporating it into my routine because of the excellent results of this trial. I have a couple of dark spots on my cheekbones and a little bit of pigmentation. I have noticed a definite improvement in the clarity and texture of my skin since using the niacinamide serum! It has boosted radiance and improved skin tone. This is also non-irritating and great for sensitive skin. It’s fast absorbing and hydrating - no skin flakiness in sight! After a couple of weeks of morning and evening use - my cheeks are glowing and I’m using less makeup. It keeps my skin hydrated, firm and radiant. A super impressive multi-tasking serum that eliminates dullness. I highly recommend to anyone who wants a multitasking serum that delivers wonderful results.
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Excellent serum

Love the texture of this product, it absorbs almost instantly and doesn’t leave any residue. Might be a little too early for full results, however I definitely see a difference in the clarity of my skin and look forward to seeing the end results once I have finished the bottle. Doesn’t pill under layers or make up. Can definitely see myself buying this again and again - although the other serums in the range also interest me, especially the Vitamin C. Great price point and love how accessible the product is to buy!
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Revitalising treasure!

I have been using the serum since I've received it two weeks ago, and I have seen my face showing noticeable improvements of having glowy and smoother skin. The slight scent is pleasurable when applying the product on the face, and the formula is absorbed by the skin in seconds! I have always had dark circles, however by using this serum it has evened out the dark spots and circles on my face, giving me a healthy glow which looks amazing! One thing to mention might just be the pump, the design is quite special, but sometimes it doesn't pump up as enough serum in one go. However, the overall application is very quick and easy, and would love to recommend girls who want more glow from within their skin to have a try!
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Worth it

For someone who has a lot of acne scars and dark spots on her face from these scars, I think this product worked quite well. If had a really smooth and gentle consistency and I used it at least once a day during my skincare routine. I noticed that my skin instantly looked a bit brighter and the annoying dark marks didn’t look so apparent. I always love products like this because my skin instantly looks hydrated and almost like “glass skin”. The only issue i’d say is because I still have some acne come up, sometimes it felt a bit off using this product on top of my skin when it was inflamed/hurting and naturally you don’t want a glow on those acne prone areas. But braids that, I definitely will be continuing to use this product.
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Game Changer for Skin Tone

This serum continues to improve my skin the more I use it. At first I noticed the pleasant scent and convenient pump packaging. It’s a white serum that spreads easily into the skin. Then I started to notice the positive changes in my skin. For me I was impressed with how even toned my skin became. I used it twice a day as recommended and continued to see improvements as the days rolled on. My skin became less red and little dark spots definitely appeared to be faded. There was no irritation, dryness or breakouts caused by this serum. I also believe that it has reduced my pore size even though it doesn’t say it targets this on the packaging. I would recommend this to everyone as it definitely is a game changer, for clarity of skin.
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Perfect, light and effective serum

I absolutely love Olay’s serums. They nail it every time with both packaging and the product itself. I really appreciate the applicator which allows to keep the product clean and hygienic from the day you open it until the product is finished. The serum itself is lightweight, doesn’t leave a sticky residue and works brilliantly under the makeup. In terms of the effects I’ve noticed my skin was more even and brighter the following morning and overtime it looked healthier and more glowing. I’d recommend this product to anyone who is looking for a gentle serum that provides visible results. There are really no cons to this product for me, I’ll be recommending it to family and friends.
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Lightweight, Gentle, Effective

I've been using this niacinamide serum for three weeks and my skin has been loving it. Niacinamide of course has a range of benefits, ranging from improving skin barrier to reducing dark spots to balancing skin sebum levels and reducing dark spots. Basically, it's one of the most amazing ingredients to grace skin care products. I'm happy to report that on my skin that can be a bit temperamental, this product worked beautifully. My normally combination skin has been looking more normal with an even sebum distribution throughout. Some fragrances in skincare can also wreak havoc with my skin, but in this case, in spite of the fragrance, the formula was gentle enough that there was no adverse reaction at all. I used another product from the Luminous range before, the Whip Moisturiser, which my skin did not like. This, on the other hand, is much gentler without sulphates, parabens, phthalates, petrolatum and mineral oils. I like that it absorbs in seconds, works well under makeup, and is super lightweight, and oils and moisturisers that I apply over the serum absorbs well. Great serum.
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Dark spots reduced

Loved trying this super serum for my face. I have quite dark under eye area and also some spots on my face. This serum has been beautiful to use all over my face in the morning and evening. It has a nice consistency and really soaks in well into your skin which doesn’t leave it sticky. The scent is refreshing and slightly floral which is perfect under makeup. My dark areas on my face have become less noticeable which iam please with. I love that you don’t need a lot of this product for it to go a long way. Will recommend to my friends!
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Lovely serum

I really enjoyed using this serum. I love the auto dropper and how it dispenses the exact amount I need. I love the benefits of niacinamide. The product itself has a lightweight consistency which is not too runny nor greasy and absorbs into the skin very easily. I use this as my first serum so my skin can reap all the benefits. The fact the product is formulated without any nasties in is a bonus for me. Whilst using the product I noticed a clarity to my skin. Dark spots have begun to fade and it has helped with evening skin tone. I will certainly continue using this as it is a lovely serum. The product also smells divine. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a niacinamide serum!
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Something that actually works!

The product was simple and convenient to use. I really liked the pump bottle. The serum was light and smoothed on nicely. When I started using this product I had some dry areas around my mouth and nose and I found it really helped in keeping those areas moisturized. I have noticed the evening of my skin tone but my dark spots seemed more noticeable then before using this product. Although as I continued to use, the areas seem to be slowing disappearing or should I say evening out with the rest of my skin tone. I definitely feel my skin is brighter! I will purchase and continue to use this product. I do recommend this product.
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It works!

The Olay luminous niacinamide super serum is a beautiful product. Very easy to apply. Absorbs into the skin without any feeling of residue and leaves an glowy finish. I have noticed an improvement in my skins texture and brightness. My skin tone is more even and this product has been an east and effective product to add into my skin care routine. I will happily continue using this serum and would definitely recommend it anybody who wants to improve to brightness and overall texture of their skin. The only reason I am not giving this product 5 stars is the bottle top. I found the amount of product that came out of the dropper was different each time and I had to sometimes draw the product into the dropper 3 or 4 times to get it into my hand to use. Not a major issue and wouldn’t stop me from purchasing in the future.
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Good serum

The serum has a nice creamy texture and there is no wastage it pumps just the right amount .The serum gets absorbed into the skin immediately and is not greasy. After using for few days I noticed slight reduction in dark spots and pigmentation . It gives even tone to the skin but has a slight drying effect hence need to apply moisturiser. It gives a radiant look to the face and would this product to all .Overall I am very happy using this serum and will continue to buy it once it comes into market.
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Quick drying and light on the skin!

I’ve recently tested this product out and actually am pleasantly surprised how good it’s been for my skin. I’ve actually never used Olay products before so this was a first impression on the product and brand. I love the sleek packaging and the product is fast drying, doesn’t leave your skin feeling sticky or heavy like most serums can do. I use this on my entire face and neck as well under my moisturiser twice a day. Great option if you’re not after a serum with a hefty price tag. It’s a great size so I would say this would last a few months.
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Supple, glowing skin for days

I received the Niacinamide Super Serum by Olay as part of a trial team - thank you Beautycrew and Olay! I love a good face serum and was super excited to try it out. The serum targets dark spots and improve skin texture and tone. It is lightweight, very quickly absorbed into my skin and does not leave any sticky residue. It also does not have much of a scent, which will be great for those with sensitive skin. It has made my skin feel so supple and left it looking glowing and refreshed. The serum comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a self-filling pipette, which can take a moment to figure out, but once you know how to use it, it's very handy.
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Amazing product

I am in love this product it was amazing it was so good of my screen help there mange fine lines and wrinkles also assisted not have yours and dark was it has given me brighter skin made my face look much better I would strongly recommend this product and I would buy 100% thank you for letting me be a part of the crew. I love that the crew miss large and easy to apply and early took a short time. I think this amazing cream would be great for any skin regime specially when you're looking at their tea ageing products
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Must have product!!

Beautiful cosmetic elegant formulation that feels light and creamy and glides onto the skin. It’s silky in texture and It absorbs quickly leaving a fresh and hydrated feel to my skin. A little goes a long way. It sits well under moisturiser and makeup. No pilling or balling. During my trial of this product I observed that my skin was significantly smoother and brighter in appearance and my sometimes slightly oily T zone was regulated producing a lovely evenness to my skin. My Pores also appeared less visible. It gave me a nice glowy, healthy appearance to my skin. This product really calmed my redness and improved texture. I also experienced better hydration to my all over facial area which can sometimes get quite dry in certain patches. I experienced absolutely no irritation and in fact, this serum seemed to calm myskin. This beautiful serum has become a “must have” item in my daily beauty regime and I will definitely be purchasing this on repeat
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Filling a gap in purpose of serums

This serum has filled a gap for me in my serums that hydrate and those to combat wrinkles. The Olay Luminous Niacinamide Super Serum comes in dropper form which is easy to apply. While the formula appears a bit sticky on application, there is no left over sticky residue or feeling once absorbed into the skin which happens quickly. I have had noticeable improvement in the texture of my skin and some reduction in the appearance of dark spots after a weeks use. This makes a great addition to current skincare regimes rather than a replacement.