Olay Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Super Serum

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Olay Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Super Serum is a serum that intensely hydrates for a dewy glow. The concentrated formula is non-greasy and absorbs quickly while penetrating 10 skin surface layers deep to bring out skin’s dewy glow from within. It is suitable for those with dry or dehydrated skin. Niacinamide and hyaluronic work in synergy to strengthen the skin barrier and hydrate the skin to deliver a dewy glow. Pro-vitamin B5 also soothes and moisturises the skin, while vitamin E is an oil-soluble antioxidant which protects against free radical damage.

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Olay Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Super Serum


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Plumper, nourished skin

This is a truly beautiful serum that actually works. I love a beautiful serum as part of my skincare routine and this olay serum was a winner for me and proves you don’t need to spend a lot of money on expensive serums for results. It has a light consistency and I only need one pump as it spreads really well and sinks in easily. It leaves my skin super hydrated and nourished without any nasty stickiness and feels nice and light to wear. My skin looks plumerias, firmer and fine lines are diminished when I wear this. I love olay products and have been using them for years and this serum ticks all the boxes


I love the fact that I dont need to spend a fortune on a serum that actually works. I needed a serum that was going to fully hydrate my skin and that is what I have found with the Olay Niacinamide + hyaluronic super serum. Love the non greasy formula that isn't sticky at all and my skin just loves it. ive been doing some investigating and I love that the niacin amide actually makes the skins barrier stronger. I alternate this with the vitamin c serum as I am loving the way my skin looks while using a serum

Best serum ever

This is my new favourite serum and it proves that you don't have to spend a fortune on effective skin care products. This is a white serum with a runny consistency. It absorbs quickly without any sticky feeling. My skin has never been in better condition using this serum. It has faded my pigmentation spots with continuous use twice a day, and my skin looks brighter. It comes with a pipette cover, which dispenses the correct amount of product without wastage. This is a winner and I will continue to repurchase.
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Great product but not for me.

Loved the opportunity to try out the Olay Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Super Serum. On first look the packaging and bottle look sleek and well designed, I like the auto filling dropper aid a nice touch as well. When I applied the serum it felt light and applied well but I needed more than one dropper to get full coverage. It smells lovely and absorbed quickly. Unfortunately, I did break out and didn’t really have any improvement to my skin. I do think this product was a good budget option and might work for other skin types.
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Hydration station

This is the serum I’ve been looking for! Having had a pretty solid routine, I always felt like I was missing that extra step of ultimate hydration and this has filled the gap. It is a light consistency and whilst it says you need two pumps I definitely only use one as it goes so far. I can easily get it down my neck and chest with 2 pumps but just one for the face. Also goes under make up easily as well and absorbs into your skin. I love the bottle, it’s so innovative. The pump bottle itself is perfect for serums because it gives the required amount and doesn’t involve you pouring it! My skin feels hydrated, plump and so much clearer, I could not recommend this enough.
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Lovely and Hydrating!

This is a really fantastic serum! It is light-weight, fast absorbing and I have noticed a considerable difference in my skin since I started using this around three weeks ago. My skin feels softer, hydrated, looks brighter and less oily, but still glowy and dewy. I have noticed the difference when I have (accidentally) skipped this in my routine. The packaging is attractive and practical, very easy to use and access in my beauty storage. It also sits very nicely underneath make-up! I will definitely be re-purchasing this product and recommend to everyone!
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The perfect serum for half the price

I recently added Hyaluronic Serums to my daily skin routine as I had been using quite an expensive product. When i trialed the Olay Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Super serum I was so surprised with how hydrated and soft my skin felt for half the price! I use the product every night before bed time before my nightly moisturizer and wake up feeling super hydrated. A little goes a long way, and you only need a a small amount which rubs in well and absorbs quickly. I like to use on my chin and neck aswell. Will be rebuying this as it does exactly what a serum should, without the hefty price tag!
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Not for me but maybe for you

I was super excited to get this product After figuring out how to use the pump the smell hit me and was amazing . I felt my jar wasn't full tho because it was Nilly all gone by the end of the week maybe a bit more . It was light weight and not heavy and once again smelt amazing but as it got empty I had to throw the lid and keep hitting it on my hand I found the pump impractical to be honest . I noticed my skin more hydrated but that's about it , it usually takes a few weeks for a product to work fully but there isn't Enuff in one jar for that . I use retinol in my routine and wouldnt swap it for this . I would only but this prodict if on sale or use or gifted
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Hydrating Serum must try

I have been looking to add a hyaluronic serum to my daily routine and have been samplinh the olay Niacinamide + Hyaluronic super serum. So far I have been happy with it. At first I was scared to dispense 2 pumps per the instructions in case it was too much, however the pump seems to store exactly the right amount so no wastage. Packaging is also nice. The scent is nice , not overpowering and my skin quickly soaks in all the serum after massaging gently. My skin can get really dry but this seems to instantly boost hydration and provide dewy glow which is exactly what I am searching for in my skincare routine. I use this morning and night after toning and before moisturising. Will continue to use until finished before deciding to make part of my permanent routine. I do recommend trying this product.
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Cool and easily absorbed Serum!

Olay Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Super Serum Packaging The packing box for the Olay Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Super Serum is glossy and has a modern feel to you. The writing and instructions was easy to read and understand. The instructions had both writing and imagery which would support visual people. The bottle for the serum is nicely shaped and comes with a handy twist and push eye dropper. The perfect amount of serum comes out to complete this skin care regime. Routine This product has a good skin care routine to maintain your skin. 1. cleansing 2. toning 3. serum 4. moisturiser I also liked to put sunscreen at the end of the skin care routine, to protect my skin from the sun. As I used my own products for the other rest I am unsure whether this may have impacted the results. Serum I received the Olay Niacinamide + Hyaluronic Super Serum to try. I had only had the product for about a week and a half before having to write this review. If there was a longer period to try the product then maybe I may have seen more. The serum feels cool and absorbs quickly into your skin. It had a nice scent and didn’t leave residue on my skin. This product suited me as I do get dry skin. After using this product my skin felt well hydrated and I stopped using as much makeup as my skin looked healthier. I would recommend this product to family and friends to try.
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Dewy glowy skin

I’ve been using Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid on there on prior to using this product. Having a chance to trial this product as a 2 in 1 is such a fabulous combo! Upon first application, my skin had an instant dewy, gooey effort. It was absolutely beautiful, and made me feel confident enough to wear it on its own without makeup. The product absorbed very quickly and non greasy. Which is even better! I love that it has Pro-vitamin B5, which soothes and moisturises the skin which I could definitely feel and see the difference. I loved this combo and really made my morning routine so much quicker then normal. The only down side was the bottles design. I was very confused at first how to use it, the twist makes sense but wasn’t practical for myself. Other then that, I love the product and is now included in my skincare
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Great super serum!

I love the Olay Niacinamine and Hyaluronic super serum! It goes on so smoothly and is absorbed quickly. It leaves the skin looking and feeling nice and dewy and fresh. It's easy to apply your moisturiser over the top with no problems at all. The packaging has a dropper built in to the lid which makes dispensing the product easy and mess free. I definitely noticed an improvement with my skin after using this product. It is more hydrated, smoother and healthier looking. I will continue to use and definitely repurchase.
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Surprising results

This product really exceeded my expectations! To start with the packaging is really fancy, i love the "dropper" type style of bottle this product comes in. Super happy on first use with how it felt on my skin, it quickly absorbs & leaves my skin feeling great especially when paired with a jade roller. After applying the product i can see that it instantly gives me a glow & leaves my skin feeling really hydrated. After using it a few times i definitely notice that my skin feels softer, smoother & looks more even. I'd happily recommend it to anyone & i'm really pleasantly surprised with the great results!
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Lovely serum that keeps skin hydrated!

Super easy to apply and felt lightweight once on the skin. Love that its formulated with both Niacinamide & Hyaluronic - two in one serum! I would like to know the % of active ingredients within the serum. After a week of using it I noticed a reduction in the appearance of uneven skin tone and my skin had a refreshed look! My skin felt more hydrated after using and wasn’t too heavy under moisturiser / foundation. I found the bottle heavy compared to other serum bottles I have and wasn’t able to see how much product was left. Packaging looks premium and nice addition to my skincare shelf. I’ll continue to use this product and would recommend to friends who are wanting to start using serums. Overall likes this product and will use again as I saw great results!
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Makes my skin feel great

I was impressed overall with this product. The pump is easy to use and helps you to not use too much of the serum. It goes on easily and my skin felt good after applying it. I know it says to use before moisturiser, but I actually forgot to put moisturiser on after it and my skin still felt moisturised. It smells good too. I haven't noticed any lasting effects of using the serum as yet but it's early days. I'm hoping it's as good as it claims to be and helps with my uneven skin tone. The price is a bit steep but on special I'd consider continuing to buy it as it did make my skin feel nice and quite smooth after using it. And if it does everything it claims to do on a lasting basis, I'll definitely buy jt!
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Best hydrating serum

I absolutely love this serum. It’s super hydrating, light weight and my skin is so glowy and dewy after using it. It doesn’t leave a residue on your skin like some serums do, it’s super absorbent. I usually use it at night, it’s such a nice serum to wear to bed. I thought I would also give it a go under make up and I am impressed. It helps give your make up that hydrating dewy look without drying out your skin. The packaging is great and easy to dispense the product and super hygienic. I would highly recommend this serum and will be buying this when I run out.
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One to add to skincare routine!

This is a really nice and effective product. I will be incorporating this in my skincare routine. I've been using this product every night and have seen noticeable improvement. My skin feels much more hydrated and brighter during the day. Just remember to use sunscreen in conjunction. The packaging is so nice and easy to use. I love the application as it's hygenic and I don't have to touch to product in the tube. The product itself absorbs very well, there is no distinct smell and it feels very nice. Definitely will repurchase!
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Perhaps better for oily skin

I was really happy to be able to try this serum. Niacinamide and hyaluronic acid all in one - GREAT! I was using a niacinamide serum prior to trialing this product and was really happy with it. But also having skin that borders on dry, hyaluronic acid is always a good idea so this serum seemed like it was going to be a home run. Unfortunately, I can’t say that I loved it. The presentation is nice enough and I’m a fan of the self-dosing dropper bottles that are gaining in popularity with skincare brands. However on this bottle, the opening is quite narrow so I have to really watch it when I replace the dropper in the bottle. If I bump the side, some of the serum goes over the edge and drips down. Putting the dropper back in the bottle is a bit like a game of Operation. After a couple of weeks of use, I’m not actually a fan of this serum because I really don’t find it hydrating at all. In fact, my skin actually feels dryer now than it did before. After I apply this serum, my skin feels very dry to the touch. It’s nice to have products that absorb well, but I need that little bit of lingering hydration on top of my skin to feel comfortably moisturised. I do feel my skin looks a bit more luminous, but I’m not willing to trade the itchy around the nose, dry feeling I have now for a small uptick in glow. I think if you have normal skin, or possibly even oily skin, this serum might be a much better fit. As much as I was hoping this serum would be the magic bullet in my skincare routine, it’s not. And quite frankly, I find it overpriced for what it is.
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This product was such a pleasure to use. The serum was so beautiful, creamy, very light weight, super hydrating, and left my skin so dewy and glowy. I just love it so very much. Another amazing benefit of this gorgeous serum is that it's packed with active ingredients and this product is formulated without sulphates, parabens, phthalates,bpetrolatum and mineraloils. I have used this serum for a full 2 weeks and I can already see a considerable difference in my skins texture, dark spots, and my skin so much more hydrated and I love how dewy it is. This is definitely a product that I will continue to use and rebuy for my routine.
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Impressive product with poor packaging

This product has a lovely refreshing citrus scent and feels light on the skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves a great dewy glow. My skin definitely felt more hydrated using this product, and I didn't experience any irritation, even though my skin can sometimes be a bit sensitive. I found that I had slightly less redness in existing scarring after using this product for about a week, and hopefully this continues to improve. I have taken off one star because I find the packaging annoying. Firstly, the instructions were poorly written, and were perhaps for an entirely different product, as they suggested that you pump the product into your hands. This is incorrect as it is a dropper. However, while it has a dropper design, it has a button rather than a traditional squeeze top. The button design means you can only draw up one drop at a time. A traditional dropper, while it wouldn't necessarily look as nice, would be far more user friendly.