Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence

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Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence is a lightweight anti-ageing booster that works to improve the effectiveness of the ingredients in your moisturiser, leaving skin looking radiant, youthful and refreshed.


Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence


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Pre-serum serum?

I have been using Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence for a few years now and it has been a staple product. Until now. This clear liquid is not a serum but a product to prepare your skin for serum application. Although I had been using it as a serum as that was how I had been told to use it by the sales assistant. It was while I was on a serum trial that I started to question whether the Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence did anything for my skin on its own. I tested this out by only applying to one side of my face for about a month (but still applying moisturiser of course) and as I suspected, on its own, it doesn't do a heck of a lot. It might help with absorption of other products but I'm not a ten step skincare application person. For me, its an unnecessary step and an unnecessary expense. I'd rather skip this step and apply something with a bit more "oomph" for my skin. It's not a bad product just a superflous product. I do love the dispenser though.

Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence

Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence is an essence that is formulated to absorb quickly. It hydrates the skin and prepares it for other skincare products in a routine. The essence is packaged in a sturdy plastic with 40 ml of product. It has the striking red colour common to the Regenerist line. I love the delivery system. It has a dropper lid that when unscrewed sucks up a measured dose of product. I use one dropper for face and the same for the neck. I am not a fan of scented skincare and the floral fragrance was what I noticed first and I was instantly disappointed. It's not an offensive scent, but not one that I enjoy. The essence is of a serum consistency. It absorbs quickly leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth. It plays nicely with my serums and I've noticed that they also absorb quicker. I have not experienced any adverse reactions The Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence doesn't quite live up to the hype for me. Was I expecting too much? Possibly, but I just didn't notice any benefit to my skin that impressed me. Not a terrible product by any means, but a bit meh for me.
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Smells amazing!!

I’ve been using this essences water for a few weeks now and I found it really hydrating. I use it twice a day after cleansing my face and tap it on my face using my palm and fingers. It absorbs really quick! And smells AMAZING!! It smells really good as like a spa!! After using it regularly for couple of days, my skin feels really soft and supple. Even though it’s suggested to be used with a cotton pad but I feel like it works better once you tap it with your palms and fingers. Would totally recommend trying it out!!
After noticing some wrinkles, I felt it was time to dabble in the anti-ageing field!  Firstly, I have to say this packaging and concept is so cool! It comes in a cute red bottle with a silver lid, and to use the product you have to turn the lid, which sucks up the product getting it ready for use. Then you can dispense as much of the product as you like out. As I only have wrinkles around my eyes, I would put the product there, so I could maximise the use.  My skin is known to be allergic to some creams, however I didn't have any reactions to the moisturiser or booster.  When I'm using a particular brand, I usually don't mix with other brands. I would use this booster with another Olay Regenerist moisturiser product such as the Whip or Micro-Sculpting Cream (there is a fragrance free, night, and normal version) as the booster is made to enhance the active ingredients in the moisturisers.  I didn't notice a smell to the booster, which I liked, as the Whip cream has a fragrance. It definitely feels like a serum, however has a smooth texture and absorbs nicely into the skin.  In terms of the price, if you notice a difference, then of course it's worth it! If you're unsure about the booster, try out the moisturiser first, and see how that goes. If you like it, try the booster and you might get even better results!  I do like that this product has sales so it's more enticing to try new things. 
I had heard so much about the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence that I simply had to try it in conjunction with the Micro-Sculpting Cream.    The essence is packaged in a red plastic bottle with an auto-dropper dispenser to ensure the exact amount of product is delivered.  The bottle contains 40ml of product.    I have mature, combination skin with fine lines and small areas of visible pores.  My skin is not sensitive at all, and I haven’t had any adverse reaction to any of the dozens of products I have tried,including this one.    Myskincare routine consists of a toner, essence, serum, moisturiser and eye cream morning and night.   When I apply the clear gel essence it feels really soothing and silky and it dries really quickly. I then layer my serum and moisturiser.  For day time I follow up with my BB cream which applies smoothly without any patchiness. I’ve now been using the Pre-Essence for 4 weeks.    On the Olay.com.au website the description of this product states ‘use it together with Olay’s most advanced Micro-Sculpting Cream to look up to 10 years younger in just 4 weeks’.  Honestly?  Maybe the key words here are ‘up to’ because I haven’t come across any lotion or potion which has visibly made me (or any ofmy friends) look even five years, let alone 10 years, younger in only 4 weeks.  And, put to the test, this product used in conjunction with the Micro-Sculpting Cream didn’t work miracles in 4 weeks either.  On a lighter and more positive side, perhaps my skin is much better than I thought and the product didn’t have enough to work on.  Haha   I’ll continue to use the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence inconjunction with the Micro-Sculpting day and night creams in the hope that more long time use will see firmer skin with visibly reduced fine lines and pores rather than just soft, smooth, hydrated skin.  As for recommending this product, I believe all products work differently on different people so give this product a go to see what you think.   
When I first used the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence in my mid 20s I didn't see much results. Recently I received this product as a gift and have used it for a month now. I use it day and night, apply it after toner and top it with day/night cream. Everyday after removing my makeup, my skin is still smooth, radiant and plumped. When I wake up every morning I will check my face and observe the skin condition. I got to say, I skin looks good, firmed and very hydrated. The Olay Youth Pre- Essence is definitely affordable with results.
Comes in a really easy to use bottle with auto dropper. Well the first thing I have to say is that the auto dropper is such a great feature of this product, it gives out the exact amount to use without wasting any product. I am not a big fan of the smell of this product, smells like a very strong chemical infused product, but it did not sting my sensitive skin at all. I used this as a serum before the day and night moisturizer. The product is easy to apply with a clear semi thick serum and gets absorbed into the skin easily, My skin felt silkier and the product feels luxurious. I have noticed that my pores are more smooth and less visible. I did not break out. My skin definitely felt more plumper and hydrated. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to avoid early signs of aging.
I have been using the Olay Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence for approx 3 weeks and have noticed my skin appearance is smoother, hydrated and healthy looking. I have also noticed the fine lines around my mouth are less obvious. After winter my skin was really dry and dull. I have been using the serum day and night – at night on it's own. The dropper collects the product as you unscrew the lid and the pump releases the silky textured serum, which I use the entire dropper for my face and neck. The serum drys quickly leaving skin feeling smooth and hydrated. I have sensitive skin around my nose and mouth and have not had any reaction from using every day. The fragrance is a very subtle floral scent and leaves no sticky residue. I'm really impressed with the noticeable results after just 3 weeks of using the miracle serum. I highly recommend for anyone wanting fast results for a luminous and healthy looking complexion.
This little wonder certainly lives up to it's claims of boosting skin cell metabolism and skin renewal, especially when used in conjunction with the day and night Regenerist products. It's non-greasy, light-weight texture penetrates the skin remarkably quickly and has helped to reduce my dreaded forehead lines!  Since using this essence, my skin feels smoother, more supple and a lot more hydrated. The dropper design also ensures no wastage.  I would highly recommend this Miracle worker to anyone with mature skin.
A gorgeous serum worth trying, its so smooth and sinks right into the skin, a beautiful  texture to this product I would advise anyone looking for a change but with a brand you can trust, then this would be a good choice, the best serum I've used in the last ten years
So, what can i say about this product?  maybe the fact, that i have 3 back up of it, just so i definitely don't run out of it, speaks for itself. This is like a very lightweight essence, which i use twice a day, before my serum. It absorbs quickly. It doesn't really have a smell and has no color. The package is convenient, plastic bottle with dropper which gives you the exact amount you need. You can take it for travelling. (which i of course did) I used to use it, and i got compliments how bright and smooth my skin was. Then for some reason i wanted to try other products and stopped using it. And did notice a difference. Ever since i introduced it back into my skincare, my skin looks radiant, smooth and healthy. This is definitely a Holy Grail product for me and have been recommending it to people. I think it is fantastic. Big thumbs up from me. PS: i have very sensitive skin and had no issues at all. Exactly the opposite
I started using the Olay miracle boost serum in place of my face cream when the weather started to get warmer.  I also like to switch up my skincare during the year as I find that my skin gets stuck in a rut, especially if I'm using the same products for several months.  Plus it's a good excuse to try some new products!  My skin doesn't need that much hydration as I've got oily/combination skin so a serum was exactly what I needed.  Fine lines and wrinkles were not something I was too concerned with as I'm still in my early 20's but I've read so many articles about how you should start using anti ageing products as early as you can to prevent it from getting worse as you get older so have the added anti ageing benefits was a plus.  The serum had everything I had wanted and being that it was one of the first Olay products I had ever tried I did not know what to expect.  The serum comes in a dropper form and the serum was very lightweight.  Just two to three drops I pressed the serum onto my face and neck.  It felt so silky and because of the lightweight texture it absorbed so easily without leaving a trace of residue behind.  My skin instantly felt hydrated.  After only two days of using the serum I noticed that my skin felt a lot smoother.  My pores weren't as noticeable around my cheeks and nose.  The texture of my skin was a lot softer and it just looked much more even. It gave my skin a nice, healthy glow! Something I hadn't had before.  It revived my complexion and was so amazed at how fast it worked.  I used it both morning and night and sometimes I would use it as a makeup primer because in order to have great looking makeup you need a great base and this serum definitely helped with that.  For my combo skin it was just the right balance of moisture with the added benefits or refining my pores and firming my skin.  A great product for those who want to start using anti ageing products but don't know where to start! It's gentle and great for all ages.
Olay miracle boost is by the far the best product i have ever used on my skin.  It has transformed my dreary skin and given a new lease on life.  This serum was light, smelt divine and was so easy to apply thanks to it's push down lid givng you the correcr application each time.  I have been using this product now for a month and have been complimented daily on my youthful complexion.  This is a wonderful product especially for someone who is constantly on the go.  10/10
I adore olay regenerist products and absolutely love this miracle boost youth pre essence, I have tried the micro sculpting cream with great results and this is a great serum to apply before that. I love to use this both day and night to repair and rejuvenate skin, its super hydrating, sinks into skin well and I noticed a difference in the appearance of my skin almost immediately. It reduced the appearance of my fine lines and pores and worked to rejuvenate skin making it appear more youthful and firmer. the difference is quite obvious and the product feels super light and non greasy to wear. I love the dropper application, so hygenic and great for distributing just the right amount of product. I apply this under my moisturiser for firmer, radiant, smoother skin. I felt this plumped skin without leaving an oily slick but it was also non drying, a really great product for improved skin texture and I highly recommend it
I am madly in love with this product. I have been through so many bottles of it that I have lost count. Pretty much from the very first application I felt and saw a very positive change in my skin and that change just kept on coming.  My skin was looking younger and more vibrant as each day went by.   The bottle comes with a twist off top that houses a dropper so that the product in the bottle is always kept clean and you are not introducing bacteria from your fingers into the bottle.  A few drops of this Pre Essense covers my face and neck and its absorbed into my skin swiftly.  I use it morning and night and for me this is a must have product that I will never be without. Plain and simple...this product works and is worth every cent.  If you want to look younger then this is the product for you.
I bought this during the 40% off Skincare Priceline sale and I am so happy I did! I have already restocked on it because I have finished my first bottle. The serum feels light and hydrating. It is a pre-essence so I use it after toning my skin and before using any serums or essences. It functions to provide hydration to the skin and prep the skin to absorb the skincare products that you layer on top of it. I really enjoyed using this pre-essence and I felt like it made my skin plump, smooth and hydrated without leaving any residue on the skin. It is rather liquidy so it spreads and absorbs into the skin really easily. The pump dispenser makes it really easy to know how much product I should use and the sturdy plastic packaging is light. Honestly, I used only one pump of the product each time and it worked nicely. It made my skin look glowy and plump so I really love it! I would definitely recommend it to anyone and I think it is suitable for all skin types. It smells really nice too, but not over-powering and it did not irritate my skin or broke me out. I think Olay have really great quality skincare produc.
I am convinced "Olay" has created one of the most effective age-fighting products ever. The Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth pre-essence accelerates the building of my skins layers while boosting cell metabolism to reveal skins natural illuminating canvas. Contains a formula with proven ingredients to allow skin to rejuvenate and appear youthful again. I achieve the great results while it provides healthier and younger looking skin that I feel gets better and better.   After many years of climate exposure and ageing, I was not expecting much, but the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth pre-essence has delivered the results I have been looking for. My face feels wonderful when I put it on and noticed my skin feeling and looking firmer instantly. The product is housed in a small attractive bottle that dispenses correct amounts of product for even application distribution.  I have recommended this to friends and family to try something new and very different. I believe the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth pre-essence is helping with my premature Ageing skin and is gentle and beneficial enough to make a big difference in your skins appearance no matter what your age is.  
This was the first time I've ever tried a pre-serum essence or product, and was keen to see what results I'd get from adding this extra step into my skincare routine. I have used this in conjunction with the matching Olay Day and Night Creams. The essence comes in a red, stylish 40mls size bottle with an inclusive dropper, and the essence is transparent with a lovely consistency. It's applied by dispensing 2 x droppers onto my palm and applying lightly & evenly over my face & neck. It's applied post cleanser and before my serum, twice daily. I find the lightweight texture is very easy to apply & absorbs readily, so it really doesn't add too much time to my routine. It's designed to be used in conjunction with the matching Olay Micro-sculpting Day & Night creams for optimal benefits, and I found after a few short weeks that I was really noticing the benefits this range produces. I can honestly say my skin has a beautiful glow, is well hydrated, plumper & smoother after giving this Essence and matching creams a go. This regime works together exceptionally well, taking years off my complexion. I'm really happy with this product & especially how well the trio works together, and will definitely be buying this in the future
I am nearly through the sample I received in my last Beauty Crew box, and I am so glad to have had the opportunity to try it.  I am using it in the mornings underneath my normal day moisturiser, and find it unusually smooth and silky, and absorbs into my skin quickly, enabling me to apply my moisturiser almost straight away (great considering my rushed routine every day).  I helps to plump out my skin too so that my foundation goes on smoothly and does not get greasy throughout the day.  I will most definitely be purchasing this as the price is excellent for such a good quality product.  I feel it well deserves five stars.
I have been using the Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Serum morning and night under the Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Day and Night Creams. I have been using them for 10 days now, religiously....because of the results! I have thoroughly enjoyed using this product. The "dropper" is really good in that it offers exactly what you need to apply and no double dipping. The dropper is easy to use to get the right amount the first time. I don't recall using other applicators with as much simplicity and ease. I often omit serums for the day time. I live in Queensland and it has been extremely hot and humid while I have been using these products. Normally applying a serum makes everything just too suffocating and just melts off anyway. This is the first time I have used a serum in the day time for a long time. This is due to the small amount needed which is helped by the dropper and also because of the application of the product. It goes on smooth, evenly and with ease. It soaks into the skin beautifully and I can apply the moisturiser straight after.  My skin has felt softer and not greasy especially during the day. It is a fabulous product when it is hot. I have been blown away with this aspect as normally I struggle using anything when it is hot and humid. This is the first time in a long time that I haven't wanted to cleanse through the day to get the residue off. I also like the fact that the product seems to be very economical. No need to double dip and the volume of the bottle seems to be generous and also good value for money given the positive results I have experienced using it with it's sister moisturisers. I am 46 years old and have found that my skin tone has become more even. Redness has reduced substantially. The most impressive aspect has been a visible reduction the appearance of a scar on the left side of my face. This has been a massive plus for me. I love the feel of my skin using the products during, straight after and way after that. my skin feels smoother and softer and moisturised.     I would recommend this serum most definitely and would also recommend the day and night moisturisers along with it. I think it is good bang for your buck to be able to get all 3 products that do deliver for under $150. I will continue to use these products.