ProX By Olay Anti-aging 3D Youth Essence Serum

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ProX By Olay Anti-aging 3D Youth Essence Serum is a serum that hydrates to sculpt and firm up skin for a bouncy feel while reducing look of persistent wrinkles. Leaves skin feeling supple after one use. PalPeptide-Gly-N Complex™ with artichoke and carob extract. 0% added fragrance.

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ProX By Olay Anti-aging 3D Youth Essence Serum


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Lovely product

This product is light and easy to apply. The product leaves your skin feeling fresh and dewy. I also noticed my skin to feel more smooth after using for just a few days. It absorbs easily into the skin and doesn’t leave any residue like other similar products can. It is very easy to apply and can be found in convenient retailers. I would highly recommend this product. Good for plumping up fine lines too. The product is odourless and only requires a small amount for full face coverage. Makeup applied over the top with no problems
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Great product

definitely love love love this starter kit, it's awesome in so many ways! I noticed immediately a difference the way my face looked and the way it felt too! After using this for a couple weeks I notice it just keeps getting better! I have been spending so much money on products that don't even do as well as these do. Now I am going to stick with these and am also using some other Olay products too, I am very pleased with everything I have tried so far, plus I am saving a bundle on skin care products. I have always heard such good things about Olay, but continued to spend money on the more expensive products thinking they were better
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Not for me

I recently trialled this product and while it has some positives, it wasn't for me. Firstly, the pump bottle is fantastic, it's the perfect size, the pump is very easy to use and doesn't get stuck or clog up. I also found it was the perfect size to travel with and fits perfectly in my toiletry bag. After applying twice a day for 10 days, I saw minimal difference in my fine lines (31F), I also have sensitive dry skin and while I found the serum has its benefits such as it was extremely hydrating and nourished my skin well during the trial it also caused slight irritation, with subtle tingling and my skin basically looked sunburnt for the trial period. It's a shame because the firmness and moisturing properties were very good.
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I love this!

I love this product, the texture isn't as creamy like and feels very hydrating. Doesn't leave a residue like other products. After a week of using this product I noticed a small reduction in lines around my eye area and noticed my frown lines were not as noticeable. Will be using for a longer period of time to see if it reduces more fine lines. I have been using this every night after I have cleaned my face, and in the morning there is no need to wash off, just apply your moisturizer and apply your make up. Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a fresh feel and youth look.
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Perfect Serum

I have been using the ProX by Olay Anti-aging 3D Youth Essence Serum for the last few weeks and have seen some great results. My skin has more life with spots vanishing and smoothing out, lines vanishing and my skin feels so much smoother. I would recommend this product to anyone who is at an age they want to ensure there skin is staying young. I used to pay more for a serum however will be moving over to Olay as have seen excellent results. My skin used to be dull and lifeless but now I can wake up, use the product in the morning and walk out the door feeling amazing!
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Amazing complexion

Absolutely loving this product. Literally within days of using, my skin is looking more youthful and firm. I’m extremely impressed! I’ve been using a small amount morning and night and my skin is glowing. I have very sensitive skin and it hasn’t caused any irritation. I love the bottle too. An ideal size for transportation. Very pleased and would definitely recommend! I’ve also purchased another for my mum for her birthday and have been spending the word amongst my friends! Definitely hit the jackpot with this gem!!!
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Quality product, meets expectations

ProX By Olay Anti-aging 3D Youth Essence Serum - received sample via post and started applying. The cream is non sticky and not oily,can be effectivekynnky layered under makeup to protect skin - result after just 24 hrs is softer face and more even texture, improved & tone with the use of this product! Can feel the absorption of hydrating elements providing concentrated mostiureb. It also contains Vitamqin E, vitamin B5, glycerin and other beneficial ingredients. Satisfied with product and will continue using daily to monitor progress.
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Smooth Moisturised Skin!

I have been using the ProX by Olay 3D Youth Essence for about 2 weeks. You get a lot of product in the bottle which I think makes it good value for an essence/serum, especially for use day and night. The product is also fragrance-free which is great. I have been using the essence before moisturiser, and on its own (being in Queensland Summer conditions). I love that my skin drinks the product up and looks and feels so soft and smooth after using it. My face even seems firmer and is smoothing out my very small lines between by two eyebrows. The ProX by Olay product range seems to be targeted towards those in their 30's/40's - I am 26 but it's never too early to start a decent skincare regime! Overall I think this product would be great for people of any age to integrate into their daily skincare regime.

Still waiting results

Have only been trying this for a week or so. Nice smooth texture, goes well underneath other skincare products. Will continue to use but still waiting to see results. The bottle is lux and the pump works really well. I use 2 to 3 pumps on my entire face morning and night after a thorough double cleanse and tone . I have had results from other olay products so i have high hopes !! :) I remember family members using this brand when i was younger so its nice that it is still around and being marketed to a younger demographic.
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Love the texture

I love the texture. It’s light, slightly milky but not as thick like a serum. Unlike other water-like essence, this is easy to spread over the face and neck. It’s gentle with no artificial fragrance and suitable for any seasons. I like how it moisturises the skin while keeping it firm. I use it after toner and before the serum and moisturiser. I will recommend to family and friends. It will be very helpful to have an expiry date on the product especially for people like me who likes to buy but tends to forget about them.
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light and improved skin texture

I used a generous amount of it in the first week, I have used 3 pumps all over my face and neck with massaging since there's a lot leftover. Massaging helps my skin to absorb it better, It was easy to spread, not greasy at all and skin just hydrated immediately. So the second week, I just used only 2 pumps since is actually enough for the whole face and neck already. It claims to Hydrates to sculpt and firm up skin for a bouncy feel while reducing look of persistent wrinkles. Leaves skin feeling supple after 1 use. And now after 3 weeks of constant use of the serum, I do feel like my skin is pumped, texture is improved but my fine lines are still around though.
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Loved this product and the entire 3D line

I loved this product from day 1. I have a very sensitive skin, and this serum is exactly the right product for it. It leaves a very light, velvety, non-greasy feeling, and my skin feels perfectly hydrated throughout the day after using this product. I apply it in the morning and in the night after the toner and before the day/night cream. It comes in a nice pump bottle. The lid is well attached to the bottle and does not easily fall off by itself which makes it very convenient to take it to trips without having to worry it will get opened and leak inside my cosmetic bag. I use it in conjunction with other Olay products, and they work together perfectly. The serum has absolutely no scent and is very pleasant to apply. I have only seen such quality from luxury brands and am very pleasantly surprised by Olay. I am very happy about the way my skin looks after using this serum. It is probably early to tell whether it reduced my fine lines after a few weeks, but my skin definitely looks much more refreshed and much more relaxed than before. The only disadvantage of the serum is the relatively small size. Price could also be lower; however, I think it is one of the best products in this price range, and I will happily continue using it for a long time.
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Amazing Serum

OMG I absolutely loved this serum. After many years of trying all different serums this has to be one of my all time favourites. It is so light and sinks into the skin beautifully. A lot of serums feel like water and you waste so much but this dispensers just the right amount. After a month of using this product along with the other products in this range I can definitely see results. I’ve tried so many other brands that promise so much and don’t deliver. I can see why Olay products are always on the top of the list for best products. I will definitely be buying this serum again as it’s so affordable
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Amazing product

Out of all the products in this range the serum is definitely my favourite. Like the rest of the range, these products don’t have a fragrance like most skincare products so that attracted me immediately. As I have sensitive skin any scented products give me rashes so it was a lovely surprise this didn’t have any. I’m the serum comes in a nice simple pump bottle. I apply this serum morning and night after I cleanse and apply the lotion from this range. The serum glides on beautifully and is absorbed nicely into my skin. It feels quite refreshing when applying. After a few weeks of using this range I have noticed my skin looks and feels a lot more hydrated and I have noticed a small reduction in fine lines on my face. This was a lovely surprise as most skin care ranges promote a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles but most fail to deliver. So I used these products with not a great deal of expectation but was pleasantly surprise there a actually a noticeable difference in my fine fines. I’ll definitely continue to use this serum and look forward to seeing more results.
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Leaves skin soft and hydrated

This unscented serum is in an easy to use pump dispenser - it went on well and absorbed quickly. Left my skin feeling soft and hydrated, but not noticeably younger! Would recommend for hydrating and smoothing.
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Just try it - you'll love it

Love love love this serum. Not generally a "beauty regime" kind of person...but I guess I am now. The serum used after the lotion is delicious. So soft. Minimal amount needed and I promise my skin looks amazing after just one month of admittedly not every night use. I'm a newly turned 50 and my face looks and feels so much younger.
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Very light

My face feels smooth and my pore doesn't feel blocked. It makes my skin hydrated and gentle on my skin. My skin texture is look finer, fresher and more youthful. It's definitely made a difference. This product certainly gives my skin an instant boost of hydration and supple when i use it. I highly recommend this product.
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Nice serum

I actually really liked this serum I did find it very hydrating and used with the other 2 products it is a good skincare regime, my skin definitely felt hydrated afterwards but the price point is a little too high and not sure if it's worth the price tag I have tried other serums that are less cost and just as effective.
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A great first serum

Not the best serum I have used but certainly not the worst I have used. It made my skin feel quite smooth and plump - always a bonus! Worked quite well in conjunction with the sister ProX products. The pump feature and zero fragrance was a fabulous inclusion.
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Good serum

I loved the smell and feel of this product. It went on easily and absorbed without that sticky feeling some serums can leave behind. I would have liked a more hydrating feel to it though.