ProX by Olay Brightening Hydrating Essence Water

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ProX by Olay Brightening Hydrating Essence Water is an essence water that helps to interfere with spot formation processes in the skin surface for renewed and visibly brighter skin. SACCHARINA-GLY-N COMPLEX™, helps prevent and reduce appearance of spots. With laminaria saccharina extract, harvested from the northern coast of France, known to effectively reduce discoloration.

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ProX by Olay Brightening Hydrating Essence Water


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ProX by Olay Brightening Hydrating Essence Water

After winter and hormonal breakouts my skin needed a pick me up. The ProX by Olay Brightening Hydrating Essence Water is the first step to use in the trio from the range. After cleansing my skin I followed the instructions and simply applied a couple of drops of the hydrating essence water to a cotton pad and dabbed it onto my face. I found doing so I used a bit more as it absorbed into the cotton pad, it also said you can use it with your palm I found I used less this way. It felt nice hydration and left a moisturised feel on my skin. I didn’t notice any scent it was slightly tingly on my skin after my first couple of uses and the morning after those uses nose was a little flaky and dry in spots particularly on the sides of my nose. I started using it alternate nights/days for my skin to get used to it for about a week then worked my way to using it morning and night. I have noticed a much more brighter skin better skin tone overall and on parts of my cheeks have noticed little parts of fresh clear skin as if some of my acne scarring and pigmentation has separated or faded. This is after using the trio of products I received together which was the Brightening Essence Water, Brightening Spot Essence Serum and the Brightening Repair Cream. I will definitely be continuing my experience after using these products over the last month I am very pleased with the results and can’t wait to see further results. The Hydrating Essence Water comes in a big sized bottle which is amazing I found using it on cotton pads wasted a lot of product and found using it in my palms more effective.
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Skin seems brighter

This was my first experience of a hydrating essence water and I enjoyed using it. Unlike a toner which I feel strips moisture from my skin, this essence seemed to add moisture to my skin by making it more receptive to the serum and smoothing cream. I loved the luxurious look of the colour scheme and the packaging, and my skin did seem brighter by the end of the first month of use.
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Just like any basic toner - no results.

It was just like a regular toner. I used a cotton pad to swipe it over my face, it felt hydrating but unfortunately didn't notice any brightening or other results. I usually skip the toner and prefer to go for an essence or booster as I find that they don't do much for me. Wouldn't purchase. The bottle is nice and big and probably the only good thing about it. Just not for me. Doesn't fit into my skincare routine at all. I prefer more natural and active ingredients too.
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Very hydrating

Product was unfragranced and had a nice texture which absorbed well. It left my skin feeling very hydrated with only a small amount. Didn't notice much of a difference to the overall look of my skin, however would recommend for the hydration.
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Even toned skin

This product has a consistency of Water.It is fragrance free and lightweight. I like to pat it on my skin just after Cleansing. In the Whole Pro Olay x brightening range, I use this as a first step. The product absorbed quickly without leaving any greasiness behind. I initially used it day and night as part of a three Step Process. The first Week of use of the whole range, my skin Started getting dry and flaky. The products made my skin feel tingling. It felt like the products were having an exfoliating result on mySkin. I then Stopped using the products in the morning and only used them as my night Skincare routine. Since then my skin has Settled and looking great. my skin is Clear from breakouts and looks so Plump and even toned. Love that these Products have removed dullness from my skin. the water is so easy to use and leaves my skin feel refreshed.
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Didn't work for me

I used this product for 5 weeks and found that it was good at hydrating my skin. I used it on a cotton pad and used the product both morning and night and I found it made my skin more accepting of the other 2 products. However, I didn't notice any difference to my skin. I do have some discoloration around my forehead and sides of my face, but no real difference was made to the appearance of texture of my skin.
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Didn't perform as well as I had hoped

This was just okay, I didn't love it but I didn't hate it either. It felt a little sticky and didn't improve my skin.
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Too drying for me :(

Although I liked the idea of this "essence water", it didn’t seem to work as well as expected on my skin. I have fairly combo, acne prone skin and after using this it felt a dry and irritated after only one or two nights using it. I didn't see a whole lot of improvement in brightening either so will probably stick to a more traditional toner in place of this moving forward.
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My Secret Water

I greatly enjoyed trialling out the ProX by Olay Brightening Hydrating Essence Water, it was a nice and easy product to use. I simply added the water to my cotton pad and applied to evenly to my face. It absorbed well into my skin and made my skin feel plumper and added a pleasant glow. There was no strong fragrance which I loved and this helped to improve my skin pigmentation each time I used it. Therefore it’s important to use this on a regular basis for the best results. I will definitely purchase this product again as it has been very helpful with my pigmentation and making my skin look brighter and younger. I have been using the water in conjunction with ProX by Olay Brightening Repair Cream and the ProX by Olay Brightening Spot Essence Serum every day and night and this has greatly improved my skin.
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Hydrating dream

This hydrating essence water was great to use, lovely texture and hydrating, resulting in smoother, softer and brighter skin. It absorbs quickly onto the skin and doesn’t leave any residue. Would definitely recommend.
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Interesting product, particularly its texture!

Thanks to Beauty Crew for sending me this essence to trial. I used this essence in conjunction with the Brightening Spot Essence Serum, and the Brightening Repair Cream. I used all three as my night-time skin care for one month, with the only other product a simple cleanser, and occasionally a mask or oil. My morning skincare is simple cleanser and sunscreen/moisturiser. This is a really interesting product. It has a liquid jelly-like feel - thicker than water or other essences I've tried, but not in any way oily. I guess the best adjective I can use for it is "clammy", but I don't mean it in a negative way. I used it by pouring it into my palms and pressing it into my face, so you get a sense of a film going onto your skin. It does absorb into the skin, but it's best to give it a few moments to really sink in. I do feel like the product helped with softness in my skin, and a degree of brightening. Oddly enough I felt there was not as much hydration from this product as I expected, given its milky texture. I have normal to dry skin. The bottle is generously sized, and you don't need to use a lot. Initially I was applying too much, because of the way I was applying with my hands. A 10-cent sized amount, pressed into the face, should be plenty.
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Hydrating and refreshing

This Hydrating Essence Water comes in a 150ml bottle and can be used both day and night after cleansing. The product compliments the other two Olay ProX products I used (Spot Fading Essence and Brightening Repair Cream) really well and has left my skin a lot more hydrated and smooth. This essence has slightly thicker, more milky texture than a regular toner, and as it's concentrated so you don't need to use a lot. I have been applying 3 to 4 drops to my hands and gently patting it into my skin after cleansing. It initially feels a bit sticky, but once it absorbs it leaves my skin hydrated and plump. It doesn't contain any colours or fragrances, which is great for my slightly sensitive skin. I have noticed my skin feels smoother since using this Essence Water, as it has a very mild exfoliating effect. This is a hydrating lotion, ideal to help lock in moisture when used with a serum and cream.
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I used to just use a face mist as the "toner" part of my routine. This product though has changed that. Absorbs into the skin so easily and doesn't have that drying effect. Definitely noticed my skin looking smoother with less spots after using all 3 products in the ProX range.
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Absorbs quickly

I used this twice a day onto cleansed skin, I put a small amount onto my hand and pat it gently into the skin. It comes in a 150ml white bottle with a nozzle to stop you from pouring too much into your hand. The product itself is clear and quite watery like a serum/toner, once on the skin it absorbs quickly and it softens the skin. It has no fragrance which I like because of the number of products I put on my skin, it's nice not to be layering fragrances. Unfortunately, I did not see a reduction in pigmentation, but the product did moisturize and soften the texture of my skin

Very hydrating, easy to use.

Thank you so much Beautycrew and Olay for the opportunity to trial and review the ProX by Olay range. I have been given approximately 5 weeks to trial the whole range of ProX by Olay Brightening range - consists of hydrating essence, a spot fading serum and a brightening repair cream. The whole range features a "Saccharina - Gly - N Complex". Laminaria saccharina extract can be found towards the bottom of the ingredient list in each product. However, I found it more exciting that the whole range contains niacinamide as the 2nd (and in the case of the cream, the 4th) ingredient. Niacinamide has been widely proven to be effective against pigmentation at a concentration of 5% or above. The hydrating essence water itself comes in a big, 150mL plastic bottle. It is fragrance free. It feels luxurious to apply with a slightly more viscous than water texture. I tap this onto my skin using my finger tips without a cotton pad. I found that this essence water is truly hydrating for my skin. When I use this essence water, I do not have to apply my usual mist toner as the essence water supplies enough water content to prime my skin for serum application. Out of the 3 products, the repairing cream does not agree with my skin and so it was continued after 2 weeks. This essence water is my favourite product out of the three. However, I used this essence and the spot fading serum until the end of the trial period (which is approximately 5 weeks). I took a few before and after pictures and I could not see any significant difference, but I am overall happy with the condition of my skin, such as hydration level and smoothness.
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Fragrance free!

I used this product in conjunction with others from the range. I loved using this as step 1, before the serum and moisturiser. It helps to prep my skin and assists the other products. I found that the formulation wasn’t too harsh like many other toners on the market. It is in a large bottle so is quite good value for money. I love that the entire range is fragrance free and has easy to use steps.
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Hydrating booster!

I have not used a hydrating essence water before so having the opportunity to try this product is quite a pleasant one. I feel that this is a great hydrating booster for my skin. It is fragrance free and has a nice silky texture which absorbs quickly onto my skin. I have been using this product along with the Essence Serum and the Brightening Repair Cream which I can honestly say that after a month or so using these products, my skin looks extra glowy and brighter.
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Essence for skin preparation

I found this Pro X by Olay hydrating essence like using a toner but without the astringent stinging that I normally get from toners. I didnt feel like I really saw results with this product but it definitely prepared my skin for the brightening repair cream which I love.
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Fresh and hydrating skin feeling

Something a little different, it's a nice fresh hydrating feeling. I've use this product with the Spot fading essence and Brightening Repair Cream. My skin definitely looks brighter!
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Light and So Moisturising

This is a great product, especially if you're a fan of K-Beauty toners. It has a watery consistency that can be applied with your fingers or a cotton pad. Great for layering with other serums etc because it's super light. Absorbs easily and provides a good level of hydration. Definitely left my skin bright, dewy and glowing. Loving this product and will definitely repurchase.