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ProX by Olay Brightening Spot Essence Serum is a serum that fades the look of dark spots and discoloration for brighter, even skin. SACCHARINA-GLY-N COMPLEX™, helps prevent and reduce appearance of spots. With Laminaria saccharina extract, harvested from the northern coast of France, known to effectively reduce discoloration. Undecylenoyl Phenylalanine and niacinamide reduce dark spots and hydrates skin for even skin tone.

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ProX by Olay Brightening Spot Essence Serum


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Who doesn’t love a serum?

I used this product each morning and night with a view to fading some areas of slight discolouration on my face. Easy to apply, this serum was light and easily absorbed. The consistency is good and it was easy to administer the appropriate amount, using the dropper. I took before and after photographs and I believe I can see some fading of the darker patches on my face, although it is hard to be sure. I plan to persevere in using the ProX Brightening serum with a view to further improvement. I would recommend this serum to others.
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Leaves skin soft and hydrated

A lovely unscented serum which absorbed into my skin without being oily. Left my skin feeling super hydrated and soft, will use again.
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Even toned skin

This serum Comes in a dropper bottle. The consistency of it is not thick not thin. There is no fragrance in the serum. I use this as part of a second step inbthe olay pro x brightening range after the hydrating essence. This serum absorbs easily without issues and does not make my skin feel that it has many products on. Initially in the first week my skin felt dry and flaky. With continued use my skin is tolerating the products very well. This serum makes my skin glow and love that dull skin and rough texture is gone. My skin is so smooth and supple. The acne scars I had also faded which I'm so happy about. The serum has niacinamide which works so well on my skin free from pimples and bright. Impressed with the professional quality of this Olay line.
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Affordable goodness

Lightweight and moisturizing, not oily at all. Although I saw no difference to my pigmentation, I did find this a lovely light product to use on my skin. I used the products morning and night for 5 weeks. It might work better on people with fairer skin and sun spots. My skin had no reactions to the product.
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Best in the range

This was my favourite of the three products in the range. The packaging was lovely, the dropper made it very easy to dispense just the right amount. The serum had a lovely scent and was absorbed very well. My skin can be oily at times and I found it to feel a little tacky until completely absorbed. Unfortunately I can't say I really noticed a difference to the dark spots on my face but it did make my skin brighter overall. I am still on the fence about this one but I think it's because I wasn't keen on the other two products. I'll continue with the essence serum and I'm hoping I love it on it's own.
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Happy with this

I think of all the products in the Olay ProX range, this would be my favourite. I used all 3 for about 3-4 weeks but found the essence water and moisturiser too drying to use every night with this. This serum seemed to have a better reaction with my skin and didn't dry it out too much, when followed with a face oil and a hydrating moisturiser. The serum has a high-end milky consistency, and sinks in nicely to the skin straight away. As for any effects, I've noticed a slight change in my skin's freckles and sun damage, but not a whole lot. I'll happily continue using this for a bit longer though as I think it's a good addition to my current skin routine.
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My Spot Brightener

I greatly enjoyed trialling out the ProX by Olay Brightening Spot Essence Serum; it was very hydrating but still light and not heavy on my skin. The fragrance was pleasant and not over powering which was great, one squeeze was enough to use for one application. When I applied the serum to my skin it wasn’t sticky but absorbed well into my skin. It made my skin feel brighter, plumper and softer, some of my pigmentation on my cheeks seems to look lighter and not so dark, which is wonderful! I will definitely purchase this product again as it has been very helpful with my pigmentation and making my skin look brighter and younger. I have been using the serum in conjunction with ProX by Olay Brightening Repair Cream and the ProX by Olay Hydrating Essence Water every day and night and this has greatly improved my skin.
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Glow serum

This is so hydrating but light and silky. It feels very luxurious. Skin was much brighter and softer after use. Would definitely recommend.
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A pleasure to use

Thanks to Beauty Crew for sending me this serum to trial. I used this serum in conjunction with the Brightening Hydrating Essence, and the Brightening Repair Cream. I used all three as my night-time skin care for one month, with the only other product a simple cleanser, and occasionally a mask or oil. My morning skincare is simple cleanser and then moisturiser/sunscreen, so I kept this for my night routine. I found this produce beautifully formulated in texture, with an easy to use dropper bottle. It claims to fade dark spots. I have a couple of small sunspots on my cheek, which is where I was looking to see improvement. I did not see any marked decrease in the pigmentation. However, I am willing to persist with the rest of the bottle, as I was only using once a day. This serum overall definitely helped my skin look clear and feel soft, particularly used with the other two products in this range. However, I would say it's more brightening than hydrating. I have normal to dry skin, and I did feel sometimes like overall my skin was softer, but not as juicy as I'd like it to be.
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Hydrating, brightening essence

I have visible dark spots and uneven skin tone therefore I was very excited to try this Spot Fading Essence. The essence has a light, milky serum-like texture and comes in a generous sized bottle with a dropper to dispense the product. I was pleased to see there was no added fragrance, so it's ideal for somewhat sensitive skin. The essence absorbs really well leaving my skin looking and feeling dewy, smooth and hydrated. As per the instructions on the box, I use about 2 large drops and gently massage the product on to my face and neck. I have been using it twice daily and my skin does look and feel smoother, with a healthier even glow. I am pleased that it contains Niacinamide, which I can already see has started to give my skin a more radiant, even glow. This essence has a lightweight, non-greasy texture that would suit all skin types. I have noticed an improvement in my skin tone after a few weeks, therefore I would repurchase it.
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Great face serum!

Really love using this product. I received it as part of a trial with all 3 ProX products and really noticed a difference in my skin. I have combination skin and some pigmentation. The serum absorbed into my skin really well. Face felt hydrated. No oily residue. My spots really cleared up. Highly recommend!
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I used this twice a day onto cleansed skin after using the Olay Hydrating essence water, I put a small amount onto my hand with the dropper and pat it gently into the skin. It comes in a 40ml plastic bottle with a dropper nozzle. I think a glass bottle with the glass dropper would have been better packaging. The product itself is clear and thick as your typical serums, once on the skin it absorbs quickly and it softens the skin. It has no fragrance which I like because of the number of products I put on my skin, it's nice not to be layering fragrances. Unfortunately, I did not see a reduction in pigmentation, but the product did moisturize and soften the texture of my skin

No difference to pigmentation but no side effects

Thank you so much Beautycrew and Olay for the opportunity to trial and review the ProX by Olay range. I have been given approximately 5 weeks to trial the whole range of ProX by Olay Brightening range - consists of hydrating essence, a spot fading serum and a brightening repair cream. The whole range features a "Saccharina - Gly - N Complex". Laminaria saccharina extract can be found towards the bottom of the ingredient list in each product. The spot fading serum also contains undecylenoyl phenylalanine, some invitro studies support that it prevents melanin synthesis. However, I found it more exciting that the whole range contains niacinamide as the 2nd (and in the case of the cream, the 4th) ingredient. Niacinamide has been widely proven to be effective against pigmentation at a concentration of 5% or above. undecylenoyl phenylalanine may work in synergy with niacinamide. The spot fading serum itself comes in a 40 mL plastic bottle with a dropper. It is fragrance free. It feels luxurious to apply with a slightly more viscous texture than the hydrating essence. I use this serum after applying the hydrating essence, and concentrate on areas of pigmentation (bridge of the nose and cheekbone areas). Afterwards, I top up my skincare routine with ceramides and a water-retaining serum Out of the 3 products, the repairing cream does not agree with my skin and so it was continued after 2 weeks. However, I used the hydrating essence and the spot fading serum until the end of the trial period (which is approximately 5 weeks). I took a few before and after pictures and I could not see any significant difference, but I am overall happy with the condition of my skin, such as hydration level and smoothness. Overall, the essence water is probably what I would keep using but not the rest of the range. The spot fading essence was okay to use, but it just didn't do anything. The product claims to "Significantly reduces the look of spots in 2 weeks" but it wasn't the case despite using it day and night for approximately 5 weeks.
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Slowly fading sunspots

A great serum which leaves skin feeling hydrated and brighter. I love the pipette style packaging which lets me dispense the correct amount. The formulation is fragrance free, which helps reduce skin irritation. Some of my sun spots did appear to fade or lighten, so I look forward to continuing with this product.
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Lovely Serum!

A very lovely serum. The product absorbs fairly quickly onto my skin, has a nice silky texture, not greasy and leaves a matte-satin finish. I find the 0% added fragrance is very appealing to me since my sense of smell can be quite sensitive with facial products so this element is great. I do have some discoloration on my face, which I can say after using this serum along with the Hydrating Essence Water & the Brightening Repair Cream, the discoloration on my face has improved. After a month using these products, my skin looks extra clear, smooth and definitely brighter.
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Affordable quality serum

I love this gorgeous affordable serum with nice packaging. A little goes a long way. This has evened out my skin tone and left my skin hydrated. My skin looks brighter. Takes the red out of pimples.
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I have been using this Brightening Spot Essence Serum in conjunction with the essence and cream in this range. The Serum comes in a handy dropper bottle making it easy to dispense with no waste. 2 - 3 drops is all you need per application. It is a cloudy white colour and feels light on the skin. I found it absorbed really well however once the cream and my makeup was applied everything started flaking off. My skin has never felt drier than when using this range. It did not hydrate or brighten my skin at all. I won’t be using it again.
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Brightening Serum

It's a light, fragrance free serum that absorbs well. I've use this product with the Hydrating Essence Water and Brightening Repair Cream. Amazing!! My skin looks brighter and feels so soft!
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Clear and Bright Skin

This is a beautifully formulated serum which doesn't feel sticky on your skin. I woke up in the morning with bright and clear skin after using this! Easy to apply with the hygienic dropper applicator. Absorbs well, and feels very moisturising. Helped to fade some dark sunspots, and evened out my complexion.
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Hydrating and brightening serum

I really enjoyed this serum, it was light, fragrance free and very hydrating. I loved the way it made my skin feel fresh and soft after application without any sticky or oily residue it absorbed very well. I have been using the serum with the hydrating water and repair cream for 4 weeks now and I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin tone feels which now looks brighter, less dull and the freckles on my cheeks have lightened slightly.