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Revlon Illuminance™ Serum Tint provides light coverage to instantly and visibly enhance your complexion, to create a natural, healthy-looking glow and even skin tone over time. Visibly reduces dark spots, with results in 4 to 8 weeks. Infused with skincare ingredients, including Ginger Root Extract + Vitamin C + Vitamin E + Triple Hyaluronic Acid to leave skin hydrated all day. Plus, SPF 15 protects skin from UV rays. Lightweight to buildable shades deliver a satin finish.

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Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint


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My new favorite!

I recently discovered this amazing Revlon serum tint and I couldn't be happier with the results! Let me start by saying how pleasantly surprised I was by its affordability. In a world where quality skincare products often come with a hefty price tag, finding something so effective at such a reasonable price was a game-changer for me. One of the first things I noticed about this skin tint is how incredibly lightweight it feels on my skin. It's like a breath of fresh air compared to heavier foundations I've used in the past. Despite its light texture, it still manages to provide impressive coverage, giving my complexion a beautifully natural look. Speaking of coverage, that's another aspect of this product that I love. It strikes the perfect balance between evening out my skin tone and letting my natural beauty shine through. It doesn't mask my features or feel heavy and cakey like some other products can. Instead, it just enhances my skin's natural radiance, leaving me looking fresh-faced and glowing. What really sets this serum tint apart for me, though, is the way it feels on my skin. It's so comfortable and breathable that I often forget I'm wearing anything at all. Plus, knowing that it's formulated with nourishing ingredients gives me peace of mind that I'm not just covering up my skin but also taking care of it. Overall, I can't recommend this Revlon serum tint enough. Whether you're a makeup minimalist like me or someone who loves a more natural look, this product is a must-have. It's affordable, lightweight, and delivers beautiful, natural-looking coverage that lasts all day.
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Pleasantly surprised

The Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint is great! I was skeptical at first, I haven’t bought a “drugstore” type of foundation for ages - usually going for pricier brands, but I really like this and would repurchase- especially with the current cost of living and rising cost of luxury brands. It's lightweight, blends wonderfully, provides decent coverage. It’s nice and dewy and lasts well over the day. The tube packaging is travel-friendly, and a little goes a long way, making it economical. I have sensitive pregnancy skin, and haven’t had any issues. Love it!
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Lovely tint

I enjoy the light to medium coverage that this tint offers. It is enough to cover my redness but not to heavy that it settles into pores and fine lines. It gave me a healthy glow with a satin finish and best of all it did not irritate my highly sensitive skin. It applied easily over my skincare products and sunscreen. I was able to apply it with just using my fingers but also with using a foundation brush or beauty blender sponge. I preferred the finish that I got from using the beauty blender. It wore well during the course of the day and it was easy for me to apply the rest of my makeup over it. I have tried other tints before and found that they were to drying on my forehead which ended up settling into my forehead wrinkles. This was luckily not the case with this Revlon tint. I absolutely love the shade options available in this range. I will definitely be purchasing this again. Best tint I have tried in a long time.
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Makes my skin glow

I love this product! So glad I was able to try it because this is now a staple in my morning routine. It’s so easy to apply – so light, smooth and easily blends with what ever else I’ve put on my face. Because I have some faint scarring from previous adult acne, I’ve always been mindful of the products I use because I don’t want anything to trigger a flare up. After doing a spot check the first time, I added this to my routine and so happy that I did. Along with my everyday moisturiser, this serum gives my skin a natural, healthy-looking glow, and covers up some scars that I’m always so conscious about. The packaging as well is so travel friendly, and I like that it’s a tube rather than in a glass dropper, despite being a serum. The added SPF 15 is just one more thing to love, because that’s another layer of protection for my skin from the sun. Overall, great product!

Good coverage, Dewey finish

This is a really great serum tint. It is buildable and lightweight to wear very comfortably. It has a medium coverage that looks really natural and it is also quite hydrating, it leaves my skin looking Dewey and fresh and it lasts all day. It’s great for sensitive skin and never irritates, it contains goodies for my skin to improve its appearance and it also covers dark spots and pigmentation well. The tube is easy to use, handy and convenient and there is no waste. I find a little goes a long way and it spreads easily so it’s quite economical. Overall a good product I would use again
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Skincare + Makeup Hybrid Superstar!

The Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint is the perfect product for me! I am not a fan of full-face coverage for everyday wear and needed something that provided a light tint just to smooth out those minor imperfections. What makes this product even better is it visibly improves your skin over time, with superstar ingredients such as ginger root extract, hyaluronic acid, and vitamins c and e. I have been using this Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint for about 4 weeks now and can say it really does care for your skin. The SPF 15 is also an added bonus layer of protection for those incidental moments when outdoors. A huge fan!
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A pleasant surprise

I was pleasantly surprised by this tint to be honest. It is really lovely and came on a perfect time as I have been looking for something more natural for my face. It looks thick and oily when squeezing it out and looks quite thick on application, however, it smooths out super nicely and is not oily or cakey what so ever. I love how it evens out the skin tone and is quite natural. the shade match was also perfect and blends in with my skin tone very well. It also last the whole day and I have not experienced it going into creases. Will definitely buy this once I run out of all my other foundations.
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Makes a good skin day great

I would purchase this illuminance serum tint from Revlon again. I would recommend this product is more suited to those without acne/ breakouts as I find this can highlight those blemishes. If my skin is clear this has been really nice to wear. The texture is very light and smooth. This serum does have a slight smell, almost like oats but I did not find it unpleasant. This serum comes in a convenient 28ml tube and is super easy to apply which I found very useful when on the go. I tend to not wear foundation unless I have a special occasion, but this has been enjoyable to wear daily. It evens out of my skin tone without making my look like I am wearing a face full of foundation. The range of shades offered is great, I managed to choose the right on online.
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Love this product

I highly recommend the Revlon serum skin tint, I felt this was a very light weight make up but still can build up for a fuller coverage, I felt it looked so natural looking and was so easy to apply on the face. When I wore this product I got so many compliments throughout the day, it wore well throughout the day I didn’t have to fix it up at all. I was with kids all day and worse thing is when baby’s grab your face and leave marks within your makeup but this didn’t happen it was a surprise at how well this stayed. When taking off the makeup it was so easy and I felt like my skin didn’t break out at all. Even the next day it was still great my skin was very hydrated and clear. I still always recommend putting moisturiser on before applying any makeup
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Loved this skin tint

This product worked really well on my normal and sensitive skin type. The formula is on the thicker side but a little goes a long way and clearly has buildable coverage. This is perfect for every day use as it feels super light but long lasting on the skin. I found it to be quite hydrating too and felt it was easy to clean off at the end of the day and my skin felt and looked good. I am not usually someone who wears skin tints or foundation everyday but after trialling this skin tint I will definitely be grabbing it more often! I would highly recommend this product to people with normal skin for everyday use.
Incentivized Review

Gives a nice glow!

I have normal skin with some redness from old acne scarring which has not fully healed yet. I found this product easy to apply to the skin but not easily buildable (as it claims you can do). This is the perfect product for someone who has perfect to near perfect skin with no texture or redness. If you have imperfections they will still be very noticeable. Not necessarily a negative but something to be aware of. It gives your skin a lovely glow!! I was also impressed with how well the colour I chose matched my skin tone. I appreciated that the packaging is a tube rather than a dropper which some other companies are using for a similar product. It’s much less messy when packaged in a tube. The downside of the product is that it does slightly transfer so you would need to set it with some powder/setting spray to counteract this. Would I rush out to purchase this product once it was empty? No. But it’s not a bad product, just suited to someone with a different skin type/condition to me.
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Perfect natural finish

Really love the skin-like natural finish of this product. Provides really good, medium to light coverage, easy to apply with fingers and buffed out with either a brush or sponge. Smooths out pores and lines, evens out skin tone and has a nice dewy finish. Lasts all day with a primer and setting spray. I've been using the shade 317 which is perfect for my medium skin with neutral /yellow undertone. Great for a no-makeup look, is perfect if you want something natural that also gives decent coverage.
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Beautiful sheer coverage that lasts all day.

I really love this product. A few years ago I gave up wearing full coverage foundation due to my older skin and also because I like the look of a sheer dewy face much more. The tinted serum I had been using was $75 and the best I had found until……. I had the opportunity to trial this serum from Revlon. I love it!!! The shade match is perfect. It is blendable and dewy and plays well with my cream blush, concealer and setting powder. It lasts throughout the workday and still looks nice at the end of the day. It has a lovely low key scent and enough coverage to even out skin tone and hide minor imperfections while still remaining sheer and light. My face could breathe and still looks like my face. This will be my new face cover going forward and I am so glad I was able to trial this lovely product!
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Minimal Natural Glow

The Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint provides provides a nice light coverage for a simple and clean complexion, and can be built up a bit further if preferred. It is nice and lightweight for daily wear, and has SPF which is a plus! Perfect for the minimalistic daily wear. The Serum Tint comes in a tube container, which is easy to squeeze on to fingers and applying to my face. You can also use sponges or brushes if you prefer. It went on smoothly, and feels more like a tinted moisturiser or BB cream, leaving my face with a healthy looking natural glow evening out my skin tone. Personally not a fan of the scent, but it does somewhat mellow out during the day. Will need to use this for longer to really notice if it reduces any dark spots, but I am happy with the overall coverage and glow from using the Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint. The tube also makes it super easy to take or travel with, and used for any touch ups during the day or night.
Incentivized Review

Fantastic Serum!

This product is fantastic. The coverage is fantastic for a tint, buildable if you need it to be. It didn't feel heavy or cakey on the skin, it just melted in. I loved applying it just with my fingers for a super quick application - no fuss, and it did a fantastic job of application too. This is perfect for the day to day, quick option that really evens out your complexion, and feels great on the skin. While I love the idea of it being a serum with added benefits for my skin, I feel the tint in itself is a winner without.
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Protecting and nourishing with good coverage

If you're looking for a face base that provides another layer of SPF, is infused with protecting and nourishing Vitamin C and Vitamin E, and that also provides good coverage and color - this serum tint is perfect. The serum is quite a rich consistency - it provided full coverage that was a little too thick for me. I used a damp sponge to sheer and blend it out, which gave me a nice glowy finish - it's perfect for dry or mature skin. For anyone with oily skin, setting it with a little translucent powder on your T-Zone works a treat. Although this is a 'serum tint', it can be used in place of a foundation or a BB cream. It is long-lasting, but does transfer if not set - I recommend using a setting spray to counter this. The Vitamin E infusion is nourishing and keeps your skin feeling hydrated after application. I rated Revlon's Serum Tint a 4 out of 5 starts, as it was a little too thick for me and my perception of a 'serum tint'. Less is definitely more.
Incentivized Review

Great Serum Tint option

I don't like using heavy or full coverage foundation. I find they tend to look too dry and feel heavy on my face, so I always opt for sheer to medium coverage foundation. I was excited to receive and try out this Revlon Tint. I have applied it a couple of times to suss out whether it performs exactly the same each application. I have found that the tint gives medium coverage, and looks fine as long as you don't apply more than one layer. It definitely gave me a glow that I loved. I also loved the benefits of this tint, they all seem to work well together. I did not have any pilling or seperation. It's definitely worth giving this Tint a go.
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Revlon Illuminance Serum Tiny

The Revlon Illuminance Serum tint is a good, light coverage foundation. I liked the coverage, as it covered any blemishes, but looked light, natural, and it wasn’t “too much”. It was quite easy to apply and blend out, and I feel that it made my skin glow. I didn’t really care for the smell, it was a bit strong for my liking. It was lightweight, but I could still feel it on my skin for a while after application. However, these are minor complaints and can easily be overlooked. Overall, I really liked this foundation, and I love the way it looks. It is a great every day foundation, and I will continue to use this. Would definitely recommend to others!
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Best serum invention ever!

I was super excited to find out that Revlon illuminance serum tint is a skincare with a hint of foundation. The serum texture was Uber hydrating and easily absorbed. It gave my skin a healthy dewy glow. I noticed that its coverage is lightweight and sheer which is perfect for people looking for a natural makeup look. I normally apply concealers to cover dark spots and dark circles, I find that the light coverage does enough to brighten those area eventhough it’s not fully concealed. I actually prefer the fact that the serum provides light coverage enough to make you look less tired without looking cakey or dry like most concealers. The serum tint is a great invention for busy girls on the run to work!
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Must have Revlon Serum Tint

Great coverage for a tint. It’s so smooth to apply and you can apply little or more depending on the occasion. It feels so soft and nourishing on my skin and hides the pores well. It has a great satin finish and feels moist in your skin. The Revlon Illuminance Serum Tint is a product I now use everyday because I love the feel. The serum tint colour I tried was 317 and the colour is perfect for my skin. The tube looks small but plenty of product and easy to access and apply. It feels more healthier and natural on my skin and people have commented on how my skin looks with this product. I highly recommend this product to all my friends and family members.