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Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is a serum that helps to combat the signs of ageing, environmental factors and stress. With daily use, skin appears smoother, wrinkles are less noticeable and skin becomes more resilient against environmental aggressors. Can be used as a pre-treatment to boost the effects of other skin care products that are layered over the top.

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Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate


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Powerful concentrate

I can't fault this concentrate because I immediately noticed an improvement in my skin when I applied it, even after the first use. I noticed that my skin looked instantly brighter and more alive. I loved that it protects my skin from external aggressors, therefore I apply mine, during the day before my moisturiser, especially if my skin looks like it needs a boost. It doesn't have a strong fragrance and absorbs easily into the skin without irritation. The only down side to this product, would be that its not at everyone's price point.

Long time fan of Ultimate

I used to work for Shiseido and still buy this years later as think it is superior to other serums on the market- love it.
The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is an anti-ageing product and it does just that. I'm always looking to rewind the clock on my face and neck especially now I'm getting more mature in age, just like a fine wine.  But seriously the results using this product are truly undeniable. The application of the product is extremely easy and it doesn't take too long to see results. I’ve experienced bad reactions with some other well branded anti-ageing face serums so this was a pleasant surprise. I personally only apply the Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate once daily, instead of using it both morning and night like many other face serums suggest. My initial experience with the face serum was really good but I feel customers should be careful when using any product like this and do a patch test first. Overall  the product has up to date anti-ageing properties, it performs quicker than other face serums tried and tested. Fairly high price tag but I can actually noticeably see real results. 
I purchased this when it was first released and am not a fan. It feels beautiful and smooth on the skin and absorbs quickly and with no stickiness. It just didn’t do anything for my skin. I didn’t notice a difference straight away but kept using it hoping it was doing something (and because it’s expensive). The telling thing was that when I ran out and stopped using it my skin didn’t change at all. There was no difference whatsoever. It was just an extra step in my routine that had been doing nothing of benefit.
I used a tester size of this product which lasted me about a good 8 months. I never noticed any difference in any aspect of my skin other than slight hydration with this product. The only major difference I noticed was an overall more even texture of the skin. I no longer have any severe cracking near the sides of my nose - so my makeup looks better. However on application it feels sticky and takes its time to soak into the skin. And unfortunately I didn't notice any difference in the reduction of fine lines on my face. Therefore I definitely recommend opting for something which is more potent to target these things especially if you're older.
I got a sample of this Shisheido serum from Myer when I purchased some skincare recently and it was amazing. It glided on my face beautifully. It left my skin glowing. The full size product is quite expensive but it makes your skin feel fantastic, so I would definitely purchase it when I am due for more skincare. The actual bottle looks gorgeous and I would be very proud to have it sitting on my bathroom counter. I would recommend this product for anyone who is wanting to improve the appearance of their skin.
This Shiseido Ultimune serum/concentrate is definitely one of the prettiest beauty products I own and I just love the beautiful bottle! This product is expensive and indulgent, but I do find a little goes a long way so I can justify spending extra. The product has a lovely light texture, that is instantly absorbed into the skin and doesn’t feel sticky at all. It almost has a light sorbet like texture because I feel like it melts into my skin. My skin looks and feels so much more hydrated when I use this serum and my moisturiser glides on beautifully on top of this, to create a gorgeous dewy glow. My skin is mature, normal to dry, therefore I do need an extra product before I apply my moisturiser. This product was recommended to me by a friend who always has radiant, glowing skin.  Ultimune is more effective than many of the hydrating or anti-aging serums I have used in the past which are often to runny or sticky. This one is hydrating and pleasant to apply, because it helps plump up my fine lines and dehydrated skin. There is a subtle but pleasant fragrance, and it contains some interesting plant based ingredients. This product has helped improve the texture of my skin, which was dehydrated and rough before I started using it. I use about two pumps both morning and night before my day and night creamd and I definitely do feel like they absorb better into my skin. I wake up with a healthy glow on my cheeks and I look well rested. During the day my makeup applies better and doesn’t settle into my lines and wrinkles. This is a fantastic product and is worth the price in my opinion, as it’s concentrated and can last for months. It is one of my beauty must haves and I recommend this product to anyone who wants a luxurious and high quality daily skincare treatment.
I was SO happy to see this in my Beauty crew parcel! I would not have purchased otherwise as it is too far out of my budget.  The bottle looks so gorgeous and luxxe on my bathroom vanity, definately one to keep on display. I have been using this one now in the PM before my nightly moisturiser for about a month. My skin is oily and had hyperpigmented patches so a serum is something I was looking at adding into my skincare regime. I also get my skin micro needled on a regular basis and loved that I could add this product into my after care routine as well. I have noticed my skin is looking alot less sallow and more radiant and dewy. It has definitely helped with the overall appearance of my skin and you only need a very small amount so it really does last. Thank you so much Beauty Crew!
I was so excited to try this product, having never used any Shiseido skincare before, I was pleasantly surprised to find this in the package of products to review. The packaging is so luxe, a heavy glass bottle with pump, with an ombré red design.  The product is a nice slightly thick gel consistency, that has a very feint citrus scent. I used two pumps and gently massaged the product into the skin, it is absorbed quite quickly on my skin and my skin felt hydrated and smooth. I noticed that it helped to plump out the skin and help to lessen the appearance of dehydration lines.  When reading online about the product, it was hard to get a true definition of what this product actually is, I would call it a serum that is able to be layered with others, as it is said to work well and improve the effectiveness of other skincare products.  I found it made my skin look more glowing and also made my makeup look better as well. It didn’t interact with any of my other skincare products, just made everything work seamlessly together. It was not overly nourishing either, so I think this product would be great for all skin types. I would definitely consider purchasing it again in the future. 
As a skincare fanatic, I’m a bit ashamed to admit I didn’t know about pre-serums before trialling this so it was a product I particularly looked forward too. A pre-serum is something you use after your cleanser and toner, but BEFORE your regular serum and moisturizer. Shiseido’s pre-serum is supposed to boost your skin’s immunity, helping your lotions and potions be better absorbed by the skin and work more efficiently. This serum comes in a metallic glass bottle with pump dispenser. The formula is a rich, condensed texture which pleasantly surprised me as it quickly absorbs into the skin. It also has a smoothing layer of moisture that protects the skin throughout the day that gives it quite a soothing feel to experience. It has a pleasant green floral scent which is both relaxing and energizing. Ultimune is designed for all skin types and age groups, regardless of skin concerns and it is really effective for anyone looking to take down inflammation like redness, irritation, and dry patches in their skin. I loved it. Not only will Shiseido's Ultimune enhance your skin's immunity and shrink the appearance of your pores, but it will also give you a boost of confidence! If it weren't so pricey it would definitely become a staple in my beauty routine.
Just holding this product in my hand makes me feel all fancy. It's a price that's worth it and the packing is so gorgeous. But the actual serum is the best. I've tried so many expensive serums from high end brands but this is gold. I like to apply it on my clean face before bed and then layer with my eye cream, moisturiser. It also helps reduce bumps and smoothens my skin. I would recommend this if you are trying to find that right one for glowing, silky, and healthy skin. Ps: a little goes a long way and I only use one and a half pumps for my face and neck.
I have tried a number of serums from other high-end brands but I was so excited to try this expensive serum from Shiseido.   Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate comes in a pretty red glass bottle. I really like its packing because it comes with a pump which is so easy to use. The instructions are clear on the packing which makes application very easy. I use it as pre-treatment but I prefer to use it as serum.   The serum itself is white coloured and smells great. Although I do not like to use fragranced skin care products but this one has such pleasant refreshing scent.   It has silky velvety texture which feels very luxurious. It is not sticky or oily and has ideal consistency, not so thick and not so runny. For me 2-3 pumps are enough for each use. This serum quickly absorbs into my skin without leaving any residue. I applied moisturiser after it which also absorbs quickly.   It instantly makes my skin silky soft and keep it hydrated for hours. Even my makeup glides smoothly over it. I feel that it also works as a primer as it smooths my skin and prevent it from drying.  I can compare it with Laura Mercier Primer which has same consistency and feel.   I am using it for more than 2weeks and I can see improvement in my skin. First of all ,it increased the hydration level of my skin.  Even in this cold winter weather, my skin feels healthy and well hydrated. I have some dry patches around my lips and on my forehead. This serum also helped to make them disappear.  The texture of my skin improves a lot and my fine lines look much smoother. I wake up with fresh, healthy and youthful skin each day Overall, I really like this serum, it makes my skin soft, smooth and hydrated. I hope that regular use will bring more improvements.  It is expensive but (considering the results) it worth’s the money.  
Thanks BC & Shiseido for the opportunity to trial this serum. I have used Shiseido skincare in the past, but never tried this product before.  I am in my mid 50's and have combination skin. I actually had a GWP size range of Shiseido Ibuku Skincare already at home, so decided to use the Ibuku cleanser, toner & moisturiser along with this serum, and have been truly delighted with the results. This serum comes boxed, and is a generous 50mls size - enough for a couple of months regular use.  It is housed in a bright red glass bottle with a hygienic pump dispenser.  It's definitely the best looking product in my bathroom!  I use after toner, and only need 2 light pumps to cover my face, neck & decolletage. It is pleasantly fragranced, has a delightful texture and sinks in easily. I do give it a couple of minutes to absorb properly prior to moisturising. After 2 weeks regular use, my combination (and ageing!) skin is looking and feeling very strong, supple and healthy.  I have experienced no breakouts & any dry patches have disappeared completely, so this regime is working a treat for me. I am looking forward to seeing how my skin continues to respond in coming months - I am sure this serum has already made a positive change to my skin & will continue to do so. Highly recommended.
I was extremely excited to try the Shiseido Ultimune PowerInfusing Concentrate!!! I love serums and the older I get the concerning it is for me to use product that help minimise the signs of ageing.   The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is designed to make the skin appear smoother, make wrinkles less noticeable and help the skin be more resilient against environmental aggressors. Well it sounds fabulous and I was keen to try!   The packaging is gorgeous. It comes in a glass container that’s ombre red/pink and white with a pump dispenser. It has 50 ml of product. The concentrate has a light soft scent that I like.   The directions for the Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate recommend that it be applied morning and night after cleansing but before moisturising. Two pumps is enough of the product for my face and neck. The consistency of this concentrate is like a lightish liquid. It is extremely easy to apply to the skin and smooth in – it just glides on and absorbs easily without leaving any oily or greasy residue.   I have only been using this serum for a few weeks, so I would love to come back and update my results after say a month and half(especially so I can provide an update on how it helping with the fine lines).   So far though the results have been really positive for my skin. When I use this concentrate my skin feels much more hydrated all day, and I feel like over the course of a couple of weeks my skin tone is really evening out and there is much less redness. My skin is more radiant and glows with each day that I use this concentrate. I do feel like it is helping to minimise the effects of ageing.   At $125 it is on the expensive side but if my skin keeps improving and I see good results then I would consider Shiseido Ultimune PowerInfusing Concentrate as a good investment for my skincare routine. 
I am a big fan of Shiseido skincare and Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate does not disappoint. This sophisticated and hydrating serum is packaged in a beautiful red glass bottle with a pump applicator. From the moment I realised it is designed to hydrate skin and protect from signs of ageing, I was sold! Fragrant with a perfume-y scent that subtly lingers on skin, Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate feels lightweight and absorbs fairly quickly, leaving behind only a trace of the product and skin that feels silky smooth and flawless. Because it makes skin feel so smooth, Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is perfect to wear under makeup as a hydrating base to help your makeup last. This gorgeous serum has certainly helped to hydrate my skin in a matter of weeks, and I have experienced no irritations to its ingredients. If Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate could reduce the appearance of dark circles then it would be a miracle product! Until then, I will enjoy its hydrating and anti-ageing properties and use an eye cream specific to this concern. The hydrating fluid is luxurious, and the glass bottle adds an element of chic sophistication something I am sure would be reflected in its price point. I would love to continue using Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate in future because it has really helped my skin look and feel fantastic, but sadly I don't think I can afford another bottle anytime soon.
This was the product that stood out the most when I received my SuperCrew parcel.  I have never used a Shiseido product before or even heard much about it at all, but I could tell from the elegant pink glass bottle and packaging that this was a luxurious and no doubt expensive product. To use you pump a tiny amount onto palm of hand and smooth the silky serum-like liquid over cleansed and toned skin. I smell alcohol quite strongly with this product with a slight floral fragrance. I was worried the alcohol would be drying to my skin (as it generally is) and I try to avoid products with it as a main ingredient. The concentrate absorbs quite quickly and leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. I feel this product doesn't do a lot alone but does help my serum and moisturiser absorb better which results in smoother,more hydrated skin. The alcohol also did not dry out my skin as I worried it might. I love using this and feeling my skin each morning as it is so so soft after using this. I wouldn't buy again at full retail price however,but may if the price was right. Pros Beautiful, elegant glass packaging that looks gorgeous on the shelf A little goes a long way so it will last many months Helps products applied after it absorb better and be more effective. Leaves skin soft and smooth Cons An extra step in skin care routine Quite expensive Main ingredient is alcohol
Skincare booster serum is a novelty to me. So I was super excited to test this fancy product packaged in elegant red glass pump airless bottle. Serum is very light on the skin, smells like perfumed alcohol, luckily it does not linger for a long time. Leaves skin so silky smooth, very smooth to the touch. When applying my usual skincare over it after it has absorbed, everything just glides like over silk. My pores did not start to congest after 3 weeks of use. Usually before I would have to use mud masks, clarifying masks and scrubs at least 2-3 times per week, not since using this serum. As for the "boosting" effect, I do not think it made any other difference to my skin.
Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is a serum to be used twice a day.  It comes in a large bottle that is quite heavy, with a very easy to use pump.  One pump is enough for your face, if you want to apply it to your neck, then use another pump for that.  The serum is lovely, like a pearl in colour, so very light and soothing, gentle on the skin, absorbs rapidly and leaves no greasy or heavy feeling.    I used this serum twice a day, after cleansing and toning, both morning and night.    It is lovely and light, soaks in so quickly and allows you to apply your day or night cream on a smooth and well hydrated base.   The serum instantly hydrates your skin, which is great as it means your makeup will go on much more evenly and smoothly. After a few weeks, I could definitely see that my skin is more hydrated, less dry than it normally is, a little plumper, probably due to be being more hydrated and my makeup goes on much more evenly and looks better.  My skin looks more radiant and healthy.   I feel my fine lines are looking less intense, and this great, as it means I good about myself and using the product,   Advantages Serum is super light, therefore suitable for every skin type Feels lovely on the skin Adds  instant hydration Lines are less intense Skin  overall looks radiant and healthy A good investment in your skin, and you don't need to use a lot I recommend this product to anyone who wants better skin.  It adds hydration, works on fine lines and wrinkles, and generally improves the overall total look of the skin.
Thank you beautyCrew for the oppurtunity to trial this product as part of the superCrew crewkit. The trial period was less than 3 weeks. Ideally I would like to trial a skincare product for much longer before writing up the review. Unfortunately the review is due today so I do not have the luxury of time. I also note that since I am using a course of AHA in the evening, I had only been replacing my day serum with this Shiseido Ultamune, but not the evening. I have been using this once daily instead of twice as instructed. As such, this is only a preliminary review. When I first read the ingredient I wasn't overly impressed by the inclusion of alcohol (ethanol) as the second ingredient. I could smell the alcohol immediately upon first application.  Some products containing alcohol dry out my skin, whereas others don't.  So I just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. After 2.5 weeks of using this once a day I come to the conclusion that I quite like this product  it is very lightweight, easy to absorb, and it has a brilliant cosmetic illuminating effect immediately after application.  It is subtle and it shows up nicely under makeup. It makes my skin look healthy. Base on using it only once a day for the short 2.5 weeks I am not able to conclude that it has done anything good to my skin. But I do not feel that my skin is dehydrated or dried by the alcohol. In fact, my skin looks and feels healthy. In the weeks to come I wish to use it twice a day once I finished my evening AHA products. This would be a real test to see if the serum works for my skin. 
I’ve always wondered what Shiseido products were like, and now I know- wow! I love skin care and have tried quite a lot of products and brands, but no other product has impressed me as much as this one from Shiseido. There are so many things to like about this product, I don’t know where to start! Firstly, the red pump packaging is beautiful and feels substantial. Secondly, the texture of this serum is amazing! Usually I find serums a bit sticky, however this is a gel-like serum with no sticky-ness at all. I only need a couple of pumps to cover my face and it applies and absorbs effortlessly, leaving my skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Lastly, I have definitely noticed an improvement in the texture and overall condition of my skin. If that’s not testament enough, my husband also tried it and loved it! At $125 for 50ml it is pricey, but if you are looking to invest in your skincare, I’d definitely recommend this product. Two big thumbs up!