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Skin Therapy Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Serum

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Skin Therapy Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Serum is a natural serum that lifts, re-volumises and smooths skin. The anti-ageing formula contains Dragon’s Blood, a unique tree sap extract, to deliver noticeable results and more youthful looking skin instantly.


Skin Therapy Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Serum


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I love the feel of this serum it leaves my skin feeling hydrated, but at the same time I haven't seen much of a difference in regards to instant results. It does however  leave skin smoother after complete use. For the price it isn't all that bad as hydration is key to healthy skin.
Lovely smell, lightweight and smooths on easy. I have been using it every morning since I received it in my Parcel. My skin feels hydrated but doesn't change the look. But at my age....hydration should help me look better in years to come :) Good product at a good price.
My skin looks tighter and smoother where I had fine lines. For a product this inexpensive, I would highly recommend.
I love using this serum, I use it morning and night, my skin looks smooth and hydrated.
Im actually  happy my skin is smoother less lines and less blotchy areas. I use to always put my make up on even just to go to shops but I actually just put a bit of powder on yesterday as I felt my skin looked great. So far so good
Dragon's Blood products are my current favourite. It's economical and easy to purchase with my vitamins at Priceline. It's a great serum that takes a minute to soak into my skin but when it does i feel really hydrated. I use the serum daily prior to my moisturizer and it's just a really nice base for my face (I'm a poet and didn't even know it) For the price, i highly recommend this serum
I received this In my parcel. I have been using it morning and night prior to moisturising. I have not seen any long lasting effects so far but do like the way it make my skin feel.
Mine came in the mail from The parcel, I was very excited when I first received it and started using it straight away. The smell of the product is decent, not too over powering or strong. The texture is smooth and leaves supple skin. I apply Skin Therapy Dragon’s Blood Sculpting Serum in a lifting motion and I've been using it for 4 weeks now but haven't seen any extraordinary effects yet. For this price I think it's a good serum for hydration.
Great base for my makeup each morning, leaves a smooth and hydrated feeling. I didn't notice any outstanding effects on my skin however.
This is a good basic serum which is lightweight - making it ideal for morning or night. Unfortunately I don't think it had any visible effect on my skin or any lasting benefits,