This viral eyeliner trend gives the term ‘puppy eyes’ a whole new meaning

And as for the cats vs dogs debate? All bets are off

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / February 23 2022

As far as eyeliner goes, we’ve always been loyal to a classic cat eye.

But we have to admit that every now and again an eyeliner technique comes along that makes us rethink everything and feign creativity – even if just for a moment. 

Floating liner captivated us (and Gigi Hadid) for longer than we’d care to admit.  

And while we’re on the subject of celebrity eyeliner looks, we’ve been so bombarded with makeup artist magic over the last couple of years that we’re after some much-needed breathing room from the rich and famous’ daring eye looks (courtesy of their glam squads). 

But right when we think we’re tapped out when it comes to eyeliner, a new trend infiltrates our space and makes us realise there’s more to explore in the world of eye makeup. 

Get your favourite liquid eyeliner at the ready because we’re taking a crack at the K-Beauty puppy eyeliner trend.

What is puppy eyeliner?

Puppy eyeliner plays on the droopy, puppy-eyed expression of man’s best friend. 

Designed to flatter hooded eyes that don’t play well with a traditional cat eye, puppy liner follows the downward curve of the top lid to create an inverted version of the classic eye makeup technique.

The creative kids over on TikTok have been teaching us all how to finesse the Korean beauty trend with handy tutorials…

OG puppy eyeliner

As aforementioned, the classic puppy eyeliner technique involves flipping the script (literally) on a classic cat eye flick. 

Embellishments can be made, of course, to further define your subverted wing. 

Embrace the current K-beauty affinity for ‘tired eyes’ and enhance your under eye bags with a subtle haze of taupe eyeshadow.

Or highlight the downturned shape of your wing with an accenting line of white eyeliner.

Faux-lashed puppy liner

Take cues from Betty Boop and draw a few faux lashes on for good measure using your liquid eyeliner.

Brown puppy eyeliner

Mute the cartoonish vibe and opt for brown eyeliner instead for a more natural, eye-enhancing look.

Subtle, smokey-eyed pup

Not a huge fan of bold liquid eyeliner? Soften the edges of your puppy liner with a brown eyeshadow and smudging brush for a subtle, smokey-eyed look that’s a little more wearable. 

Let’s just admit it, TikTok has a chokehold on the way we do our makeup now. We’re still trying to finesse the floating lashes trend, if we’re being honest. 

Main image credit: @ponysmakeup

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