Zoë Foster Blake just shared her 5-minute skin care routine


Perfect for WFH and “occasional Corona crying”

Beauty Crew Junior Digital Content Editor / March 30 2020

As far as beauty guru’s go, Zoë Foster Blake has a fairly good handle on navigating the often-complex world of skin care and makeup. The former beauty editor, author and founder of skin care brand Go-To has shared her knowledge with us once again, taking to Instagram to post a candid tutorial of her regular skin care and makeup routine for when she’s working from home.

As people across the world continue to adjust to a ‘new normal’ amidst COVID-19 concerns, it can be easy to become complacent with our beauty regime as the stress of other matters takes precedence. Real-life angel ZFB is urging us to change this mindset, encouraging us all to take five minutes every morning to prepare ourselves for the day ahead.  

"Just cos we don’t leave the dang house doesn’t mean we can’t look after our skin and do basic makeup to pep us the heck up. Takes 5 minutes, WILL make us feel better," she says.

Her routine is simple, starting off with Go-To’s water-based cleanser to help remove any residual product from the night before, followed by a few all-over spritzes of a mist before applying her serums. "I use vitamin C every day, I think it's just a great antioxidant but it's also really good for evening out skin tone and brightening.”

ZFB also reinforced the importance of following an order with your skin care, starting with products that are “light and water-based and thin and active to thick and nourishing.” To finish off, she applied Go-To’s best-selling facial oil, a lightweight and incredibly nourishing product that also gives the skin a “glowy boost.”

Watch her routine below...

"Particularly if you're indoors all the time and you're under heating and your skin is drying out or you're sitting in front of the TV all day, look after your skin, give it what it needs to stay healthy and vibrant," she says.

Although we are all spending more of our days indoors rather than outdoors, ZFB says it’s still equally as important to incorporate SPF into our routine, as you may be working near a window or still be exposed to sunlight, which leaves your skin open to UV rays without any protection on.

If your day is filled with Zoom meetings and video conferences (when will they end?), the beauty expert also shared her tips on executing a quick makeup look – because let’s be honest, these computer cameras are NOT forgiving.

She starts by applying her foundation by US brand Vapour with a beauty blender, followed by her all-time favourite concealer by IT cosmetics. On the eyes, ZFB quickly curls her lashes before opting for a tubular mascara; a product she says is perfect for “corona crying.”

Finally, a swipe of Trinny London eyeshadow in shade ‘Fortune’, some Covergirl liner under the lashes for definition, brow pencil and gel, and finishing with some cream blush on her cheeks and lips. 

Voila! Now we know how Zoë achieves that ethereal glow all the time!

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