Rae Morris’ clever concealer trick

Why you'll need more than one shade in your kit

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Instagram is wonderful for many reasons (not-so-humble bragging! Celebrity stalking! Unattainable fitspo!), but the plethora of makeup tips and tricks its content provides certainly tops the list.

Case in point: Rae Morris’s ingenious concealer tip.

The incredibly talented Australian makeup artist recently shared this pearl of wisdom with her 50,000+ followers:

“You simply can’t do makeup without a concealer. As we get older, there are more things we need to cover up, and the only thing that can do it is concealer. 

“Opt for liquid or crème versions, as they are flexible and move with your skin (i.e. stay away from the heavy/cakey powdery textures). 

“I recommend having two shades if you have blemishes or raised bumps on your skin. The lighter shade of concealer can be used to hide scars, conceal bags/darkness under the eyes… Whereas for raised areas on the skin, you need a concealer that matches your foundation colour (a lighter concealer would actually highlight the area).”

Want more clever tips from Rae Morris? You could keep refreshing her Instagram page in hope of a new informative post, or you could pick up a copy of her new book Makeup Masterclass. With over 400 pages of insider makeup artistry tips, techniques and know-how, it’ll turn you into a makeup pro in no time.

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