Reese Witherspoon signs an interesting new beauty deal

We have never heard of a role like this before

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Reese Witherspoon is a name we associate with radiating happiness, a glowing complexion and very successful anti-ageing routine. As well as Legally Blonde being all our university goals back in the day, her current mum and entrepreneur status is one she has embraced and pulls off wholeheartedly, and we absolutely love her for it. Which is why we were not surprised to hear that she has recently signed a beauty deal with cult skin care, makeup and fragrance brand Elizabeth Arden.

The interesting part however, is that Reese’s title is unlike any we have ever heard. Not just a face for the brand, the Academy Award winning actress has been announced as the Elizabeth Arden’s Storyteller-in-Chief, which is described as a multi-faceted role that will help shape the brand’s narrative through its future campaigns.

Reese posted this image on her Instagram account with the caption: “So excited to announce my newest role…as Storyteller-in-Chief for @ElizabethArden! It’s such as honor to be part of such an iconic company. More storytelling to come! Stay tuned! #ArdenxReese #ArdenStorytellerinChief” – to which the brand responded, commenting on the image with: "We’re so excited to be working with you too!"

Reese further commented on the partnership following the announcement: “One of the first things that drew me to the brand was its rich heritage, and history of supporting women. As one of the first female entrepreneurs, Elizabeth Arden paved the way for women like me. It’s an honour to carry on her legacy and be part of such an iconic company that is committed to serving women. I’m excited to work as a creative partner alongside the Elizabeth Arden team, producing content that celebrates the spirit of the brand, highlighting female-centric stories that illustrate women’s true life experiences which unite us all.”

See a sneak peek below of the upcoming campaign:

We can’t wait to see what the title of Storyteller-in-Chief entails!

Reese isn’t the only one with a new beauty deal, see Angelina Jolie stun in her fragrance shoot for her latest campaign.

Image credit: Supplied, Getty, @reesewitherspoon

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