Rihanna just made copper hair looks so badass

Rihanna copper hair

Riri, please teach us your ways

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / June 25 2019

Do you know one thing we love about Rihanna? Besides the fact that she’s a MAJOR badass (can she please be our best friend already?), the singer is never afraid to mix up her beauty look, and is all about redefining the rules. 

And we are SO here for it. Especially when it comes to her hair game.

Whether she’s switching from dark to blonde, sporting new bangs, a sleek bob, or showing off the longest extensions we ever did see, the girl seriously knows how to shake things up and keep us guessing. She’s a *total* hair chameleon.

And her latest look might just be our favourite yet (and that’s saying something!). She rocked up to a recent Fenty Beauty event in New York with the most gorgeous waist-length copper hair, confirming there’s *literally* no look she can’t pull off.

Yep. We’re into it.

Ditching her signature dark locks, the Fenty Beauty founder wore her super long hair in gorgeous coppery braids, perfectly complementing her skin tone and proving that while braids are always a good idea, burgundy braids are even better. Also, can we take a moment to appreciate that pink pout? We’re already searching for it on Fenty Beauty!

This is all the evidence we need that copper hair is totally THE ‘in’ thing this year (we totally we called it!). Because in case you missed it, strawberry blonde and copper-toned tresses have been EVERYWHERE as of late, with a whole bunch of celebs getting in on the hair trend, like Zoey Deutch, Kate Bosworth, Emma Stone, Daisy Ridley and our very own Lara Worthington, just to name a few!

And now Rihanna’s on board, well, this cool-toned multi-dimensional hue just became the coolest (or hottest?) thing going.

Looks like we’re booking in for a hair appointment – STAT!

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Would you try the copper hair trend? Let us know in the comment section below.

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