People are placing bets on Rihanna's hair colour ahead of her Super Bowl halftime show

Sportsbet better have my money

February 08 2023

Any person of sane mind will tell you that the best parts of the Super Bowl are the high budget commercials and the halftime performance (sorry sports fans, you've come to the wrong site). Booking that annual 20-30 minute slot is one of the greatest "I've made it" honours that any artist can receive.

So much so that JLo released an entire Netflix film — Halftime — which documented her experience in the lead-up to her 2020 performance with Shakira. In fact, if you cast your mind back over the years, you'd be hard-pressed to recall which teams were playing, yet we bet you'd remember some of the most iconic pop culture moments in history that were made during halftime performances.

Justin Timberlake and Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction? How about Lady Gaga's diamanté-encrusted football suit which she wore as she swung from the ceiling with fireworks lighting up behind her? Yeah, so we thought.

And ever since Rihanna teased us with that Instagram post holding an NFL ball, we've been counting down the days until she makes her return to the stage.

With less than a week to go, we're all asking the same questions: what will be her opening song? "Diamonds", surely. What lippy will she be wearing? Trick question, Fenty Gloss Bomb ($34, Sephora) — obviously. Will she have a guest performer? Jay-Z? Her baby daddy, A$AP Rocky, perhaps? Will we get a glimpse at her baby? Doubtful. Although, JLo's daughter Emme made an appearance on stage so we're not ruling anything out. 


And although this is the kind of conversation going on in the kitchen at work and the reason behind the 120 unread messages in our group chat, there's actually an even more official platform that's moderating the speculation: Sportsbet.

Ok, ok we're not here to endorse gambling by any means. But, if you're like us, you might be surprised to learn that it's not only the Philadelphia Eagles or the Kansas City Chiefs that punters are placing money on this Super Bowl. 

There's actually a category that's centered entirely around what colour hair Rihanna is going to rock during her performance.

No, seriously. Will she be blonde? Brunette? Or perhaps bright red. If you've been sitting on a direct line to Rihanna's close circle, now's the time to use it. 

The categories even go as far as taking bets on which props Rihanna will use during her performance, with bets including "holding an umbrella" (lol) and even whether she will have sunnies on or not — to which we say, yes.

Maybe you already knew that betting apps included categories other than just sport games, or maybe you're like us and were totally surprised to discover that they even cover "who will die in The White Lotus" and "who will win Love Island."

Now, those are conversations we'd love to be involved in. Minus the handing over any money part, obviously. 

Main image credit: @badgalriri

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