Why Samantha Harris’s skin always looks so glowy, even in winter

Samantha Harris favourite beauty products

Plus, how she keeps *those* brows on point

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / July 31 2019

Australian model Samantha Harris is a natural beauty in every sense. She’s absolute #goals. Her flawless, radiant skin almost doesn’t look real. Her hair is so perfect it hurts. And those brows? Please don’t get us started.

We recently caught up with the new Aveeno ambassador and quizzed her on her everyday skin care routine, her favourite beauty products and how she likes to keep fit and healthy. 

On her everyday beauty routine... 
“My go-to makeup look is a natural, bronzed look with subtle highlights. My everyday beauty routine involves cleansing and moisturising day and night. I can’t emphasise routine enough, it sometimes gets boring but it is so important to be consistent.”

On the beauty products you’d find in her bathroom…
“You would find Aveeno Skin Relief Body Wash, Blistex lip balm for dry lips, and my much-loved Aveeno Dermexa Fast & Long Lasting Moisturising Balm.”

On the one beauty product she can’t live without
Aveeno Dermexa Fast & Long Lasting Moisturising Balm, it is really, really good because it is so hydrating and I love putting it on at night. My skin tends to dry out quite a lot when the weather changes; I’ve never really found a moisturiser that kind of hydrates my skin enough. But the Dermexa Moisturising Balm makes my skin feels amazing. It’s hydrating without being oily and I don’t feel like my skin is drying out at all.” 

On how her skin care routine changes throughout the winter… 
“I try and use a thicker moisturiser and I like to moisturise right after my shower when my skin is still slightly damp for better absorption. Protection from the sun and wind during winter is equally important, so I always wear sunscreen. But most importantly, moisturise! Our skin is exposed to various external factors that cause damage to our skin barrier, and moisturising regularly helps restore and protect our skin barrier to avoid skin issues, like dry, cracked and sensitive skin. Sounds basic, but absolutely vital!”  

On how she keeps her brows looking so good…
“I have the best brow artist in Sydney - her name is Jazz Pampling. I see her once every three to four weeks and she has been looking after my brows for 10 years now. It did take some time for them to grow back - I do not recommend over-plucking.”

On how she likes to stay fit… 
“A combination of resistance and high intensity interval training (HIIT). I go to F45 three to four times a week, I love the variety of workouts they provide.”

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What is your must-have winter skin care product? Let us know in the comment section below.

Main image credit: @sam_harris

Erin Docherty is a Beauty Writer for BEAUTYcrew, Beauty Editor for Women's Health magazine and a Grooming Writer for Men's Health magazine. She has a keen interest in cosmeceutical skin care and is currently working on minimising her 9-step skin care routine – because ain’t nobody got time for that. When she’s not writing about the latest beauty news, or applying copious amounts of serum, you can find her spending all her money in Sephora.