Sarah Hyland just asked one of the most relatable beauty questions

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And Ariana Grande has the answer

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / September 18 2018

We love all love a good sky-high pony – it’s quick, easy and perfect for the days when you haven’t washed your hair. But man, ponytail headaches are the absolute pits.

You know how it goes - you somehow master the sleekest, most voluminous updo and then it gets to midday and BAM! - you get that familiar twang of pain in your scalp. And you will more than likely catch yourself thinking, how on earth does Ariana Grande do it?

Sarah Hyland feels us. The actress recently took to Instagram Stories to share a snap of her sky-high Ariana-esque ponytail, captioning the pic: “How does @arianagrande do it? I can’t feels my brain cells anymore.’

Oh the feels. 

While Sarah’s ponytail is undoubtedly on point (also, those brows!), sometimes that migraine-like discomfort radiating across your scalp is just *too* much to handle.

This is because when you put your hair in a tight bun or ponytail, it can pull the nerves in the scalp, resulting in a headache. The easiest remedy? Try a more loose, relaxed version.

So, how does Ariana get away with it? Well, it seems she has become almost immune to the ol’ ponytail headache. In a recent Twitter post, one of her followers asked, “doesn’t it hurt your head sis”, to which Ariana replied, “nah I can’t feel anymore the nerves in my head said f**k u a good year or two ago we’re good.”

While Ariana has rocked some serious hair changes this year, including platinum blonde hair, a lavender dye job and even a low ponytail (yep), it seems the high pony will always be her go-to. 

As for us mere mortals, we guess beauty is pain!

If you need some tips on how to spruce up your usual pony game, check out the insider trick for creating a tousled, voluminous ponytail.

Are you a fan of the high ponytail? Does this hairstyle give you a headache? Let us know in the comment section below.

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