4 ways to make the most of your self-care Sunday

Because it’s so much more than a social media trend

Editor / November 11 2019

Can we all agree that Self-Care Sunday is one of the greatest concepts to come out of the beauty and wellness industries in a long time? More than a fun alliteration or social media hashtag, Self-Care Sunday is a movement that has helped us put our own mental health (and beauty routines) first. While setting aside time to put on a sheet mask or settle into a DIY mani-pedi session may seem frivolous on the surface, it’s the conscious effort of taking time out to focus on yourself that has huge benefits – both for your mind and body. And we all know it’s much easier to live our best lives when we’re feeling balanced and grounded. 

The rise of Self-Care Sunday has truly given us all the perfect excuse to disconnect from the world and reconnect with ourselves, and if you’re not already on board the SCS train, then it’s time to start. We guarantee the incidents of Sunday night blues will decrease significantly. While you may already have some ideas brewing on what you can do to get into it, we’ve got some suggestions to start you off. 

#1 / A professional facial

A DIY facial is fun – no doubt about it – but why not leave it up to a professional to do the hard work while you just nap? That way you can truly disconnect. And if you’re going the professional route, there’s no question that the endota New Age® Light Therapy facial ticks all the relaxing and skin-loving boxes.  

Picture this: A gentle, rhythmic massage as your therapist works their way through a skin care routine of cleansing, treating, and moisturising your skin so it’s at peak hydration and juiciness (and FYI – they use the luxurious products from the endota New Age® range, and these professional-grade products used during the treatment are the same as the ones you can use at home). Then, you’re treated to some targeted LED therapy (using a machine powered by famed LED brand Omnilux™, no less) that’ll work to rejuvenate, heal and rebalance your skin. You’ll leave the spa feeling like you’re essentially walking on a cloud. 

You might also like to know that this combo of products and light therapy has done more than just leave you feeling relaxed – they’ve actually done some insanely good things for your skin. The non-invasive skin renewal treatment works to boost collagen, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and repairs damaged skin (so you can fight those signs of ageing for a bit longer!). By pairing the LED tech with the nourishing products, your skin is left deeply hydrated and ready to take on the world (as will you after that experience!). 

#2 / A rejuvenating body overhaul

When was the last time you gave your limbs a serious scrub? And moisturisation? We can all be a little guilty of falling off the wagon, so take Sunday as the perfect opportunity to get the skin on your body in order. 

Start by dry body brushing before you hit the shower – not only will the buffing motion give your skin a good exfoliation to help shed those dead skin cells, but it’ll also help boost circulation, which can help reinvigorate your senses and smooth out the texture of your skin. We like The Body Shop Cactus Long Handle Brush – the bristles work a treat to scrub without feeling like you’re going too hard, and the long handle makes it a breeze to target those hard-to-reach areas. 

Post-shower, treat yourself to an indulgent moisturiser from neck to toe. Jo Malone Lime Basil & Mandarin Body Créme combines hydration with a fresh and zesty scent that’ll have you feeling heavenly.

Top tip: Don’t forget your feet! They need some moisturising love, too, especially during sandal season.

#3 / A serious beauty kit clean

Here’s one that’ll appeal to all the Type As out there – give your beauty cupboard a good clean out and wash your makeup brushes while you’re at it. Yes, it’s not exactly relaxing, but we all know how good it feels when everything is clean and organised. A tidy beauty stash is a tidy mind, no? 

As you work through and organise your kit, check the expiry dates of your products and dispose of any that are past their use-by date (and don’t forget to recycle the packaging when you can!). If you’re looking for a brush cleaner that seriously works, one of our faves is the Daiso Detergent for Puff and Sponge – it’ll have your brushes clean in minutes and you can pick it up for less than $3! 

#4 / A meditation session

It’s truly phenomenal the benefits that meditation can have on the mind and body. If you’ve never tried it before, it may seem like it’s little more than napping. The reality is that it’s a bit trickier than that – navigating a buzzing mind when you’re trying to find some calm is a challenge. But once you get a handle on it, the peace and tranquillity you can find can really prepare you mentally for the busy week ahead. There are plenty of meditation centres around, but if you want to try your hand at it from home, we recommend the Headspace app. It has a free 10-day trial version that can teach you the basics.

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