The Shark FlexStyle is now available in Australia

It’s been 84 years

BEAUTYcrew Beauty Editor / April 26 2023

It’s been five years since the inception of the Dyson Airwrap and ever since that fateful day in 2018, we’ve been on the hunt for a plausible dupe. 

The reason? Well, while we can appreciate that the Dyson Airwrap possesses some of the most impressive technology on the market right now, it’s also unbelievably expensive. 

If you wish to invest your hard-earned money on an $899 hair tool, that’s your business. But, some of us would like to get great hair at a cheaper price. 

So, when the Shark FlexStyle emerged from the depths of the TikTok algorithm boasting the title of 'best Dyson Airwrap dupe' (and shockingly similar attachments as the aforementioned tool, plus a bonus swivel handle), our interest was obviously piqued.

Besides the fact that it’s beloved by influencers, it’s also the chosen hair tool of celebrity hairstylist Glen Coco, who frequently uses the FlexStyle on his A-list clientele — why do you think Sydney Sweeney’s hair always looks so good? 

@therealglencoco I’m so excited to share that I’m partnering with @sharkbeauty and have been selected to join the Shark Beauty Collective, a group of diverse stylists helping people of all skillsets and hair types look and feel their best. #SponsoredbySharkBeauty Head to their page for a sneak peek of the newest launch... 👀 #SharkBeauty #SharkFlexStyle #ForAllHairKind ♬ original sound - Glen Coco

What is the Shark FlexStyle?

In terms of performance, the transforming FlexStyle can be used as a hair dryer and a multi-styler for curling, volumising and smoothing strands. Plus, it promises a quick dry experience and zero heat damage. 

The only problem? Said Shark FlexStyle was only available in the US, and so for months we had to scroll through our TikTok For You pages and watch Americans use the hair tool that we’d been pining after. 

But no more, because the Shark FlexStyle is finally available in Australia and it’s $400 cheaper than the Dyson.


My honest opinion of the Shark FlexStyle! 🦈

♬ original sound - Shaysullivan

Where to buy the Shark Flexstyle in Australia

Shark FlexStyle™ Air Styling & Drying System

The Shark FlexStyle™ Air Styling & Drying System can be purchased via a few retailers; it’s currently $499 at the The Good Guys, Bing Lee and David Jones.

Another great tool for a bouncy blowout? Heated rollers. Tiktok is obsessed with them. 

Main image credit: @glencocoforhair

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