Shay Mitchell and Patrick Ta just showed us how to create this EPIC makeup look

Shay Mitchell pink eyeshadow look

So. Much. Yes

Beauty Crew Beauty Writer / August 31 2018

We need to talk about Shay Mitchell’s epic pink eye makeup look because a) it’s goddamn stunning and we’ve been obsessing over it for WEEKS, and b) Patrick Ta has literally just dished all of the glorious deets on how to copy it for yourself. Oh yes.

If you’re anything like us, you regularly trawl/stalk/live on Patrick Ta’s Instagram feed, soaking up all of the delicious inspo from his magical makeup career. And we think this recent pink eyeshadow look may have just topped the lot.

It is STUNNING. We’ve noticed loud, colourful eyeshadow has actually been popping up all over the red carpet as of late (just check out Lucy Hale’s green eyeshadow look). New trend? We think so. We just need to learn how to master it. 

Turns out Ta heard our cry for help.

The celebrity makeup artist has ever-so-kindly shown us mere mortals exactly how it’s done.

When Ta originally posted this stellar makeup look on Instagram, he captioned the post, “Soon On Youtube”, (exciting!), along with, “This Eyeshadow May Not Or May Of Stained Her Eyelids” (intriguing!).

According to Ta’s Instagram post (and the new tutorial), the inspo behind the makeup look actually came from YouTube QUEEN Desi Perkins, who is known for her eye-catching, pretty-as-heck eye makeup looks (just check them out here). 

In the makeup tutorial, Ta says, “I was scrolling through Instagram and I was so inspired by Desi Perkins – one of our favourite YouTubers – she is SO major. There was a pink eye that she did, so I’m going to do my version of it.”

*Cue our excited little faces as we watch Shay Mitchell work her angles wearing said makeup look*

Ta starts off by applying MAC Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Soft Ochre on Shay’s eyelids, which he says is key to ensuring the makeup look lasts.

Using La Mer The Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation SPF 20 in Honey, he then applies a layer of foundation over her lids before layering with a powder to make sure the eyeshadow glides on easily. “It just makes the blending process that much easier,” says Ta. 

For the all-important eyeshadow colour, Ta reaches for the Too Faced Just Peachy Velvet Matte Eyeshadow Palette. Using the shade Fresh Picked, he applies the shadow right on the crease of the lid with a swiping motion. “So once your eyeshadow is nice and blended and off your brush, you can slowly just blend it up into your brow bone so everything looks nice and diffused.”

Interestingly, Ta then applies under-eye masks or ‘stickers’ underneath Shay’s eyes (he didn’t confirm the exact product unfortunately) to use as a guide for applying and blending the eyeshadow. See, even makeup artists need a little bit of help!

Next he applies the shade Peach Punch in the crease of the lid, saying, “You don’t want to put too much on the actual lid - you want to focus more on the crease.”

He then reaches for the uber bright and colourful Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Electric and pats on the bright pink shade, starting at the corner of Shay’s lid. “I just want to pat the pigment right on to the area…and slowly diffuse it into the lid.”

“I’m not going to be putting too much on the lid because I’m going to be cutting that crease,” he explains. Applying a concealer to the lid, he then adds, “You want to see where your natural crease opens and that’s the area where you want to put the concealer. When I get more towards the end, I’m blending the concealer in towards the eyeshadow.”

Note taken.

After applying a shimmery NARS eyeshadow (he didn’t specify the exact product), Ta goes back to the hot pink shade from the Huda Beauty palette and blends the matte colour from the corner of Shay’s lid into the shimmery hue.

He again reaches for the Fresh Picked shade from the Too Faced palette and applies it to Shay’s lower lash line, finishing with a subtle swipe of the hot pink Huda Beauty shade.

After adding a pair of falsies, Ta applies the Dior Backstage Palette’s highlighting powder in the inner corner of Shay’s eye “to give an extra kapow.”

As for that super-glowing skin - it seems like we’re going to have to wait for a whole new tutorial on this!

Shay appears with a magically flawless base and Ta wraps up the whole look by lining her lips with the Buxom Plumpline Lip Liner in Hush Hush, which he says is Shay’s everyday go-to. He finishes with a swipe of Buxom’s Pillow Pout Creamy Plumping Lip Powder in Soft Whisper.

Check out the full tutorial below:

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What do you think of Shay’s pink eye makeup look? Would you try it? Let us know in the comment section below.

Main image credit: @patrickta

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